Two days from now, it’s Valentine’s Day. While I do hope you’ve got the gifts wrapped in beautiful wrappers decorated with heart-shaped things, I am thinking of those who have boyfriends/girlfriends who are iPhone fans. Did you get them something that matches their taste? Something that adds value to their iPhone experience?

Gadgets have long since become a cool gift idea but it’s popular amidst kids and teens. I’ve yet to see a lot of people actually think of gadgets and accessories as being a super-cool, nerdy Valentine’s gift. Sure, not everyone’s tastes are alike but if you’ve got an iPhone fan as a boyfriend/girlfriend, you might want to check these cool Valentine’s gift ideas that might add some super charm to your proposal.

Best Valentines Day Gift Ideas for iPhone

iPhone Cases
Needless to say, iPhone cases have been one of the easiest ways to charm someone. Of course, the type of iPhone case goes a long way in being the decisive factor. For guys, sleek, “gadgety” iPhone cases would be awesome. There are tons of defenders cases too and if your guy has been talking about these of late, maybe it’s time to surprise him with a case like the Otterbox Defender series or those from Griffin. For girls, cute little cases that are slim, form-fitting and sleek would be cool. If your girlfriend loves Hello Kitty, you’ve got a clincher there! There are tons of Hello Kitty cases on the market.

You wake up on Feb 14th to a gift from your valentine delivered as your favorite app that you’ve not yet bought on your iPhone: how’s that for style?

Gifting apps can be fun and the experience of getting an app as a gift is cool, too. Especially if your valentine has been thinking/talking of buying an app from the store because it’s fun or whatever. Nerds wouldn’t be too impressed but anyone who’s been saving to get the app would definitely be surprised. That makes for an interesting valentine’s day.

Note: Read our guide on gifting apps on iTunes/App Store via your iPhone here.

iTunes Gift Cards
You can also buy iTunes Gift Cards (directly shipped from the Apple Store or bought from Walmart). These come in $15, $25, $50 or other denominations. Your valentine has the choice of purchasing music tracks or apps from the store with these cards. I’ve often heard people complain about gift cards not working when they buy it from stores (check the validity and other info) so I’d recommend getting them directly from the Apple website. Oh, you can print them out yourself too!

Juice Pack iPhone Cases
This would be awesome for hardcore iPhone fans who are also power-users. A juice pack for the iPhone is a case that attaches a battery to your iPhone giving it much more battery time. Some of them are quite costly but love doesn’t come with price tags.

Check out our post on some of the best iPhone juice packs that could double up the battery time. Think this could be a cool Valentine’s gift? Pick one from the list!

iPhone Armbands
iPhone armbands are cool if your valentine’s works out in the gym (or is an athlete, in which case, he/she would obviously work out). There are tons of these in the market and the only reason they’re quite popular is because they make carrying your iPhone on the runs, jogs and to the gym pretty darn simple. And of course, safe.

iPhone armbands also come with cool features that let you connect earphones without breaking them. There aren’t very many iPhone 5 armbands that can be bought as gifts but the ones that are, they’re pretty good.

So are you ready for the Valentine’s day?

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