As an iPhone lover, it is hard to get rid of your old phone. You would certainly like to save it as souvenir for lifetime; but with changing times and advanced technology, you are left with an option but to upgrade your iPhone.

In this scenario, it is wise to make some money or earn some blessings either by selling your old iPhone or give it to charity. In both cases, you can be blessed by the “Green”.

Make Money from Old iPhoneBest Ways to Make Money from Your Old iPhone

If you have upgraded to iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus, you can sell off your old iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus; or maybe you have upgraded from iPhone 5s to the latest iPhones. In any case, you are now toying the idea of selling your old iPhone. We offer you some great ways to say bye-bye to that cherished piece.

Upgrade to the Newer Version

Trade in your old iPhone for a new one by paying some easy monthly instalments. Cellular service providers offer great plans; you can go for T-Mobile Jump, which gives you a new iPhone against the older one. AT&T Next also offers trade-in plans for its subscribers; users can pay 12 monthly installments. Sprint has come up with an innovative plan, wherein subscriber has to submit his older iPhone against the new one, and he has to pay $15 every month. No, your bank account will not be deposited with cash, but this will save you from spending the full amount of the latest iPhone.

Trade-in & Get Cash

Now you are smiling! There are many portals that offer such amazing service. All you need to do is to give your old iPhone and take money without any puzzling transactions or clicks. Though such services offer you less money than you would have got had you sold your iPhone on your own, it certainly saves your time and efforts. You can log on to Gazelle or uSell to trade in your old iPhone; for your iPhone 6 (64GB), you can get around $250 to $260. On uSell, you may get approximately $300 to $330.

Why don’t you be the seller?

Hate agents? Sell your old iPhone directly to customers. Log on to Amazon or eBay and the rest will be taken care of by the two giant portals. You need to spend some time and effort here, but there are good chances that you get the most money by selling your old iPhone yourself. And all this by avoiding the exercise of spamming your friends on Facebook or dealing with local directories. Register yourself on Fulfilled by Amazon service and get the best service like Prime shipping from Amazon, which takes a small percentage of money from the sale.

Charity begins with iPhone

Charity is the best option if you don’t care for that trade-in difference you get on your old iPhone. It will be a fulfilling experience for you as you get self-satisfaction of doing something for country and society. There are many non-profit organizations that accept used iPhones. American Cell Phone Drive is one of the best examples; this organization gauges financial value of your iPhone so that you can donate the amount to one of the 4000+ participating charitable organizations. Cell Phones for Soldiers is a great initiative that provides military members and veterans means of communication.

Join Recycling Program of Apple

If the above ways don’t excite you, there is one more option left. You can join recycling program run by Apple for old iPhone and other gadgets, which include old computers too. All you need to do is fill up some information about your gadget, send it to Apple by using a prepaid shipping label, and Apple will recycle it for free. Moreover, you will receive an Apple Store Gift Card with an approximate market value of your iPhone or other devices. You can use the gift card during your next purchase on Apple Store, which is now supporting gift cards.

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