Best USB-C Monitors for MacBook Pro in 2021

Best USB-C Monitors for MacBook Pro

Your 16-inch MacBook Pro offers you little fun & excitement when it comes to video editing or game development. For hard-core pro users, a separate USB-C monitor is a better option. If you are looking for a dedicated display, I have listed some of the best USB-C monitors for the MacBook Pro.

  1. LG UltraFine 5K
  2. Acer PM161Q bu 15.6″ Full HD
  3. BenQ EW3280U 32-Inch 4K HDR
  4. Dell P2419HC Full HD LED
  5. HP Envy 27-Inch UHD 4K IPS
  6. Lepow 15.6 Inch Full HD with Eye Care Screen
  7. Acer H277HU
  8. NexiGo 15.6 Inch Full HD with Eye Care Screen
  9. Lepow 15.6 Inch Full HD IPS Screen
  10. Newsoul 15.6 Inch IPS HDR/IPS Display

1. LG UltraFine 5K

LG UltraFine 5K Display USB-C Monitor

Should you think of walking some extra yards, LG UltraFine 5K can be a top-notch bet for your professional use.

Powered by 5120-by-2880 resolution and P3 wide color gamut, this monitor is primed to rev up your media viewing. Whether you wish to have immaculate control over editing images or watch movies in their full-fledged form, it can live up to the task elegantly.

Oh yeah, it also features stereo speakers, camera, and microphone to add more fun into the play. The Thunderbolt 3 cable delivers up to 85W of charging power to your MacBook Pro. Besides, the three downstream USB-C ports provide additional connectivity options.

USP: P3 wide color gamut
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2. Acer PM161Q bu 15.6″ Full HD

Acer USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

Acer presents a full HD USB Type-C monitor for excellent viewing of content on a separate screen. A portable and versatile design showcases a 15.6-inch widescreen IPS display.

For your take-and-go purpose, this is one of the best portable monitors to use in meetings and at home. Just start the monitor and enjoy HD entertainment anywhere. Vibrant colors come to life from any viewing angle. A slim design and lightweight profile allow you to carry this monitor in your laptop bag.

You can declutter your professional and personal life with a single-cable solution. Simply connect this display to your Mac with a USB-C cable. Next, you can share display and transfer data while charging your laptop. A super-handy cable lets you connect your iPhone or iPad to this monitor.

USP: Single-cable solution
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3. BenQ EW3280U 32-Inch 4K HDR

BenQ USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

Although it is an entertainment monitor, you can use it for photo and video editing. Moreover, a 4K HDR 16:9 image quality makes it perfect for animation and graphics.

To consume entertainment without any eye strain, BenQ uses a 95% DCI-P3 wide color gamut on an IPS panel. Moreover, you will experience sharp details with its HDRi. This will make HDR content more powerful and enjoyable. Control your content intelligently with outstanding clarity and vibrant colors.

Don’t miss FreeSync and Super Resolution that can improve video performance. Versatile USB-C, HDMI, and DisplayPort allow you to connect your Mac conveniently. Remote control, five-way navigator, and a volume wheel help you access preferred settings.

USP: Proprietary HDRi for better HDR content
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4. Dell P2419HC Full HD LED Monitor

Dell USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

Dell has changed the dynamics of using a USB-C monitor with MacBook Pro. With its built-in USB hub, you can keep your desk clutter-free and enjoy this ultimate connectivity.

Connect this display with a variety of laptops. Experience a smooth and seamless transition between users.

Whether you are working at home or office, you can free up desk space with this thin monitor. Moreover, this monitor boasts the smallest base in its class I.

A notable feature of this product is ultra-thin bezel design. Dell provides this sleek bezel for an uninterrupted view of your content across several monitors. Thus, you can not only expand efficiency but increase productivity by up to 18%.

USP: Built-in USB hub
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5. HP Envy 27-Inch UHD 4K IPS

HP USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

HP offers a 27-inch UHD 4K IPS monitor with a micro-edge bezel and AMd free sync. The monitor has stunning aesthetics – credit goes to its micro-edge bezels.

You will experience rich colors and excellent image details; however, HP needs to enhance color accuracy. A 4K UHD monitor has wide viewing angles, and therefore, many users make compromises on color accuracy.

Among some smart add-ons, HP has a 3-sided micro-edge design, VESA mount adapter, detachable stand, USB-C cable, DP cable, advanced hazel panel, and HDMI cable.

