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If you are strategy or fantasy lover, these apps will surely appeal to you. Designed from some brain warming strategies, you have to workout your brain to beat your fellow players in these turn based strategy games. The apps have amazing graphics and animation that will lure your attention towards it.

These games can be highly addictive, given their unique and creative concepts. You can purchase supporting features from in-app purchases, if you just cannot bear to stay away from the games.

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Best Turn Based Strategy Games for iPhone & iPad

Best Turn Based Strategy Games for iPhone & iPad

#1. Battle for Wesnoth

Battle for Wesnoth iPhone & iPad Game IconBattle for Wesnoth is a fantasy-cum-strategy game. The app has many stories that have to be played. You can be a prince avenging your father’s death or a tribe that has to win humans or you can even write your own campaigns. You have to build and train your army from simple warriors to unbeatable ones. As you progress, you can get an option of waking up a dead warrior so no one can match its power. You have to select your army depending on the strength of warriors. You can even challenge your friends or other unknown players for “multi-player” battles. The app features original music, maps, various weapons & spells and abilities. This app is also available on HD (for the iPad).

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Price: $3.99
Download Battle for Wesnoth

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#2. Civilization Revolution

Civilization Revolution iPhone & iPad Game IconDiscover, Conquer and Rule the world with the help of the Civilization Revolution game. You have to upgrade yourself and your civilization from early men to modern age men. The game gives you the option of choosing various ways in which you can conquer: military, cultural, economical and scientific. You have to pick any one of path for domination. The game has a detailed interface that makes playing rather interesting. You can choose from different cities where you want to play and strengthen your army by involving different units. The app gives you a chance to meet various diplomats of the country you select. You can buy other features of this app and units from the in-app purchase options.

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

Price: $2.99
Download Civilization Revolution

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#3. Rebirth of Fortune

Rebirth of Fortune iPhone & iPad Game IconRebirth of Fortune involves creating high-level strategies. The app gives you eight different individual units for combating against enemy. However, these eight units can only be achieved after you win the battles. You have to clear the stages to claim reward and move ahead in the game. The game has easy controls that make playing efficient and interesting. If you have played and liked this game already, you should check out “Rebirth of Fortune 2.”

Price: $0.99
Download Rebirth of Fortune

#4. Devil's Attorney

Devil's Attorney iPhone & iPad Game IconDevil's Attorney game plays with an 80’s theme. The game is based on a simple rule: you have to save your clients. You get to play Max McManna defense lawyer who has to free his clients of their charges. You will get money in return that has to be used to unlock new cases and courtroom to sharpen your skills.

Price: $1.99
Download Devil's Attorney

#5. Naval Warfare

Naval Warfare iPhone & iPad Game IconNaval Warfare uses ‘Game center turn-based multiplayer system.’ The game allows you to play with real people, cutting Artificial Intelligence. You can challenge your friends and play against multiple opponents. The game sends you notifications when it's your turn. The game has a simple interface. You can buy other features and fleets from the in-app purchases.

Price: Free
Download Naval Warfare

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Played a game that should have made this list? Add it in the comments section.

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