Best Reddit Apps Designed for iPad in 2019: The Front-page of Internet on iPad

Run through this commendable list of the best Reddit apps for iPad in 2019 to let you offer more control over the app and enhance your user experience.

We have already created an adorable list of the best Reddit clients for iPhone. And, knowing how much you love using apps on the iPad, we have decided to create a new list of Reddit clients for Apple’s famed tablet. As most iOS apps are universal, there are several apps which would find themselves on both the lists. However, based on what they bring to the table especially on the iPad, they have been handpicked.

These Reddit clients for iPad allow you to carry out a number of activities. As for instance, you can save, hide, upvote/downvote any post and even switch between multiple accounts quickly. Features like night mode and the option to watch videos, post to Imgur right from the app can significantly boost your experience. Let’s dive ahead to pick the best Reddit client for your tablet!

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Best Reddit Apps for iPad in 2019

#1. Apollo

Apollo iPad Reddit App Screenshot

Apollo is touted as the best Reddit client by industry experts. Everybody knows that Reddit generates oodles of contents every day; it becomes a wild forest, where weeds grow wildly. Users get lost in this jungle if they don’t have any torch like Apollo. You would love to use its powerful features with remarkable speed.


  • Can be locked with Face ID/Touch ID/Passcode
  • Can create multiple accounts
  • Supports 3D Touch
  • Dark Mode

Price: Free

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#2. Narwhal

narwhal for reddit iPad App Screenshot

Narwhal is a fast, gesture-based app to explore Reddit. While you are watching everything on Reddit, you will get a seamless experience, which includes a link and its comments at the same time.

A simple swipe enables you to register your vote on posts and comments. The app allows you to hide and save links, and add new posts to your favorite subreddit.


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  • Detects Reddit link in the clipboard
  • Adjust San Francisco fonts
  • Fix bugs around authentication
  • Adds “best” sort option to front page

Price: Free

#3. BaconReader

BaconReader for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

BaconReader is a very functional Reddit client. It lets you quickly access all the latest news, post links, entertainment content and more. You can also upvote/downvote contents. Besides, it makes it easy to submit pics and post comments. It also allows you to switch between multiple accounts and create new ones.


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  • Upvote/downvote
  • Submit pics and comments
  • Option to switch between multiple accounts and create new ones.
  • Cake day notification
  • Moderator features: approve/remove Modmail, posts, mark as spam

Price: Free

#4. Readder for Reddit

Readder for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

With “Readder,” you can expect your redditting to be always in the fast lane. This client features a neat reader mode to enhance your reading experience. The multiple display modes let you customize viewing. Plus, there is a night mode to comfort your eyes while you are navigating through comments and subreddits so that you get better night’s sleep. And with the Today Widget, you can snap a quick look at the latest links without having to dive into the app.


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  • Multiple display modes
  • Today Widget
  • Support multiple Reddit accounts
  • Adjustable font size

Price: Free

#5. Pics HD for Reddit

Pics HD for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

Like viewing all those latest and hottest pics and GIFs trending on the internet? Pics HD is made for you. The tap-edge to advance gesture and image pre-fetching technology bring the needed comfort into the play. The custom GID decoding offers a better playback experience. You can upload pictures to Imgur even without creating your account.


  • Custom GID decoding
  • Image pre-fetching
  • Tap-edge to advance gesture
  • Add specific subreddit
  • View comments

Price: Free

#6. Antenna

Antenna client for reddit iPad App Screenshot

The antenna is a fine Reddit client which not just makes your redditing more easy-going but also offers you the complete control over things you do. You can upvote/downvote, comment, save and even hide any post. It allows you to order your subreddits and sort comments. To prevent unauthorized access, it lets you lock your account using the passcode.


  • Passcode lock
  • Upvote/downvote/save/hide post
  • Collapsible comments
  • Multiple login support

Price: Free

#7. Redditor

Redditor iPad Reddit App Screenshot

Redditor is one of the best Reddit clients. Thanks to simple swipe gestures, different color schemes and night mode, it provides a much better user experience. As it supports multi-reddits such as add, delete, modify, you would enjoy your time with it. You can bookmark any post to read it later. It also has the option to let you download GIF on your iOS device.


  • Different color schemes
  • Night mode
  • Swipe gestures

Price: Free

#8. ReddIdeal for Reddit

ReddIdeal for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

“ReddIdeal” excels in keeping you updated with everything that’s trending on Reddit. Through the Notification Center widget, it lets quickly view the top posts from the front page. You can hide/show read links and promptly search any post. With the multiple users support, you will be able to switch between accounts. The integration with iCloud storage, you have the option to share the settings across your devices.


  • Notification Center widget
  • Multiple users support
  • Integration with iCloud storage
  • Customizable common phrases

Price: Free

#9. VOR

VOR Video Client for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

This Reddit client is primed for those who want to watch hottest or the trending videos. You have plenty of categories like politics, movies, sports, music to explore. Log in to your Reddit account to rate, comment and reply. You would thoroughly like its simple functionality and love having a go it.


  • Latest, trending videos from several categories
  • Option to rate, comment, and reply

Price: Free

#10. Karma Train

Karma Train for reddit iPad App Screenshot

As for functionality and handy features, I would rate “Karma Train” as one of the finest Reddit clients. Featuring the card layout, it lets you browse through contents pretty smoothly. Owl mode is perfect for using the app for the night. You can view Imgur GIFs and YouTube videos right from the app. It also lets you manage your subreddit subscription.


  • Card-layout
  • Owl mode
  • View trending activities of the day
  • View recent activates
  • Manage your subreddit subscription
  • View Imgur GIFs and watch YouTube videos from within the app

Price: Free

Signing Off

It’s time to select one of these Reddit clients for iPad to bolster your experience. Based on what interests you the most, you can choose the app. Just in case, you know any other app worth including in this list, do let me know that in the comments.

Have any feedback? Shoot it in the comments below and stay connected with us via Facebook, Twitter, and Telegram to explore more such top list of iOS apps.

Also, download our app on your iPhone and iPad.

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