TouchID on iPhone 5s is equivalent to Siri on iPhone 4s in terms of the most-popular feature covered by tech blogs like us. The fingerprint security system is, as Walt Mossberg put it, one of the first and most successful massive, consumer-oriented implementations of biometric security. On the iPhone 5s, the TouchID system can protect your phone and can be used to authenticate purchases.

Incidentally, that's about all that it can do for the moment. TouchID Cydia tweaks change the whole demographic of the fingerprint system by letting you lock apps, simulate home button press and more.

Best TouchID Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 5s

Check Out These Touch ID Cydia Tweaks for iPhone 5s

1. AppLocker

AppLocker is actually a pretty old tweak which was updated recently to support TouchID-enabled password system. To those of you who aren't familiar with it, AppLocker locks your apps (protects them). You can't open the apps unless you enter the passcode. With the recent update, you can use a registered fingerprint instead of entering the passcode. AppLocker still shows the passcode screen so you can either use the TouchID or enter the passcode to unlock an app.

AppLocker's functionality extends to the Settings page and it kicks in with the authentication requirement when you try deleting apps.

AppLocker is available on the ModMyi repo for $0.99 and is the cheapest of all available TouchID app lockers.

2. BioProtect

BioProtect is the first iPhone 5s-specific TouchID Cydia tweak to address app security. BioProtect completely relies on TouchID when you open apps. The initial launch had some overheating issue which was caused, apparently, due to an incessant animation. I think the issue has been fixed with the update. BioProtect is good but you might want to check out BioLockDown too before jumping for this one. If the next one doesn't work, BioProtect is definitely a good alternative.

BioProtect costs $2.99 and is available on BigBoss.

3. BioLockDown

BioLockDown is Ryan's version of BioProtect with more features and a cheaper price tag. BioLockDown works very similarly to the latter. Interestingly, it is not just apps that you can “lockdown”. You can also control / protect the Control Center toggles and the various parts of the Settings app with BioLockDown. That's one part which this tweak hits more than other tweaks so far.

BioLockDown is on the BigBoss repo for $1.99.

4. Touchy

If you remove the “security” aspect out of TouchID and think outside the realm of passwords and protection, the fingerprint sensor can be used to do other things. One of the most interesting implementations is Touchy which maps fingerprints to apps. So, when you just place your finger on the sensor, it opens a pre-selected app. Kind of cool, right?

Touch is yet to launch (on BigBoss repo with an intro price of $1.99).

5. Virtual Home

Virtual Home is a home button emulator. Instead of pressing the home button, you just place your finger on the home button and after a brief pause, your iPhone 5s responds as if you've pressed the home button. You can have this “feature” simulated by an Activator gesture but Virtual Home has a better sense of timing. So, it kind of knows whether you are using your fingerprint to authenticate or to simulate pressing the home button. It can still be a little tricky to get it working correctly.

Virtual Home is free on the BigBoss repo.

If you have upgraded your iPhone or iPad to iOS 8, here are some of the best Touch ID Cydia tweaks compatible with iOS 8.x.