Best Smart Video Doorbells in 2019: Safety for Your Kids and Home

Do strangers and visitors frequent your home? Do you have to leave your home with kids locked in? Perhaps you should think of your home safety. Bring home the best WiFi video doorbells of 2019.

Smart doorbells are an integral part of your home security. In our digital age, burglars hardly use traditional weapons to break in; they use smart maneuvers to enter your home and steal your valuables. To prevent such incidents, use the best smart video doorbells.

Enabled with WiFi, doorbell cameras allow you to see on the other side of your door without opening the door. Parents with latchkey children always worried about their kids; now, they can keep an eye on the door with video doorbells.

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10 Best WiFi Video Doorbells in 2019

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#1. Ring

Ring Smart Video Doorbell

Ring works with your Alexa smart speaker. This enables you to listen to and speak to visitors, who are at your doorstep. You can also use your phone, tablet, or PC to communicate with visitors.

With its robust motion detectors, Ring WiFi video doorbell sends alerts when motion is detected, or doorbell is rung. The best feature of this doorbell is HD video with infrared vision; this gives you a clear picture of the visitors, who visit your place at night.

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USP: Infrared night vision
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#2. EwiseeLive WiFi Door Bell

EwiseeLive WiFi Video Doorbell

Wi-fi connectivity of this wireless doorbell allows you to see, hear, and talk with visitors anytime and anywhere. This means you are never away from your home even if you are sitting in your office. You can check visitors’ activities, and if there is any suspicious movement, you can quickly seek help from law enforcement agencies.

This video doorbell is equipped with noise cancellation and rate adaptation technology, and therefore, you can your voice gets transferred clearly. With IR sensor and LED, you can capture videos and take photographs at day or night.

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USP: Noise cancellation
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#3. HaoXuan DianZi

HaoXuan DianZi Smart Video Doorbell

HaoXuan DianZi offers you a budget solution for your home security. This smart wireless Wi-fi video doorbell has HD security camera with PIR motion detection and night vision. Its two-way talk and real-time video features let you talk to strangers at the door.

Without using any wire or cable, you can connect your smartphone after downloading its app. A notable feature of this doorbell is designated zones; you choose zones you want to supervise and get alerts if someone enters the designated zones.

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USP: Two-way audio
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#4. Zmodo

Zmodo WiFi Video Doorbell

Zmodo provides you cloud plan options to review, save, and share video footage at any time. The smart video doorbell reduces false alerts with its cloud intelligence. A glaring feature of this doorbell is you can mute it during the night to have a sound sleep.

The doorbell with a camera takes a lot of efforts to install as it requires existing doorbell wiring. However, once you install the doorbell, it is easy to get a clear view of your entire space on HD wide-angle lens.

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USP: Reduce false alerts
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#5. Igreeman

Igreeman WiFi Video Doorbell

Igreeman brings a fully upgraded smart doorbell for your home. This is an entirely wireless doorbell camera, which combines the latest technical solution and unique design; this combination ensures the exciting and joyful experience of using your video doorbell.

The professional performance of this doorbell gives 144 degrees wide viewing angle and HD video. Its PIR motion detection sensor removes the false alerts by 90% and gives you real-time motion alert.

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USP: Free cloud storage
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AKASO Smart Video Doorbell

AKASO’s 720p security camera with 166-degree angle works with Alexa. This product comes with two-way audio, cloud storage, and night vision for your iPhones and iPads. Keep a watch on trouble-makers, delivery persons or any stranger at your door. This video doorbell camera not only helps to see and talk with strangers but also records footage of visitors.

It is a WiFi doorbell camera and works with your Alexa; it is compatible with Amazon Echo products. You can ask Alexa to show you live video to see who has come at the door. You need to download an app (Tosee Plus) to connect this doorbell with your Wi-fi network.

USP: Real-time protection
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#7. Night Owl

Night Owl 1080p HD Smart Video Doorbell

Night Owl is a Wi-fi smart video doorbell camera with motion-activated alert and automatic recording video. When a stranger is near your door, Night Owl’s human body sensor will automatically push alerts to the phone and you can see that stranger on your phone and talk to him/her.

You can also view the camera stream on your mobile through the web. Lastly, you can save the recording on HDD, SD card, or cloud depending on the settings.

USP: Save recording on HDD, SD, or cloud
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MOUNTDOG WiFi Video Doorbell

MOUNTDOG gives you more storage capacity as it comes with a 16GB storage card to save video footage. Moreover, this video doorbell has two rechargeable batteries. This Wifi video doorbell uses the built-in microphone and speaker with noise cancellation; thus, you can see, listen to and speak to the person at the door with your smartphone.

This smart doorbell helps you adjust the sensitivity of your motion sensors to get the perfect setting for your home and property. When the MOUNTDOG phone app is off, or your device is not in recording mode, PIR will work.

USP: Adjustable motion sensors
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#9. Tobfit

Tobfit Video Doorbell

Unlike other smart video doorbells, Tobfit’s consumes less power and protects your home from potential break-ins and thefts. Features like HD quality image, 166-degree wide-angle view, and night vision makes the product unique. Store more footage as this doorbell camera supports MicroSD card up to 16GB.

For remote viewing, this doorbell boasts 2.4GHz Wi-fi connection. The built-in speaker removes echo and cancels noise, giving you high-quality sound while you are talking to a visitor or a stranger at the door.

USP: Wireless Chime
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#10. Remo+

RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell

Remo+ is powered by your current doorbell wiring and gives you security all day and night. Check all the activities in front of your door and record and store all motions up to for three days. You can save your data free in cloud storage. Remo+ also offers you paid plans if the storage capacity exceeds.

This smart doorbell camera can stream all live videos in HD with 180-degree wide-angle and infrared vision. You can select areas of interest and send quick alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected.

USP: Live video streaming
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Summing up…

Video doorbells are essential accessories to set up a smart home. You can ensure full protection of your home and kids even while you are not at home. It is advisable to check the essential features like night vision and high-quality cameras so that you get a clear view of day and night.

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