Best Smart Doorbells with Camera in 2023

The Best Smart Video Doorbells

In the digital age, burglars hardly use traditional weapons to break in. To ward off their clever maneuvers, we need to outsmart them. We can use some of the best smart video doorbells in our efforts to fight the high-tech robbers. Smart doorbells have become an integral part of your home security, especially for parents with latchkey children. Enabled with WiFi, these doorbell cameras allow homeowners to keep an eye on the door, receive instant notifications, and live images/videos of who’s at the door.

  1. Zmodo Wireless Video Doorbell with Security Camera
  2. Ring Peephole Cam – Smart video doorbell
  3. August Doorbell Cam Pro
  4. eufy Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with 2-way Audio
  5. Remo+ Fast Responding Video Doorbell
  6. Arlo Video Doorbell

1. Wireless Video Doorbell with Security Camera from Zmodo

Smart Video Doorbell from Zmodo

Zmodo is packed with smart and intuitive features, from two-way audio to 1080p HD video. You can prerecord a voice message for days when you are unavailable to answer the doorbell.

Instead of an instant motion alert with pictures, you are privy to a 10s video clip, to better understand the reason behind the moment. Moreover, you can even set motion detection zones; this allows you to focus on priority areas such as doors or windows.

USP: Custom motion detection zone
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2. Ring Peephole Cam – Smart video doorbell

Ring Peephole Cam - Smart video doorbell

If you have set your sight on finding a relatively cheap yet efficient smart video doorbell ($79.99), give serious consideration to Ring peephole cam. The 1080p HD doorbell is quite straightforward to install and remove. Thanks to motion detection, it allows you to adjust the built-in motion sensors to detect the necessary things.

As it works with Amazon Alexa, you can hear the announcements whenever anyone presses the doorbell. Not to mention, you can also get the live view of your camera using the Echo device with a screen.

More importantly, the app sends you real-time alerts on your smartphone or computer when anyone knocks your door to keep you in the loop. And with a Ring protect plan (requires subscription), you can also record your videos and even check the things that you missed for up to 60 days.

USP: Works seamlessly with Amazon Alexa
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3. August Doorbell Cam Pro

August Doorbell Cam Pro

Stepping up from grainy infrared night time videos, this smart video doorbell incorporates a floodlight. The built-in floodlight lets you capture full-color HD video even at night. Moreover, it activates on sensing motions around the door, warning unwanted guests about your security.

Don’t worry if you missed the live video or alert as a HindSight feature continuously monitors your doorway. Moreover, this HindSight feature checks out the moments before and after the motion alert. If you have an August Smart Lock, you can even form a Wi-Fi Bridge and unlock or lock the door from anywhere.

USP: Night light
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4. Wi-Fi Video Doorbell with 2-way Audio from eufy

eufy Smart Wi-Fi Video Doorbell

With an HD 2560 x 1920 resolution, an advanced HDR, and distortion correction, you get a crystal-clear 2K images and videos. Real-time, two-way audio lets you interact with the visitor seamlessly.

The camera uses AI and a smart algorithm to detect body shape and face patterns. This reduces the chances of false alerts, as it distinguishes between a stray animal and a human. Eufy also supports eight fun and holiday-themed ringtones with adjustable volume levels.

USP: Reduce false alerts
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5. Remo+ Fast Responding Video Doorbell

RemoBell WiFi Video Doorbell

Remo+ is powered by your current doorbell wiring and gives you security all day and night. Check all the activities in front of your door and record and store all motions up to for three days. You can save your data free in cloud storage. Remo+ also offers you paid plans if the storage capacity exceeds.

This smart doorbell camera can stream all live videos in HD with 180-degree wide-angle and infrared vision. You can select areas of interest and send quick alerts on your smartphone whenever motion is detected.

USP: Live video streaming
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6. Arlo Video Doorbell

Arlo Video Doorbell

This one is a highly-rated smart video doorbell at a mid-range price point ($129.99). With a 180-degree viewing angle, Arlo allows you to view a person or a package with a clear video in HD.

Courtesy the two-way audio, it lets you hear and speak to visitors standing at your door. Not just that, there is also night vision that makes it easier to see who’s there at the door even in the night.

As soon as Arlo detects motion, it sends alerts to keep you updated. Another feature worth mentioning is the foresight that allows you to check out what happened before every motion detection. Moreover, it’s well-built and water-resistant which helps it last longer.

USP: 180-degree viewing angle
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That’s all friends!

Summing up…

Video doorbells are essential accessories to set up a smart home. You can ensure full protection of your home and kids even while you are not at home. It is advisable to check the essential features like night vision and high-quality cameras so that you get a clear view of day and night.

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