Best WiFi Routers in 2023

Best WiFi Routers

Internet technology is breaking its own limitations every day with higher speeds and better technology. Most of us have dedicated internet line at our homes and offices with the topmost bandwidth plan. But without a powerful router, these high-speed internet lines are just on paper. If you genuinely want to enjoy your bandwidth at its optimum capacity, get one of these best wifi routers and see it yourself.

1. Linksys WRT AC3200

Linksys WRT AC3200 Wireless WiFi Router

Linksys is into networking industry for a long time, and their products are generally of top-quality and fantastic durability. The AC3200 Wireless router is mainly for home or office purpose. It offers four LAN ports along with one port for the internet. In addition to that, it also has a USB 3.0 port along with eSATA.

The router delivers high-speed data transfer speed to stream 4K videos or play games without any lag. Thanks to the advanced hardware, you can connect multiple devices to the router without compromising in speeds.

Who should buy it?

  • Home and office owners
  • Gamers to play a multiplayer game in the local network or on the internet
  • Dual-band WiFi with high speeds
  • Seamless streaming of 4K videos
  • Slightly overpriced
  • Configuration is hard for non-technical users

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If security and privacy are your priority while setting up a router at your home or office, Gryphon is the best. Configuration is straightforward using the mobile app. It also comes with 12-month ESET malware protection, parental controls, and many other privacy and security features.

The design of the router is completely different from typical Wifi routers, and it may enhance the beauty of your existing furniture. Besides that, the advanced Mesh Wireless technology gives 3000 sq ft of wall-to-wall coverage.

Who should buy it?

  • Homeowners that needs full area coverage
  • When privacy and security are of top priority
  • Parents that need parental control on the internet router
  • Tightened security with regular software updates
  • Exceptional parental controls
  • All security features are limited to 12-months and then a monthly subscription

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D-Link EXO AC2600 MU-MIMO WiFi Router

D-Link is also one of the most reliable brands when it comes to networking products. The company’s products are durable for a long time without degrading performance. The EXO AC2600 is mainly for a small home or office. It can also transmit 4K videos and games flawlessly.

The Wirerless router has smart QoS traffic management that optimizes app performance. Besides that, it also has two USB ports, 3.0 and 2.0 that may be helpful to connect external storage devices and access them remotely.

Who should buy it?

  • Gamers that need high-speed data transmission over Wifi
  • Small offices to share external storage
  • Small house owner to have decent Wifi connectivity
  • Compact in size and easy to configure
  • Competitive price tag
  • No Ethernet indicator lights
  • Setup is easy, but other technical configs are hard to find in the UI

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4. ASUS AC2900

ASUS AC2900 WiFi Wireless Router

Asus is mainly famous for its graphics cards and motherboards, but this time, the Wireless router from the company is also worth looking. It boasts a gamer design and the performance is also top-notch. It can stream 4K videos without any buffering and also allows you to play games seamlessly.

Besides that, the router has built-in 24/7 protection by including Trend Micro Air protection feature. In addition to that, it also comes with built-in parental controls. Lastly, the price of the router is fair enough for normal users.

Who should buy it?

  • Specifically gamers, considering the design of the router
  • Small office to share data, printers, and other devices


  • Attractive design
  • 24/7 protection from malware and attackers
  • Sometimes it needs to restart to function properly

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5. NETGEAR R6700

NETGEAR R6700 Nighthawk AC1750 WiFi Router

If you are looking for a budget-friendly WiFi router, without compromising quality, Netgear R6700 is worth a look. It has prioritized bandwidth for gaming and streaming videos. In addition to that, it has one USB 3.0 port to connect external devices and share data over Wifi.

The router is ideal for home or offices where 12 or more devices need an active Wifi connection. Talking a little about technicals, it has a 1Ghz Dual Core processor that can process multiple requests seamlessly without any lag.

Who should buy it?

