I agree that eBay, Amazon, Macy’s etc. have all got good iPhone/iPad apps for that easy shopping experience. But these are not the apps that show you amazing products that you won’t find elsewhere. You need a different list for that.

Some of the best shopping apps for iPhone and iPad have a very engaging, simple and beautiful interface. These are apps which have products curated by real people. And in some cases, the products are created by individuals with such immense focus on design and aesthetic that you will be blown over.

Best Shopping Apps for iPhone & iPad

Dive into this list of some of the best iPhone/iPad apps for shopping.

#1. Keep Shopping

Keep Shopping iPhone App

Keep Shopping is exclusively designed for shopping home décor, accessories and fashion-related things. This is one of those apps that have unique products – content that is curated by real people with a genuine interest in beautifully-designed products.

Keep Shopping is more like Pinterest in the way it works but it adds shopping features and that makes a huge difference. You can like and keep a product (like like/share/favorite) but you can also shop for the product instantly, right from within the app. Best of all, you can follow curators who spot and list amazing products.

Price: Free
Download Keep Shopping

#2. Fancy

Fancy iPhone App for Shopping

Fancy is the best example of curated content done right. Fancy lets you discover great products and almost every product has a wonderful design aesthetic and is kind of unique. The app, in keeping with the design aesthetic of the curated products, has a beautiful design too.

Since it’s crowd-curated, Fancy is also a social app. There are a lot of things you can do to the products you find interesting (besides just adding them to the wishlist). All in all, Fancy might not get you the cheapest deals but it’s a shopping app like no other, letting you shop for products that you won’t find on Amazon or eBay.

Price: Free
Download Fancy

#3. ShopYourWay

ShopYourWay iPhone and iPad App

ShopYourWay takes the usual shopping interface, tosses it for a spin and gives you an amazing interface which makes shopping much more than what it is. ShopYourWay makes finding products not just easy but very rewarding too.

Again, this is another app which has a social side to it. You can have friends on the app, read their revies/recommendations and have personalized virtual catalog of products that you want to sell! Quick interface, seamless experience.

Price: Free
Download ShopYourWay

#4. Etsy

Etsy Shopping App for iPhone and iPad

Etsy is one of my favorite hangouts even if I’m not purchasing something. Etsy can be best described as the Amazon for niche things. For those of you who don’t know, Etsy is a shopping site dedicated to the niche market: you’ll find products that are not being sold elsewhere. Products on Etsy have an enormous emphasis on aesthetics and design.

Etsy’s iPhone app brings the web’s beautiful experience to your iPhone. It’s seamless and lets you shop with ease.

Price: Free
Download Etsy

#5 NewEgg

NewEgg iPhone and iPad App for Shopping

If you buy things from NewEgg, their updated iOS app should be of good use. Newegg is know for its various deal-day offers that have good discounts and you can keep a tab on these from the app. What’s more: a redesigned interface makes shopping on the app simpler, easier and faster. NewEgg is known for its emphasis on digital / electronic goods. But you get other products too.

NewEgg works almost like most other simplified shopping apps but what I specifically like about NewEgg is that it has a singular focus on the shopping process: you are not distracted with tons of other things on screen when you shop for a product.

Price: Free
Download NewEgg

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