Best Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone in 2022

Best Smartwatches for iPhone

The Smartwatch market is slowly rising across the world, and it is Apple that takes the most credit as it ships the highest number of units. The company’s Watch Series is considered the “Best Smartwatch for iPhone” thanks to its close integration with the built-in Health app. The Apple smartwatches offer you unique features like monitoring your sleep, tracking your heart rate count, ECG, and if you’re a fitness freak, they can even count the calories you’ve burnt during a workout. They even motivate you to stay healthy. However, there are other smartwatches compatible with Apple iPhones. In this article, we will be taking a closer look at the best smartwatch compatible with iPhone. Let’s get started.

  1. Apple Watch Series 5
  2. Apple Watch Series 4
  3. Apple Watch Series 3
  4. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone
  5. Fossil Sport Smartwatch works with iPhone
  6. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 for iPhone
  7. Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone from TicWatch Pro
  8. Fitbit FB503CPBU Ionic Smartwatch
  9. Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 Smartwatch
  10. Heart Rate Monitoring Smartwatch from Withings

1. Apple Watch Series 5

Apple Watch Series 5 for iPhone

Apple Watch Series 5 is the latest and greatest from the Cupertino giant. The smartwatch finally brings the always-on Retina display that can show time, date, and all the essential information for you. The smartwatch can last up to 18 hours with a single charge.

There is now a built-in compass app that can show you latitude, longitude, and current elevation. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a smart feature that intelligently dims the display when the user’s wrist is down and increases the brightness to maximum when tapped or raised.

The Apple Watch Series 5 is a great companion for your iPhone not just because it’s an Apple product but since it packs in all the required fitness and health features.

USP: Tight integration with iPhones
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2. Apple Watch Series 4

Apple Watch Series 4 for iPhone

Despite being a year and half old, the Apple Watch Series 4 is still an excellent smartwatch for your iPhones. It had received the latest WatchOS 6.0 update as well. It includes accelerometer and gyroscope to detect hard falls and also pushes out alerts to emergency contacts.

The smartwatch features an electrical heart rate sensor that can perform ECG (electrocardiogram) and save the readings in your iPhone’s health app. And, in terms of looks, the Watch Series 4 brings a larger edge-to-edge curved screen, which looks quite relevant even today.

USP: A plethora of health-related features
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3. Apple Watch Series 3

Apple Watch Series 3 for iPhone

One good thing about Apple products is that they age pretty well, and Watch Series 3 is no exception either. Though being a couple of years old, the smartwatch has all the modern features that one could ask for. There is cellular connectivity via eSIM and has a W2 wireless chip for improved performance and connectivity.

The design of the dial is still inline with most smartwatches today and is reminiscent of the latest Apple Watches. It offers a water-resistant design, heart-rate sensor, and customizable watch faces. The crown on the right side of the dial can be used for navigation.

USP: Still a perfect smartwatch
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4. Samsung Galaxy Smartwatch

Samsung Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone

Moving away from the Apple ecosystem, we have the Samsung Galaxy Watch. It has a more traditional watch design with a circular dial and analog watch face. Thanks to the AMOLED panel with the always-on feature, the colors, and the content display look vivid and punchy even outdoors.

For durability, the Samsung Galaxy Watch build is of military-level standard. It has Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) support for mobile payments. Despite being a product from Samsung, the Galaxy Watch is compatible with iPhones running iOS 9.0 or above.

USP: Crisp AMOLED display
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5. Fossil Sport Smartwatch

Fossil Sport Touchscreen Smartwatch for iPhone

This Qualcomm Snapdragon 3100 powered smartwatch from Fossil has a flashy design and is compatible with iPhones as well. The straps and bracelets are interchangeable so that you are never bored with the looks. The smartwatch has all the required features like heart rate sensor, NFC, and GPS.

The Fossil Sport smartwatch runs on Google WearOS, which means you have Assistant support. The built-in battery saver mode can display time for two additional days, and users can receive smarter health coaching from Google Fit. The circular dial with nylon bands in various colors is eye-catching.

USP: Attractive design
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6. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2

Active2 Smartwatch Compatible iPhone from Samsung

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is the latest smartwatch that has a design targeted at the millennials. It has a rotating touch bezel to navigate through various screens and select apps. This iPhone compatible smartwatch is capable of tracking 39 workouts and a few of which are automatically activated.

The smartwatch can detect stress levels and guides you through meditation programs. It is water-resistant and also MIL-STD-810G certified. If you are looking for a wearable that isn’t based on Google’s WearOS or Apple’s ecosystem, this is a perfect companion.

USP: Military-level durability
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7. TicWatch Pro Bluetooth Smart Watch

Ticwatch Pro Premium Smartwatch Compatible with iPhone

TicWatch Pro is yet another impressive smartwatch that can be your next fitness product. It has a traditional watch design with a circular dial that supports smart and essential mode. The former surfaces information like time, steps taken, calories burned, heartbeat count, and distance covered. While the latter only shows time and steps count but lasts long.

The hybrid leather strap offers an elegant look on the hands. The smartwatch supports over 1,000 watch faces, so you’re never bored of looking at it. Since it is based on Wear OS, you can install tons of apps like Uber, Telegram, Spotify, Google Pay, and others on to the watch.

USP: Supports over 1000 watch faces
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8. Fitbit FB507BKBK Versa 2 Smartwatch

Fitbit Versa 2 Smartwatch for iPhone

The Fitbit Versa 2 has a swimproof build, and is compatible with Apple iPhones. It has support for Alexa experience, thanks to the built-in microphone. You can set alarms, check the weather, and much more. 

The two-tone design makes the smartwatch look elegant on your hands, and the rubber strap fits perfectly. There is a SpO2 sensor to estimate users’ blood oxygen levels, and the smartwatch has support for over 15 exercise modes, including swimming and running.

For those music-lovers, it has inbuilt storage to save music files. Since it’s Fitbit, community support needs no special introduction, and it gives enough motivation for you to stay fit.

USP: Alexa experience
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9. Withings Steel HR Heart Rate Monitoring Watch

Hybrid Smartwatch Compatible iPhone from Withings

This Nokia-branded smartwatch, despite having a classy formal look, has all the required fitness features, including support for iPhones. It can last up to 25 days on a single charge and an additional 20 days on power reserve mode, which is extremely impressive.

Since it’s a smartwatch, the Nokia Steel HR can track your walk, run, swim, distance covered, calories burned, and more. You can even receive connected phone’s notifications for texts, calls, and events on the watch screen. The soft silicone strap is interchangeable, so you never run out on style.

USP: Impressive battery performance
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Signing off…

These were some of the best smartphones for your iPhones that are currently available on the market. Since each has a unique advantage, it’s impossible to point at one. But rest assured, these smartwatches should offer everything you are looking for and be a perfect fitness buddy.

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