Have you jailbroken your iOS 8 device and looking for some of the best iOS 8 Winterboard themes? We have found out some of the fresh themes that have been updated in past days/weeks. The themes we have selected, offer you a large number of backgrounds, millions of icons and much more.

We already have covered iOS 7 Winterboard themes that compatible with iOS 8. Here we have short listed most of the themes that are freshly designed for iOS 8.x. Many of these themes are available in MacCiti repo. We hope these themes will add a feather to your device.

Best iOS 8.4 Winterboard Themes

Roundup of Winterboard Themes for iOS 8 – 8.4

#1. Simply iOS8

Simply ios8 winterboard theme

Simpley is beautiful Winterboard theme. It gives round and squared corners to the apps on the screen. The combination of corners –round and square, makes your iPhone/iPad look cool.

Price: Free | Repo: MacCiti

2. 0xygen iOS8

Oxygen iOS8 Wintrboard Theme

0xygen iOS8 has just been updated for iOS 8. The theme adds more than 800 themed icons to the Winterboard. The melody color and rich themes are all for making your iPhone look beautiful. You can give a try.

Price: Free | Repo: MacCiti

#3. 1ONE

1One Winterboard Theme

1ONE is one of the good themes ever. It gives you a lot of options to customize the look of your iPhone/iPad. The theme enables you 200 icons in 7 different styles (round, squared framed, 3D), 7 iWidgets including RSS and Twitter widget in the different size. For the better settings, it has its own setting panel

Price: $2.99 | Repo: Modmyi

#4. Fusion

Fusion by Winterboard Theme

Fusion by is one of good theme for Winterboard. You will love it if you are fond of shadows and colors. The themes bring a new look to your iPhone/iPad. It adorns the screen and apps with subtle shadows and muted colors. The theme has been updated with bugs free and some of the themes have been restyled. The theme is worth considering.

Price: Free | Repo: MacCiti

#5. Andora Theme iOS8

Andora iOS 8 Winterboard Theme

Andora Theme is a very lovely theme that adds a feather to cap to your iPhone/iPad. The color scheme of the theme brings the positive effect to your mood. The theme has been updated, and some of the features/icons have been redesigned. Every little detail and issues have taken care of while being designed.

Price: $2.00 | Repo: MacCiti

#6. Style HD

Style HD Winterboard Theme

Syle HD is a ColorKeyboard theme that gives HD look to the Keyboard. You can design the keyboard of the iPhone/iPad different in color. If you like having color and HD keyboard on your phone, then the theme is good.

Price: Free | Repo: MacCiti

#7. Flatish

Flatish Winterboard Theme

Flatish is a new Winterboard theme that gives your iPhone/iPad muted colors. The dark and matte background provides the spotless appearance of the apps. A lot of new stuff have been updated to the theme such as Zeppelin logos, wallpapers, and two fonts. In short, the theme is good for your device.

Price: Free | Repo: MacCiti

#8. Lasso

Lasso Winterboard Theme

Lasso is a beautiful Winterboard theme having more than 100 customized icons with friendly colors. The theme also provides 13 high resolution wallpapers with status bar icons. Moreover, you can style your iPhone/iPad Phone pad in 3 ways.


  • Setting icons
  • 2 Bytafonts
  • PSD files and much more

Price: Free | Repo: MacCiti

#9. Fizz

Fizz Winterboard Theme

Fizz is a good theme for Winterboard. It has been updated with new stuffs, removing previous fault such as broken mask files. The new original mask including requested icons has been added. The theme is soft and colorful. A large number of backgrounds and rounded edges are all set to give your iPhone/iPad a new look.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: MacCiti

#10. Aelon iOS 8

Aelon iOS 8 Winterboard Theme

If you are looking for a clean and transparency theme then the Aelon iOS 8 would be a good one for your iPhone/iPad. The theme provides you more than 170 icons. The theme gives your device a cool appearance with spotless and limpidity wallpapers. The only unfortunate with the theme is that it does not support iPhone 6+.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: MacCiti

Watch out few more Best iOS 8 Winterboard themes of 2015:


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  • GamerAnimeVixen

    they are all paid… I understand we should support developers and I definitely do; however, its nothing wrong with a little freebie cool theme sometimes :(

    • alex

      just add xsellize repo and be happy

    • prabzzz

      you can get it for free on bite your apples repo source

  • Mercedes

    I got all of these themes for free with the sources I have. ;)

  • Guest

    They are all paid!

  • radyshow

    1ONE is $2.99

  • juankrls

    andora cost $2 so is not for free

    • It was free while writing this post. However, we have update post. Thanks.. :)

  • Oozor Blint

    Aelon is not free. It’s 1.99