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Best third-party iPhone Home Screen widgets in iOS 14

Best third-party home screen widgets for iPhone in iOS 14

Let’s admit it. iOS 14 release surprised us with a lot of unexpected features. Thankfully, iOS 14 adds more fluidity to our day-to-day apps. And what’s the cherry on the cake? You can add Home Screen widgets to ease your iPhone experience. Here’s a carefully curated list of the best third-party home screen widgets for iPhone available as of now.

1. Apollo for Reddit: Best for trendsetters

Apollo for Reddit iOS 14 home screen widgets screenshot

I am addicted to Reddit, to the extent that I follow hundreds of subreddits. Apollo is a boon for people like me; trust me on this! Choosing between single posts, multiple posts, post feed, wallpapers, subreddit shortcuts, and jokes as iPhone home screen widget options is so much fun.

Apollo developers must be consuming Reddit threads for a long time to create an app like this. Jump bar, customizable gestures, influential Markdown composer, super-charged Media Viewer, etc., are some of the best features with the widgets.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

2. Day One Journal: Best for students

Day One Journal third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

Being a diary person all my life, I have always been journaling for a long time now. And once you start journaling your way to life, you want to add pictures, videos, drawings, and even audio recordings to your journal. Day one journal’s iPhone widgets provide me with all of this and a lot more.

It incorporates four unique widgets to help you jot down your story a little better. I admire the ‘On this Day’ and ‘streaks’ features the most, solely for their comfort. I can trust this feature completely, for it protects all my data with biometric security, even the widgets!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99)

3. Spotify: Best for music lovers

Spotify third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

If you’re always tuned in to your favorite beats, you can add the Spotify widget to your home screen for quick access to your music. There are currently two styles of widgets, and you can see whatever you’ve recently played.

This makes it a breeze to get back to something you were listening to with just a tap. Spotify is the most popular music streaming service and boasts an extensive collection of songs and podcasts from across the world.

Price: Free ($12.99 for monthly premium)

4. Spark Mail: Best for freelancers

Spark Mail iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

One of the smoothest email clients out there, Spark Mail comes with a smart inbox, quick search, and a lot of personalized options to cater to your needs.

Quite like the other apps in Readle’s suite, Spark Mail jumps on board with a flourish. You can settle for a small widget with just the number of emails or view a list of recent emails. And that’s not all; more widget options with calendar and Today view are included as well.

Price: Free

5. Documents: Best for entrepreneurs

Documents iOS 14 third-party widgets for iPhone screenshot

Are you the one who is working with multiple things at the same time and needs a zillion documents handy at one place? Then, Documents is the best third-party iPhone home screen widget for you. From music, documents, photos, videos, and books to almost everything, this widget lets you access them with just a click.

The picture-in-picture mode of the app has increased the app’s functionality. Incorporate different widgets for Music, Recents, and Actions, fool around with your options and keep your home screen organized.

Price: Free (In-app Purchases start from $12.49)

6. WaterMinder‪®: Best for fitness enthusiasts

Water Minder iOS 14 third-party widgets for iPhone screenshot

Leading a balanced life is not easy. And one of the essential methods to track your health is watching your water intake. You NEED to have a widget that regularly reminds and tracks your water intake to keep you hydrated throughout the day.

Not just water, it lets you monitor all your drinks so that you know the exact amount of hydration. Customize it to your needs, light, dark, and pure dark themes. With ten different widgets to choose from, you can log water into your favorite weekly graphs and keep your hydration levels on point.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

7. Pillow Automatic Sleep Tracker: Best for health enthusiasts

Pillow iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

By far one of the best sleep cycle tracking apps, Pillow has been unbeatable in the market ever since its inception. With its widget after iOS 14, the app has become more comfortable to use, and sleep tracking has never been this simple. With a smart alarm clock, snore, and other events recorder, Pillow comes with many essential features.

