2020’s Best iPhone Apps That Remind You To Drink Water

Water is essential for our life to stay healthy and fit. It is vital that we drink enough water every day at regular intervals. Up to 65 percent of the human adult body is water, and we must replenish it as frequently as possible. However, we tend to forget drinking water at regular intervals. Thankfully, there are some of the best water reminder apps for iPhone.

Proper intake of pure water also ensures weight loss, glowing skin, better sleep, better bowel movements, and more. It is essential that you drink it throughout the day. To help you stay hydrated and stay fit, here are five best water drinking apps that send you notifications and remind you to drink water at regular intervals.

Best Water Reminder Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2020

#1. Drink Water Reminder N Tracker

Drink Water Reminder N Tracker iPhone and iPad App ScreenshotOn the launch screen of this app, you have the option to fill in your details like weight, gender, the weather type you reside in, etc. Next, you have Notification Settings, where you can tell the app about your wake up and bedtime. You may also set the interval between notifications. After this, you will most likely see a big list of notifications. You can individually turn them off according to your preference.

Drink Water Reminder N Tracker also asks for your Health app access so that in can log water consumption there for your convenience. You can tap on Drink Water to enter in your intake. The plus icon presents you with additional and helpful options. Achievements tab and a separate tab at the bottom row for seeing your history are subtle additions.

Price: Free, (Pro Version – $1.99)

#2. Water Reminder – Daily Tracker

Water Reminder iPhone and iPad App ScreenshotAfter you download and open this app, it asks you to choose your goals. You can accordingly select one or all, among Stay Hydrated, Lose Weight, Look Amazing, and Get Fit. On the next screen, it asks a few details like gender, age, weight, height, activity, and your sleep and wake up time. Using this information, Water Reminder decides how much water you must drink every day.

The plus icon on the bottom right has 8 types of drink in the free version. In premium, you have over 75 kinds of drinks to choose from. Under the Nutrition tab, you can see ring charts that have data for the drinks you intake. It is amazing.

You can choose to be reminded every hour or two hours or the frequency you like. Water Reminder is well made and looks beautiful. I use it on my iPhone, and I believe it is the best app to keep you hydrated and fit.

Price: Free, (Upgrade – $7.99)

#3. Drink Water∙Daily Reminder

Drink Water Daily Reminder iPhone and iPad App ScreenshotHere is another elegant app that gives you personalized daily water goals. It asks for your weight and then suggests how much you should drink every day. You have the option to change the recommended value and increase it if you wish.

Drink Water Daily Reminder also asks when you wake up, and when you go to bed. Additionally, you can also set interval between notifications.

If you upgrade to premium, you can remove ads, see statistics, get access to widget and Apple Health, and also the ability to customize your reminders.

Price: Free, (Premium – $0.99)

#4. Drink Water Reminder, Tracker

Drink Water Reminder, Tracker iPhone and iPad App ScreenshotA Microsoft Clippy inspired water droplet (that identifies itself as Personal Hydration Companion) requests you to follow some simple steps so that the app can personalize your experience. You fill in your top goal (you can choose only one) and other information like your gender, weight, wake up time, bedtime, and it generates your hydration plan. It shows you what your proper daily water intake should be.

After setting up, the first screen of the app has a water glass that you can tap to log in your intake. A smaller cup lets you choose among various cup sizes. History tab and a Weight tab at the bottom of the app is excellent to have.

The app is promising, but the main drawback is that you need to switch to premium for reminders.

Price: Free, (Premium – $9.99)

#5. Water Drinking Reminder Pro

Water Drinking Reminder Pro iPhone and iPad App ScreenshotWater Drinking Reminder Pro app welcomes you with a simple yet effective text that reads, “I’m here to help you keep track of a simple healthy habit: drinking water.”

After that, it asks you some questions like the measurement system you prefer and how you drink water – in a small gulp or big gulp. Thereafter you can set your daily goal and finally customize when you want to be reminded. That’s it! Simple as that.

You can export your data to Health app, see your progress, and swiftly add water you drink from app icon shortcut or widgets. It also has a companion Apple Watch app for your ease. Moving water animation looks fun, and I believe it psychologically pushes you to fill the drop and reach your daily goal.

Price: Free

Wrapping up…

So these were the five best apps that remind you to drink water at regular intervals. Use one of them and stay healthy. Do you know of any other excellent app that you think should make it to this list? Share the name in the comments down below.

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