Best safe link checker tools for online security in 2023

Best safe link checker tools

The internet is flooded with fake, malicious, and spammy websites. To stay safe, you must use the best safe link checker tools before trusting suspicious URLs. These free tools are websites where you simply paste a web address and get info about its credibility.

This ensures that you are protected from dangers like phishing, spam, and malware. Read all about the best link checkers below and make sure to bookmark them for easy access. 

  1. Norton Safe Web
  2. Google Transparency Report
  3. VirusTotal link checker
  4. PhishTank
  5. Psafe dfndr
  6. Trend Micro site safety checker
  7. Kaspersky
  8. URLVoid
  9. ScanURL

1. Norton Safe Web

norton safeweb screenshot

Norton is a leading name in the cybersecurity field. In addition to being one of the best antivirus solutions, it offers a free tool to check if a link is safe. 

All you have to do is paste a link to check and click the search button. You will then see a rating as well as reviews from other users if available. This will give you an idea of how trusted the website is. You can even create an account and join Norton’s community of link checkers to help other users.

Moreover, Norton also offers some handy additional security tools such as the Norton Safe Search Chrome extension that adds safe search functionality to your browser and the Norton Home Page Chrome extension that flags dangerous sites in your search engine results.

Go to Norton

2. Google Transparency Report

Google Transparency Report Screenshot

Given that it’s the world’s leading search engine, it’s no surprise that Google has its tool for checking a site’s trustworthiness.

The Transparency Report service checks URLs to alert you about possible malware and phishing risks. This way, you can ensure that a site you visit doesn’t end up infecting your device or stealing your personal information.

Moreover, if you know of any such websites infected with malware, you can report it to Google through this website.

Go to Google Transparency Report

3. VirusTotal link checker

virustotal link checker screeshot

Here’s another tool that makes it super easy to check vulnerabilities and web security. Not only does it flag suspicious URLs, but it also helps you analyze files and IP addresses to detect different types of malware.

I love how it provides a detailed report about malicious files, blacklisted links, external links detected, and much more.

VirusTotal works with smart anti-malware engines to detect any types of viruses, worms, and trojans that could be hiding in links you visit.

Go to VirusTotal

4. PhishTank

phishtank link checker screenshot

Phishing is one of the greatest online threats. It refers to frauds that trick you into sharing sensitive information, which then gets stolen. 

PhishTank is here to combat the threat by serving as a database of phishing attacks. Although it’s not technically a safe link checker, it lets you report possible scams and check cases reported by others.

Once you report a site, you will see instant information about it if it’s already “in the tank.” If not, the organization will check the URL for you, and you can track the status of your submission. 

Go to PhishTank

5. Psafe dfndr

dfndr lab screenshot

If you want to check if a website is safe to buy from, it’s wise to run through it a safe link checker like the dfndr lab tool from PSafe.

It’s super easy to use – just copy and paste a URL you’re unsure about, and if it’s found in the dfndr lab database, you will see some information about it. if the site is not found in the database, you’ll be warned to be cautious

Go to dfndr lab

6. Trend Micro site safety checker

trend micro safe link checker screenshot

Another leading name in the cybersecurity space, Trend Micro, offers a Site Safety Center that allows you to verify a site’s rating and category.

Once you input the URL, you can get one of four ratings: Safe, Dangerous, Suspicious, and Untested. This makes it easy to steer clear of malicious sites. 

Go to Trend Micro

7. Kaspersky Threat Intelligence Portal

kaspersky link checker screenshot

Kaspersky is yet another popular antivirus software like Norton and Trend Micro. It offers a handy safe URL checker tool with free malware scanning for any website. Further, it can also check suspicious files for viruses and other malware.

However, you will need to register and create a Kaspersky account to have full access to all the features. I liked the simplistic design of the website and the detailed results it provides.

One of the unique features is that if you’re not satisfied with the scanned results for a URL, you can click the ‘Disagree’ option, and it will be re-investigated by Kaspersky experts.

Go to Kaspersky

8. URLVoid

urlvoid safe link checker screenshot

It’s easy to detect potentially malicious websites on URLVoid. Once you input a site to check, the tool gives you detailed information about the URL and its history. 

Moreover, it also discloses the list of services that URLVoid uses to generate its results. This includes top anti-malware companies like Avira and BitDefender. Further, this service has a related tool called IPVoid that helps you scan an IP address. 

Go to URLVoid

9. ScanURL

scanurl safe link checker screenshot

Want to check if the link is safe? ScanURL is a simple and effective tool. However, please note that you’ll have to disable any adblockers to use this site. This is because this spam link checker is ad-supported. But the results provided are accurate and useful for staying safe online.

ScanURL is an independent, safe link checker that collates results from other similar tools such as PhishTank to give you a clear idea about whether a webpage is trustworthy. You can even copy and share the results page URL with friends and family.

Go to ScanURL

Now you know how to check if a link is safe before you trust it. Is there anything else you’d like to know about online security? Let me know in the comments below.

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