Best iPhone and iPad Apps to Learn Sanskrit in 2019: Enhance Your Sanskrit Literacy Skills

If you are looking forward to learning Sanskrit language then you might want to consider learning it on your iPhones itself. These are the iOS apps that will help you in learning Sanskrit language easily.

Sanskrit is perhaps the oldest language in the world, and it has given birth to the majority of all the languages spoken in India today. People across the globe have always fancied learning Sanskrit, but there are very fewer scholars of the literature left now. Thankfully some iOS developers have developed apps to learn the Sanskrit language right from your iPhones. After reviewing a lot finally, we figured out some of the best iPhone and iPad apps for learning Sanskrit.

While universities have specialized courses on Sanskrit but they are not within the reachability of everyone. But with iOS apps to learn Sanskrit, it has become much more accessible and reachable for people aspiring to learn the language. For, people who don’t know, a lot of the living languages today have been derived or hugely taken from Sanskrit. To determine this old and Vedic Indian language, you can take help from the below-listed apps.

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Best iOS App for Learning Sanskrit in 2019

#1. Liberation Philology Sanskrit

Liberation Philology Sanskrit iPhone and iPad App ScreenshotIf you are taking a course on Sanskrit but still need help learning the language, then this is the one-stop destination for you. Since Sanskrit is a very complex language, you would require all the possible aid you could get, and this app provides you just that.

Wherever and whenever you have some free time and have your iPhone around with you, you could fire up this app and take up multiple-choice questions. Taking up these tests will help you in memorizing all the information related to the language.

Price: $3.99

#2. Learn Sanskrit Via Videos

Learn Sanskrit Via Videos iOS App Screenshot

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If you are considering to use only one of these iOS Apps to learn Sanskrit, then I would recommend you to give this app a try. Just as the name suggests, this app teaches you Sanskrit with the help of videos and an AI coach.

The app has an integrated feature of the AI coach for more effective and interactive learning of Sanskrit language. Because let’s all be honest here, we all don’t enjoy those one-way conversations. We get bored with them quickly, the same goes around when we learn something. So, in my opinion, this is the best iOS app to learn Sanskrit.

Price: Free

#3. Letter2Sound (Sanskrit)

Letter2Sound iOS Sanskrit App Screenshot

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You might learn to speak a language, but it is also essential to know and learn the pronunciations and sounds of the language. You should know how ‘A’ should be pronounced in Sanskrit, and that is how this app will be helpful.

Learn the pronunciations and tonality of each particular words letters with this app. Learn to form a connection between what is written and how does it sounds as it is an essential step towards learning a language.

Price: $0.99

#4. Language Curry – Speak Indian

Language Curry iPhone and iPad Sanskrit App Screenshot

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If you are someone who is highly intrigued and amused by Indian culture and its languages then, you shouldn’t give Language Curry a miss. Language Curry is free to download iOS App that helps you in learning different Indian Languages like Sanskrit, Hindi, etc.

Along with the languages, the app also teaches you a lot about Indian culture as well. You will learn Sanskrit with easy and handy flashcards, which would help you in starting conversations in Sanskrit from day one. You can also interact with other fellow learners and discuss your progress and journey with this app.

Price: Free

#5. Sanskrit Dictionary

Sanskrit Dictionary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

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Irrespective of your expertise level of a language you will always need a dictionary. Sanskrit Dictionary is a premium dictionary app that allows you to translate from Sanskrit to English. If you have become a pro at Sanskrit, then you would love to flaunt it around your friends with those perfect Sanskrit captions to your Instagram posts.

Avoid making any mistakes with the help of this app and use the exact words that you are trying to say by searching for their synonyms or other variations with this Sanskrit Dictionary App. Just remember that you need to install a Devanagari keyboard app to utilize this app optimally.

Price: $7.99

#6. Chimky Trace Sanskrit Alphabets

Chimky Trace Sanskrit Alphabets iOS App Screenshot

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If you have learned the basics of Sanskrit, then you would need to move on to learning to write the language. Although the app is for kids, it is helpful to even adults who are starting to learn the language.

The app will guide you and help you to write in Sanskrit. You will have to trace along with every alphabet of Sanskrit language in this Sanskrit learning app for iPhones. The reason why it makes you trace every alphabet is that you will get acquainted with the shape and curves of the alphabet to help you write better.

Price: Free

#7. Learn Sanskrit

Learn Sanskrit iOS App Screenshot

If you are familiar with the history of languages than you might be knowing that the Sanskrit language has been developed from Devanagari script. And for people who are interested in learning all sorts of different forms of Indian languages, learn Sanskrit is the best option for them.

With this iPhone App, you can learn to read, write, and pronounce Sanskrit. So it’s a 360˚ app to learn Sanskrit, then what’s the catch you might ask? Well, the trick is that along with learning Sanskrit you can also learn a few words of Devanagari script as well. Sort of a packaged deal.

Price: $1.99

#8. Increase Sanskrit Vocabulary

Increase Sanskrit Vocabulary iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Increasing vocabulary is one of the essential aspects of learning a language. You could excel the basics, but if your vocabulary is not up to the mark, then you won’t be able to speak, read, or write the language well.

So, if you have already learned the basics of Sanskrit language, then it is time to move on to the next step with this free iOS App to learn Sanskrit. With a straightforward and user-friendly interface, this app teaches you how to build your Sanskrit Vocabulary quickly.

Price: Free

#9. Sanskrit MAL

Sanskrit MAL iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Learn the Sanskrit language in a fun way with this app. Sanskrit MAL is an effortless and effective way of learning the language with ease. This free iOS app lets you learn Sanskrit at your own pace and your comfort.

Play fun games, quizzes, or learn Sanskrit with easy to use online Flash Cards. Take tests and evaluate yourself with this app. And fluently get your hold on this language.

Price: Free

Signing Off…

I hope you might find this app list helpful if you are looking forward to learning one of the world’s oldest language, Sanskrit. Flaunt your Sanskrit by saying good things about in the comments below.

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