USP: 3-sided micro-edge design
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6. Lepow 15.6 Inch Full HD with Eye Care Screen

Lepow USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

Experience genuinely immersive viewing and sound quality with Lepow USB C 1920 x 1080 monitor. High-definition gaming and entertainment are your biggest takeaway on a 15.6-inch IPS screen. The monitor keeps your eyes from getting tired, even if you use it for a long time.

With mini HDMI and USB C ports, this monitor ensures versatile digital connectivity. You can quickly establish a connection with your MacBook Pro and other gaming consoles and smartphones. It is a perfect extension of your parent screen or playing games at home and office.

A smart cover and a screen protector completely guard the monitor. PU leather can be folded into different positions. And the screen guard protects the screen against scratches.

Lepow has manufactured a slim and lightweight monitor, which packs dual speaker and HDR mode.

USP: IPS Eye Care Screen
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7. Acer H277HU

Acer H277HU USB-C Monitor

Should you think of buying a more affordable yet highly impressive USB-C monitor for your MacBook Pro, go for Acer H277HU. So, what makes it such a good deal?

Well, the first quality that has caught my eyes in it is the 27″ IPS WQHD widescreen with 2560×1440 resolution. The 60 Hz refresh rate and 4ms response time, it’s got the ability to enhance your photo editing and media viewing.

The adorable frame design coupled with the brushed hairline finish stand helps it fits into your professional environment. Thanks to the magnetic paperclip base, it stands firmly at any surface.

USP: Impressive frame design
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8. NexiGo 15.6 Inch Full HD with Eye Care Screen

NexiGo USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

NexiGo has designed a premium 15.6-inch full HD USB Type-C monitor with HDMI Type C speakers. And advanced IPS panel, this monitor promises richer and more vibrant colors. Your eyes will feast on a clean and crisp picture quality.

To make it a travel-friendly monitor, NexiGo uses a super narrow frame design. It is just 6mm thin and weighs 1.9LB with its aluminum alloy body. You can keep this monitor in most notebook bags.

Make the most of full-featured Type C port and transfer data and charge your Mac efficiently. Furthermore, Type C full function offers a maximum throughput of 40 Gbps.

USP: Advanced IPS panel
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9. Lepow 15.6 Inch Full HD IPS Screen

Lepow USB-C Gaming Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

Lepow brings a portable USB-C monitor for MacBook Pro. Now, it is super convenient to take it to your office and bring it back. With its adjustable viewing angles, this display becomes a perfect partner in watching great content.

Unlike other monitors, Lepow sends this product with a smart cover and screen protector. The cover is made of durable PU leather; its soft lining keeps this display safe. You can fold the cover in different positions to achieve the best angle. The screen guard protects the display against scratches.

You can connect this monitor with multiple devices, aside from your MacBook. You can use your iPhones, iPads, PS3/4, XBOX ONE, Nintendo Switch, and more. Use either Type-C or Mini HDMI port to make stunning business presentations, play games, and watch videos, photos, and TV series.

Lepow has crafted an aesthetically perfect piece, which is slim and lightweight. It flaunts a 0.3-inch profile and weighs just 1.76 pounds, which makes it extremely portable. Strike the right balance between your personal and professional life with this extraordinary monitor.

USP: Smart cover and screen protector
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10. Newsoul 15.6 Inch IPS HDR/IPS Display

Newsoul USB-C Monitor for MacBook Pro 2018

NEWSOUL’s 178-degree full viewing angle and Eye Care technology makes a lot of difference. A full HD 1080P IPS screen offers vibrant images and immersive viewing experience. Ideal for gaming, this monitor has a dual speaker with Type C HDMI VESA.

This portable monitor is built with an innovative hybrid-signal solution and an integrated 3-in-1 function Type-C interface. This provides simultaneous power, signal transmission, and USB interface functions.

Dual stereo speaker is built in the monitor, which delivers loud and immersive 360-degree sound, and accurate bass. For minimum eye fatigue, the display has a flicker-free backlight and blue light.

Multiple device connectivity allows you to use mouse and keyboard with this monitor.

USP: Flicker-free backlight and blue light
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That’s pretty much it!

What’s your top bet?

Now that you have taken a peek at the most appreciable USB-C monitors let us know which one is your favorite. And if I missed out to include a top contender, do not fail to tell us about that. Rest assured, I will add more monitors in the above roundup as they hit the floor and pass my acid test!

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