Best VR Headsets for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 in 2019

Whether you are a die-hard gamer or a movie buff, you are going to love this collection of the highly-rated VR headsets for Phone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11. Get for a larger-than-life experience!

What would be a better way to experience the incredible world than indulging with exciting virtual reality games and movies! Moreover, they also come into play really well when you desire to get rid of piles of boredom or shake off the Monday blue.

So, if the immersive VR experience is calling upon your time and you can’t decide which headset can get along nicely with your 2019 iPhone, let me take you through the top bets that are in high demand among gaming aficionados and movie buffs alike.

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After exploring several options, I have listed out the best VR headsets for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and 11. They are fully adjustable and come with HD lens to offer amazing viewing experience. Plus, they also protect your precious eyes so that there is no chance of eye-fatigue to ruin your hours of fun. That said, let’s get started!

Best VR Headsets for iPhone 11 Pro Max, 11 Pro, and iPhone 11 in 2019

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VR Empire iPhone 11 Pro Max VR Headset

Simply put, VR Empire is one of the most competent VR headsets for 2019 iPhones. So, the headset deserves to get a mention in this lineup.

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Design-wise, the VR Empire looks trendy and comes with anti-blue light lenses to protect the eyes and also prevent eye-fatigues. Therefore, even after enjoying the VR world for hours, your eyes won’t burn.

Moreover, the VR headset is fully adjustable and come with soft cushion. So, you won’t feel any pressure while wearing it. While the 120°FOV enhances your viewing experience big time, the option to answer calls with ease makes sure your gaming doesn’t come to halt.

USP: 120°FOV
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#2. VeeR Falcon

Veer VR Headset for iPhone 11 Pro Max

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For immersive VR experience, you can’t get wrong with VeeR Falcon. The VR headset has a modern-looking design and is fully adjustable.

To me, the best part about this headset is the advanced HFi active noise canceling design that ensures you can enjoy watching 360 movies or play power-packed games without disturbance. WIth the 100-115 visual angle, it is equipped to amp up your viewing experience.

Thanks to the built-in microphones, you can comfortably answer phone calls without having to put an end to gaming. Moreover, the headset is also myopia friendly which makes it a safe bet for everyone.

USP: 100-115 visual angle
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VR Wear iPhone 11 Pro Max VR Headset

Sporting a stylish design, VR Wear can get the most out of your 360 movies and action-packed games. The VR headset is pretty lightweight and comes with comfy face cushion made of soft leather. And with the elastic head strap, you won’t feel pressure on the nose while wearing the headset.

Besides, the VR headset also provides easy lens adjustment in four directions. Thus, you have the needed freedom to adjust the lens in line with your viewing demand.

Furthermore, the aspherical HD lenses also shield your eyes against blue light so that they don’t burn. Being myopia-friendly, it’s designed to be a handy VR tool for all ages.

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USP: Super comfy face cushion
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VR SHINECON VR Headset for iPhone 11 Pro Max

As a VR headset, I find VR SHINECON up to the task. The headset looks in line with the trend and comes with a T-shaped head strap that can reduce pressure to the eyes by up to 30%. Thus, you won’t feel dizzy or fatigue even after a marathon round of gaming or movie streaming.

SHINECON features HD 42mm aspherical resin optical lens that drastically reduces the anti-blue light effect (up to 97%). The soft sponge safeguards your iPhone’s screen against scratches.

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Don’t want the background noise to play spoilsport in your gaming? Well, the headset also features noise-canceling technology so that ambient sound won’t hamper your gaming.

USP: Impressive noise-canceling technology
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BNEXT iPhone 11 Pro Max VR Headset

BNEXT is the sort of VR headset that scores high in most aspects. That’s probably the prime reason why it’s been highly received on Amazon (four and a half stars out of around 80 ratings).

Speaking of design, BNEXT has a simple appearance that might not attract eyeballs right away but it looks just fine. Just like most of its counterparts, the VR headset also comes with fully adjustable glasses. Depending on your convenience, you can fine-tune the FD and OD to expand the viewing angle.

Not to mention, it also provides the much-required eye-protection. So, if you are someone who plays movies and games for hours, your eyes won’t be harmed. Moreover, BNEXT is also priced comparatively lower ($32.99) than many other rivals.

USP: FD and OD adjustments
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#6. digib

Digib iPhone 11 Pro Max VR Headset

For the folks who are looking for a highly affordable yet efficient VR headset for the new iPhones, digib is a safe bet. The VR headset is comparatively a lot lighter than most of its rivals. And with extremely soft cushion, it’s designed to reduce pressure on the nose.

Also, it comes with a soft cushion to keep your iPhone steady and protected from scuffs. It comes with high-quality HD VR lenses that provide sharp and crisp images. Besides, they also keep the harmful blue lights at bay.

Beyond trusted eye-protection, digib comes in some nice colors variants is currently priced under $27 which makes it a great choice for those who want a fairly good VR headset for iPhone 11 without doling out a lot of bucks.

USP: High-quality HD VR lenses
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Optoslon VR Headset for iPhone 11 Pro Max

Though not a premium VR headset, this offering from OPTOSLON is quite good. There are three reasons why I think this headset is worth giving a chance. For starters, the headset has a pretty lightweight and flaunts neat design that can easily appeal to those who prefer simplicity.

The second, it comes with a comfortable head strap which goes a long way in getting rid of the pressure on the eyes and nose. And the third, it offers the needed flexibility to adjust the glasses so that have a more comfortable viewing experience.

To ensure the phone stays steady and scratch-free, it features a smooth cushion inside. And the third, despite being so adorable, OPTOSLON comes at just $25, which seems to be a steal.

USP: Affordable yet high-quality VR headset
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That’s all about my top VR headsets for iPhone 11 Series!

What’s your top pick?

Though I’m no longer a full-time gamer, I love to take a shot on VR games once in a while. And every time, I put my hands on them, I come out thrilled. After all, it’s amazing to experience the larger-than-life world.

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