Best Wireless Car Charger Mounts for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR in 2019

Want to remove the messy charging cables from your car? Bring home the best wireless car mount chargers for your iPhones. These car chargers charge up your iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max wirelessly in 2019.

Electronic gadgets are becoming wireless to add more comfort and style to your life. The wireless car charger is the best example of ultimate comfort and elegance. Wireless car mount chargers are in demand, as people don’t want messy cables in their cars. For your iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, or iPhone Xs Max, we have created a list of high-quality wireless car mount chargers you can use in your car.

You can either place a wireless car charger on the dashboard or air vent of your car. Once you put your iPhone on the charging pad, you may rest assured that your device will quickly get charged. Wireless car chargers eliminate the need of keeping a charging cable with you. Moreover, whenever you want to use your phone, you can quickly remove it from the charging stand.

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10 Best Wireless Car Chargers for iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max in 2019

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#1. Lynktec Bolt

Lynktec Wireless Car Mount Charger for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, 8 Plus, 8, and iPhone XR

From what I’ve experienced during my long interaction with Lynktec Bolt, I can say that this car mount-cum-wireless charger stands out on several fronts.

First and foremost, it comes with a superior robotic locking mechanism that firmly positions your smartphone and keeps it steady. Therefore, you don’t have to put extra effort during mounting.

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With the one-touch unlocking system in the offing, removing the iPhone remains hassle-free. The 360-degree of rotation allows you to keep your device in the preferred orientation.

Talking about wireless charging, Bolt doesn’t disappoint you in this regard either by delivering fast and secure charging. Better still, it also lets you power up your iPhone Xs even through a heavy-duty case. Read the full review.

USP: Robotic locking mechanism
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#2. Choetech

CHOETECH Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

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Choetech offers a versatile wireless car mount charger that is compatible with all your latest iPhones released by Apple recently. Apart from charging your phone, this pad protects the device with its non-scratch silicone mat.

The charger firmly holds your phone and gives you flexible viewing angles with its 360-degree rotating ballpoint on both mounts. Protect your iPhone from over-current, overheat, and overvoltage.

USP: Versatile viewing
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BOSLISA Air Vent Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

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BOSLISA presents a powerful wireless car mount charger with three charging modes. This technology quickly identifies your iPhone and then delivers power accordingly. This technology protects your iOS devices from multiple damages.

The best feature of this wireless car charger is one-handed operation. For this purpose, BOSLISA has used bilateral rubber wings that automatically lock your iPhone tightly.

USP: One-handed operation
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#4. Maxjoy

Maxjoy Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

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Maxjoy has come up with an advanced infrared sensor in this wireless car mount charger. This innovative technology makes your life easier as it opens the two clips automatically and grip your phone when you put your phone close to the holder.

Its 7.5W fast wireless car charger quickly charges your iPhone Xs Max, iPhone XR, and iPhone Xs. You can install this mount on your car’s dashboard, windshield, and air vent.

USP: Infrared sensor
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ELLESYE Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

ELLESYE’s wireless car mount charger has a gooseneck design, which bends and rotates to give you a perfect viewing angle. Moreover, its strong suction provides a steady position of your iPhone.

Apart from using this car cradle inside your vehicle, you can use it in your office, room, study room or anywhere. It is extremely easy to slide in your phone and enjoy the hands-free experience.

USP: Strong suction
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BESTHING Air Vent Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

BESTHING has manufactured a wireless car mount charger that is compatible with all car vents. Get the best viewing angle while driving your car. Unlike other car mounts that can be installed on the dashboard or windshield, this can be installed on the air vent and doesn’t block your vision.

This car charger has a gravity design, and therefore, you can slip your iPhone onto the wireless charger mount. The two arms of this charger will automatically clutch and hold your phone.

USP: Gravity design
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TORRAS Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

The smart gravity linkage will quickly and automatically clamp your iPhone when you put it on the mount. Next, your phone will be aligned with the wireless charging sensor to give your device the best charging.

Two gears air vent clip makes all the difference as Torras’s wireless charging mount is available in an upgraded version.

USP: Gravity linkage
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GOSETH Wireless Car Charger for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

GOSETH has designed a smart wireless car charger for your iPhone. You can install this car mount on your car’s windshield, dashboard, or air vent. The three different orientations allow users to decide the distance between their iPhones and them. This also ensures that your phone never blocks your vision while you are driving your car.

Another notable feature is four USB ports on the plug. This means you can charge four devices while you are on a long drive. Thanks to its advanced infrared sensor system, the clips open automatically when you take your phone near the mount.

USP: Free Dual USB car charger
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#9. Heiyo

Heiyo Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

Heiyo’s wireless car mount charger comes with a surprise. Unlike other car chargers, this one can show you the way to your car as this car charger has a special car finder function.

The complete 360-degree rotation offers you the best viewing angle. The phone holder ensures safe driving whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music or charging.

USP: Car finder feature
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#10. Andobil

andobil Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

Andobil presents a high-speed wireless car mount charger, which boasts upgraded independent coil. This technology helps you charge your phone faster than most other wireless chargers available on the market.

This charging pad has an automatic locking and release system, which enables you to operate your phone with your single hand. Intelligent chips quickly identify your device and then the charger supplies current accordingly.

USP: Upgraded independent coil
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QCHEYI Fast Wireless Charging Car Mount for iPhone XR, Xs, Xs Max

QCHEYI has manufactured 10W fast charging wireless charger for your car. This product adopts high charging efficiency and independent coil for faster charging.

It is universally accepted that air vent mount is easier to install than windshield or dashboard mount. And for this reason, QCHEYI gives you air vent installation.

USP: High charging efficiency
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That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

Wireless car mount chargers protect your iPhones from falls or drops while you are driving on bumpy roads. The chargers serve multiple purposes of protection, wireless charging, and stability when you want to explore maps. Unarguably, wireless chargers are essential accessories for your iPhones.

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