The widget brings in daily sleep reports of your automatic or manual sleep sessions on the Home Screen. By tapping it, you get directed to the latest sleep cycle analysis. A must-have if you are super inclined towards having a healthy life.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $4.99)

8. Wikipedia: Best for readers

Wikipedia iOS 14 third-partyhome screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

If you haven’t been using Wikipedia since your school days, you probably lived without the internet. The official iOS app comes with the website’s feel to your mobile device but with added features such as night mode, quick access, and whatnot.

The widgets are useful to provide information to you regularly in bits and pieces. Opt for a picture of the day, top read, or other features in different sizes.

Price: Free

9. Watch Chess: Best for chess learners

Watch Chess iOS 14 third party widgets for iPhone screenshot

Who doesn’t love playing chess? Albert Einstein has rightly said, “Chess holds its master in its bonds, shackling the mind and brain so that the inner freedom of the very strongest must suffer.” Taking this into account, this widget should be used by everyone and not just the chess players.

The widget lets you transition from the live and recent chess tournaments at GM levels and keeps you updated with each round and every game right on your iPhone home screen. Available in three sizes, decide how much space you want to give the widget.

Price: Free

10. GoodTask: Best for working professionals

GoodTask iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

Based on iOS Reminders & Calendars, GoodTask makes task management a breeze. It might be a simple checklist app at the core, but it features complex project management tasks.

While it has got just two widget choices, they both are designed brilliantly. The List shows items from a selected list with a calendar, and the Favorites widget allows you to add customized new tasks or directly open lists.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $9.99)

11. Photo Widgets: Best for content creators

Photo Widgets iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone Screenshot

Being an iPhone user, you are meant to click several pictures and want them handy at any point. This is where Photo Widgets comes into play. The app is pretty easy to use and helps you filter your pictures.

Depending on your needs, the app lets you organize photos in different folders and show them in the widgets. The best part, with an unlimited number of photo organizing opportunities, this app lets you create as many widgets as you want.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99)

12. Battery Widget & Color Widget‪s: Best for laidback people

Battery WIdgets and color widgets iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

The battery widget and usage monitor app is a great widget to monitor your battery status continually. The widgets are divided into different categories: battery status, storage usage, and space to provide general device information.

It is good to have a widget that lets you track your battery usage and not just look for it at a corner somewhere. Have the widget in the medium size if you want it right in front of your eyes. I have been a loyal user of this iPhone home screen widget for quite some time now.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $3.99)

13. HabitMinder‬: Best for fitness enthusiasts

Habit Minder iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone

A wise man once said it is always essential to understand the difference between being busy and productive, being thin and fit, and Habit Minder is taking the first step towards that goal. With useful tools like mini-apps, session screens, 50 pre-defined positive habits, and even reminders to stay happy and healthy, the app is capable of improving your habits as a whole.

The app is currently offering seven widgets in three different sizes across light and dark themes for you to help you focus on your habits. While the free subscription is more than enough, the in-app purchases are quite a treat as well.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

14. DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser: Best for everyone

Duck Duck Go iOS 14 third party home screen widgets for iPhone

One of the hottest search engines since its launch, Duck Duck Go has been a great browser to function with. The app has been handy and super easy to use. So is the widget.

It offers different widget sizes and theme options. Now search for literally anything you want on the internet without worrying about the Duck Duck Go storing your search history. Way to go, Duck!

Price: Free

15. Pedometer++: Best for walking enthusiasts

Pedometer++ iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

Using your iPhone as a step counter has never been more fun. Keeping count of your daily and weekly step counts is the core of Pedometer++, but it has a lot more to offer with its widgets.

The widgets now come within different size options; pick the one that suits your Home Screen the best. It is always good to have it on your screen to stay updated about your step goals every day. It also collects data from your Apple Watch and shows it across your screen.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $0.99)

16. Calory: Best for health-conscious people

Calory iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

Calculate your calorie needs according to your weight, height, and activity levels using the app. It helps you suggest a daily goal according to your dietary needs and stay focused and achieve it.

