Best Reddit Apps for iPad in 2023

Reddit Apps for iPad

We have already created an adorable list of the best Reddit clients for iPhone. And, knowing how much you love using apps on the iPad, we have decided to create a new list of Reddit clients for Apple’s famed tablet. As most iOS apps are universal, several apps would find themselves on both the lists. However, based on what they bring to the table, especially on the iPad, they have been handpicked.

1. Apollo

Apollo iPad Reddit App Screenshot

Apollo is touted as the best Reddit client by industry experts. Everybody knows that Reddit generates oodles of contents every day; it becomes a wild forest, where weeds grow wildly. Users get lost in this jungle if they don’t have a handy tool like Apollo to access the desired content easily.

Moreover, this Reddit client has the support for multiple accounts. And with the support for dark mode, it makes sure the entire interface is more convenient to view in the night so that you can navigate through all the comments and trending stuff comfortably.


  • Can be locked with Face ID/Touch ID/Passcode
  • Can create multiple accounts
  • Supports 3D Touch
  • Dark Mode

Price: Free (Nice Tip – $0.99)

2. Narwhal

narwhal for reddit iPad App Screenshot

Narwhal is a fast, gesture-based app to explore Reddit. While you are watching everything on Reddit, you will get a seamless experience, which includes a link and its comments at the same time.

A simple swipe enables you to register your vote on posts and comments. The app allows you to hide and save links, and add new posts to your favorite subreddit.


  • Detects Reddit link in the clipboard
  • Adjust San Francisco fonts
  • Fix bugs around authentication
  • Adds “best” sort option to front page

Price: Free (narwhal pro upgrade – $3.99)

3. BaconReader

BaconReader for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

BaconReader is a fully-featured Reddit client to keep you in sync with everything that’s trending. It comes with a useful Explore tab to let you discover great content at your own pace.

Get the timely cake day notification and post images directly to Imgur. Submit posts and use the quick gesture to upvote or downvote comments.

You can quickly switch between multiple Reddit accounts. Plus, it has a handy moderator feature that allows you to approve, remove and even mark posts as spam.


  • Upvote/downvote
  • Submit pics and comments
  • Option to switch between multiple accounts and create new ones
  • Cake day notification
  • Moderator features: approve/remove Modmail, posts, mark as spam

Price: Free (Upgrade to BaconReader Pro – $1.99)

4. Slide

Slide for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

“Slide” has really appealed to me as an elegant Reddit client for iOS. I’ve found its UI pretty clean which makes for more convenient browsing. Plus, the app offers a handy option to sort comments to view only the latest ones.

If you come across nice stories and wish to read them later, you have the option to save them. As it’s also available offline, you will be able to catch up with subreddits and comments at your own convenient time.

What’s more, Slide offers several impressive themes like the sepia theme, blue theme, and white theme to add some fun element into the mix.

Price: Free (Slide for Reddit Pro – $4.99)

5. Readder for Reddit

Readder for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

With “Readder,” you can expect your redditting to be always in the fast lane. This client features a neat reader mode to enhance your reading experience. The multiple display modes let you customize viewing. Plus, there is a night mode to comfort your eyes while you are navigating through comments and subreddits so that you get better night’s sleep. And with the Today Widget, you can snap a quick look at the latest links without having to dive into the app.


  • Multiple display modes
  • Today Widget
  • Support multiple Reddit accounts
  • Adjustable font size

Price: Free (Support Readder I – $0.99)

6. Pics HD for Reddit

Pics HD for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

Like viewing all those latest and hottest pics and GIFs trending on the internet? Pics HD is made for you. The tap-edge to advance gesture and image pre-fetching technology bring the needed comfort into the play. The custom GID decoding offers a better playback experience. You can upload pictures to Imgur even without creating your account.


  • Custom GID decoding
  • Image pre-fetching
  • Tap-edge to advance gesture
  • Add specific subreddit
  • View comments

Price: Free (Pro Upgrade – $4.99)

7. Comet for reddit

Comet for reddit iPad App Screenshot

If I were to pick a Reddit client for iPad based on smooth and snappier performance, Comet would rank right at the top. The app takes full advantage of the iPadOS and feels pretty intuitive due largely to the modern design language. The neat post layout along with several customization features ensures you have a more personalized redditing experience.

Speaking of customization, the app offers five adorable themes like white, dark, sepia, blue, and black that plays a vital role in making the interface look pleasing. Moreover, it also offers a way to tweak post layouts which could easily appeal to the folks who like to fine-tune layout every once in a while.

One of my favorite features of this app is the full markup support that makes commenting on posts more convenient. Plus, it also allows you to loop fun-loving GIFs and watch trending videos without having to leave the app. Another feature that’s worth noting is the ability to manage all the subreddit subscriptions right from one spot.


  • Intuitive user-interface
  • More personalized redditing experience
  • Manage multiple subreddits
  • Five beautifully designed themes
  • Watch videos without leaving the app

Price: Free

8. MultiTab for Reddit

MultiTab for Reddit iPad App Screenshot

Check out this powerful way of browsing Reddit. It’s an efficient way of viewing posts and comments using multiple tabs to keep things organized. It’s sure to make your Reddit experience.

Each feed is opened on a new tab, and each tab has menus such as ‘Close This,’ ‘Close All But This,’ and ‘Tab History.’ There are tons of features such as dark mode, full-screen image viewer, iCloud sync.


  • Flexible content layout
  • Dark mode
  • Smart paging

Price: Free

Signing Off.

It’s time to select one of these Reddit clients for iPad to bolster your experience. Based on what interests you the most, you can choose the app. Just in case, you know any other app worth including in this list, do let me know that in the comments.

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