  • Ideal for home to play games or stream videos
  • Small offices to share printer and data over Wifi
  • Wallet-friendly price
  • USB 3.0 port
  • Initial setup is hard for non-techies

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MOTOROLA AC2600 Wireless Router

With 4×4 antennas on Motorola AC2600 wireless router, you enjoy seamless connectivity on multiple devices simultaneously. The antennas also allow concurrent performance for both, 5Ghz and 2.4 GHz connections. Besides this, it has some handy features like parental control, dual-core processor, and guest mode.

In addition to that, it also has a USB 3.0 port to connect an external storage device and share data wirelessly. When it comes to price, it is neither too expensive nor too cheap; it is worth the quality and features it offers.

Who should buy it?

  • Preferably for home use with multiple devices to connect
  • Ideal for gamers as it has extended Wifi range with good speed
  • 4×4 antennas for speed and connectivity
  • Parental control and guest mode feature
  • Occasional restarts are required

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Most of the products mentioned above were only WiFi routers, and if you have a cable connection, you may need to buy or rent an additional modem. Netgear Nighthawk solves that limitation, as it is a Wifi router along with a modem for cable internet connection. Having dual features, it is slightly on the higher price band, but if you calculate two different cost, it seems reasonable.

The Wifi offers the speed up to 1.9Gbps, which is enough for seamless gaming or watching videos without buffering. The only drawback is that it doesn’t have any USB port to connect external storage devices.

Who should buy it?

  • Small homeowners that have limited devices to connect over Wifi
  • Ideal for gaming and for watching Netflix on TV
  • Presentable design without antennas
  • Built-in modem for cable internet
  • Not enough range to cover a big home or office
  • No USB port

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TP-Link AC1750 WiFi Wireless Router

If you are having a tight budget for a Wifi router, then TP-Link AC1750 is worth considering. It has some convenient features like parental controls, QoS, support for Alexa, and also a USB port for sharing external storage data over the local network.

Even with such a competitive price, the router has strong hardware capabilities to deliver seamless speed for 4K videos and also for gaming. It is by far one of the best WiFi routers in the price it has to offer.

Who should buy it?

  • Ideal for home users to stream 4K video on TV or play games over the network
  • For small office owner to share data from external storage over WiFi
  • Incredibly competitive price with all required features
  • Easy to set up and also manage network remotely
  • Internet connectivity drops occasionally

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9. Tenda

Tenda 600Mbps WiFi Router

The router from TP-Link at #8 was indeed competitively priced. But if you are looking for a Wireless router with even lesser price, Tenda may be worth a shot. It has almost all the necessary features a router must have; like app controls, one-key optimization, safety detection, and remote management.

It has four antennas to deliver a decent range to connect multiple devices in your house. With a price that low, it’s unfair to expect top-notch quality, but this router is mainly for basic use.

Who should buy it?

  • Ideal for a small home with limited devices to connect
  • Basic internet usage
  • Low price tag makes it affordable for average users
  • Easy setup and remote management feature
  • Range is not too broad to cover the entire home

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TP-Link AC5400 WiFi Router

The AC5400 Wifi router from TP-Link has got eight antennas to deliver reliable performance. It is a premium, high-end Wifi router for people that need a seamless connection on multiple devices. It can provide super-fast speeds to support intensive gaming and also for streaming 4K videos.

Apart from that, the software has built-in protection from viruses, and it also has parental control features. On top of that, you can also use it as a personal VPN without needing to subscribe to paid VPN services.

Who should buy it?

  • For the hardcore, intensive gaming experience
  • Offices to share WiFi to number of devices
  • Supports Alexa along with safety features
  • Setup and use as a personal VPN server
  • Premium pricing and may not be suitable for average users

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That’s all for now!

Wrapping up…

Most of the Wireless routers mentioned in the list are capable enough to last for more than five years. Unless an entirely new and revolutionary technology is introduced, you won’t need to change them. They are perfect for almost everything you may do on the internet or local network. High-speed, durability, connectivity, and ease of setup are some of the criteria we had in mind.

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