Best USB-C Power Banks for iPhone Xs Max and XR in 2021

USB-C Power Banks for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Apple introduced a lightning connector way back in September 2012. Since then, Apple has not made any change in its connector. However, with the fast charging feature included in iPhone X and iPhone 8/8 Plus, Apple allows USB-C cable to charge the devices. When you want to use a power bank to charge your phone, you have to ensure it is a USB-C power bank. Here we have crafted the list of top 10 USB-C power banks for your iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR.

Best USB-C Power Banks for iPhone X Series

1. RAVPower

RAVPower iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR USB-C Power Bank

RAVPower brings 20100mAh capacity power bank that quickly charges your iPhone from 0 to 80% in sixty minutes only. With its Quick Charge 3.0 Input, you can speedily recharge this portable battery charger.

You can use this power bank when you are airborne, and charge your 12-inch MacBook along with your iPhones. Once the power drains from this power bank, you can recharge it fully in just 4.5 hours.

USP: 75% faster technology
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AUKEY USB-C Power Bank for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

AUKEY presents universal charging 20000mAh large capacity USB-C power bank for your iPhones. Its elegant design and slim profile enable you to hold this power bank comfortably in hands. The matte surface doesn’t attract fingerprints.

Look at that LED indicator that shows you remaining battery level. For your phone’s safety, AUKEY has built some safety features that prevent over-current, over-heating, and over-charging.

USP: 45-Days money back guarantee
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3. AideaZ

AideaZ iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR USB-C Power Bank

AideaZ USB-C power bank has Bi-directional PD quick charge and QC quick-charge features. This power delivery portable charger charges your iPhones quickly with its huge 20000mAh capacity.

One of the glaring features of this power bank is wireless charging. Simply put your iPhone on the power bank and connect two other phones via cable; thus, you can charge three devices simultaneously.

USP: Wireless charging
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4. Anker

Anker USB-C power bank for iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR

This power bank is equipped with a 20W USB-C and an 18W USB port to let you charge two devices simultaneously. It also boasts ultra-high capacity with a massive 20,000mAh battery.

It’s one of the best and safest power banks for your iPhone and can provide multiple charge cycles. There’s also a helpful cool blue LED that displays the remaining power at the push of a button.

USP: Massive capacity
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X-DNENG iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR USB-C Power Bank

X-DNENG’s solar power bank is your perfect outdoor companion as it can fully charge your iPhones and you can recharge this portable charger by putting the solar power bank under sunlight. X-DNENG has packed powerful battery of 22000mAh capacity to give multiple charges to your smartphones.

Although you can charge this power bank by placing it under the sunlight, it is recommended you use the USB cable. The solar power bank is helpful especially when you are stuck in places, where the electric power supply is not available. You can use this solar power charger during natural calamities and disasters.

USP: Waterproof
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6. Gatcepot

Gatcepot USB C Power Bank for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Gatcepot has manufactured a high-speed input-output USB-C power bank to fast charge your latest iPhones. Get 18W power delivery and quick charge 3.0 output ports to charge four devices simultaneously. Unlike other power banks, which take more than 10 hours to charge itself, Gatcepot’s power bank can be charged within 6.5 hours.

This 20000mAh portable external battery pack can fully charge your iPhone X five times. If you are on a business trip for a week, you can rely on this power bank as it can keep your device charged on the go.

USP: High-speed input & output
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7. Omars

Omars iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR USB-C Power Bank

The convenient size of this power bank enables you to charge your iPhones even as you are walking in and around your home or office. Omars has maintained ultra-thin design to make this power bank more portable and compact.

On/Off button helps you discontinue charging even if your phone is in the middle of a charge. The four LED power indicators show the battery level and charging status of this power bank. Li-polymer batteries stick to the best safety standards and give you quality assurance. You may rest assured that over-heating or over-current will not damage your phone.

USP: Multi-protection to ensure complete safety
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8. Cincred

Cincred iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Power Bank

Get fastest possible charge with Cincred’s updated PD power bank, which automatically detects your iOS device. Based on the charging requirement, the power bank supplies charging to your iPhone. Unlike other charging treasure, Cincred power bank increases charging speed by three times. The fast charging technology can add 50% juice to your device in just 30 minutes.

With this power bank at your disposal, you are always ready to go – whether you want to go office, on a business trip, or a jungle safari. Dual chip installed inside this power bank offers a battery conversion rate of more than 200%.

USP: Smart protection technology
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9. CXLiy

CXLiy USB C Power Bank for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

CXLiy packs 24000mAh battery capacity inside this robust USB-C power bank, which can quickly charge your iPhone. Stable, safe, and reliable, this external battery charger is the best choice when you are traveling abroad. The LCD display shows you the remaining power on a digital screen. Moreover, the same display gives information about input and output status.

Dual output and two input portable charger offer two options for you to select charging your device. Apart from your daily life and business trip, you can take this power bank during your outdoor activities.

USP: Multiple safety protection
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10. iWALK

iWALK USB-C Power Bank for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

If you are looking for a power bank that you can easily hold in your palms, iWalk is one to go for! It has two built-in cables – USB-C and lightning; meaning you won’t even need to carry cables to charge your device. In addition to that, there are additional ports as well to charge other devices.

The power bank with a 20000mAh battery can charge your iPhone X, XS Max, and XR a couple of times. It is available in two colors so that you can choose your preferred one that suits your style.

USP: Built-in USB-C and Lightning cable
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That’s all for now!

Signing off…

With USB-C power banks, you can quickly charge your iPhones and continue your interaction with your smart device. USB-C power banks make you believe in a mantra: Never stop. Now, take the right move and buy one of the best power banks for your latest iPhones.

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