With eight widgets on the table, you can monitor your current progress according to different data sets, water macros, and even a weekly graph. A balanced diet, here I come!

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $2.99)

17. SmartGym: Best for gym freaks

Smart Gym iOS 14 third-party home screen widgets for iPhone screenshot

The SmartGym app is workouts simplified. With timely exercises, rests, and counting sets, the app has a lot to offer. The best part? Everything integrates with your Apple Watch, and the widgets make the data handy for you.

The pandemic made us get used to working out from home. And trust me on this, after lazing around for a few months, all of us got to a place where we wanted to work on our health. Having SmartGym on your home screen will continuously remind you about staying active and working-out whenever you get the time.

Price: Free (In-app purchases start from $6.99)

18. Food Noms: Best for Fitness freaks

FoodNoms third-party iPhone homescreen widgets screenshot

A food tracker app meant to enhance your healthy lifestyle. First of all, the free version covers most of the functionalities, from having access to an extensive food library to logging your daily calories and whatnot.

The best part about the app is its Apple Watch support. It lets you monitor your intake at a glance. 

You can plan out your meals with the app, keep count of your calories, and have a detailed breakthrough of your nutritional intake.

The paid subscription lets you track your water, caffeine, and alcohol levels with more detailed stats through weekly and monthly charts. If you are health-conscious, I’d recommend getting a paid subscription.

Price: Free. (Monthly subscription starts at $1.99/month)

19. Memo Widget: Best for Reminders

MemoWidget iPhone third-party widgets for iOS 14 screenshot

Let’s admit it; we always miss on many important things while we are on the go. And there are some targets that we want to be constantly reminded of.

Memo Widget is the best sticky widget to do that job for you. It will remind you of every trivial matter you want. 

And yes, no judgments passed. You can use the notes to add any To-Do; let it be silly. You won’t believe it; I use the widget to remind me of grocery shopping and planning family dinners.

The best part is the text adjustment and photo brightness level features; easy to adjust and multiple positions. It adjusts the texts according to your needs. Multiple language support is also a great add-on.

Price: Free

20. Flipboard-Latest Stories: Best for Current Affairs

Flipboard iPhone third party widgets for iOS 14 screenshot

Read stories that matter. Flipboard is an app with thousands of national and local sources to keep you updated with important news, including New York Times, National Geographic, TIME, The Atlantic, BBC, and thousands more. 

With the widget, you can create a personalized news feed with Smart Magazines. Don’t forget to check out the list of publishers; Flipboard covers the best in every field and adds the best ones to your list.

My favorites are The New York Times for News and Politics and Bloomberg for Business and Tech news. 

Price: Free

21. Longplay: Best for music lovers

Longplay iPhone third party home screen widget for iOS screenshot

Are you the one who has a diverse playlist and ends up forgetting good songs from the list only to bump into them years later? Longplay is for you then!

The app offers many sorting options such as orderliness, addiction, brightness, negligence, recency, stars, etc. 

It keeps reminding you of your favorite tracks and recommends new music based on your preferences. The widget shows top albums by your nominated sort order. The ‘Feeling Lucky’ button will start playing one of the tracks.

Install this if music is on your mind!

Price: $2.99

22. Stats: For Model S/X/3/Y: Best for Tesla owners

Tesla Stats iPhone home screen widget for iOS 14 screenshot

If Tesla is your ride, Stats should be in your iPhone. It lets you monitor data for your Tesla cars and keeps you updated about your warm-up battery, climate scheduling, charge scheduling, understanding your car health, and charge reminders. 

Stats will warm up your battery according to your schedule, notify you about open doors or trunks, and have Siri notifications for adjusting the climate.

To mention all the must-have reasons for this widget is beyond this blog’s capacity, but if you are a Tesla owner, you cannot wait NOT to have this app!

Price: $44.99

The size of third-party widgets increases with every passing day, enhancing the user experience for all the iPhone users out there.

If you like to experiment with widgets just like I do, stay tuned to this space for more, and let me know which ones would you like me to test in the comments below.

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