We wrote about Reddit apps for the iPhone. Only some of them work on the iPad too and most aren’t specifically designed for the iPad. One of our readers asked us about Reddit apps for the iPad and here we are after a bit of looking around and trying a few things.

Apparently, while devs have been interested in creating Reddit apps for the iPhone, the iPad seems to hold little interest. But the few apps that we picked (out of a bunch, really) are crafted specifically for the native iPad experience.

Best Reddit Apps for iPad

Following is the list of Best Reddit Apps for the iPad:

#1. Alien Blue

Alien Blue Reddit iPad App
Alien Blue obviously needs no introduction. While the iPhone app is popular beyond words, the developer created an iPad-specific version too. It’s one of the best Reddit clients for the iPad, hands down. The features are quite good: they provide a native experience while retaining most of the web-based features. It’s a worthy purchase if you are a heavy reddit user.

From the app’s description on App Store:

  • Retina Graphics for the New iPad
  • Sliding navigation to quickly browse posts and subreddits.
  • Discover subreddits by topic & interest
  • Thumbnail previews for links inside comments
  • Night mode option for very low backlight and reduced contrast.
  • Four color themes
  • Ability to search Reddit’s archive of posts
  • Manage your subreddits (including Subscribing and Grouping)
  • And many more amazing features

Price: Free
Download Alien Blue

#2. Biscuit for iPad

Biscuit Reddit App for iPad

If you’re someone who tries new things and likes a radical new design that changes the way you perceive Reddit, Biscuit might be for you. Unlike traditional reddit apps, Biscuit does a horizontal-vertical layout which is quite radical. There is a sense of minimalism and flatness that matches iOS 7’s style. Priced the same as Alien Blue, Biscuit gives the former a really good competition.

From the description:

  • Friend’s comments colored
  • Large infinite canvas for comments: horizontal and vertical
  • Customize the widths
  • Highlights buried OP replies
  • Preloading of comments
  • Single-gesture voting/replying
  • Markdown keys/support

Price: $3.99
Download Biscuit

#3. Redd

Redd iPad App for Reddit

This app is completely based on red theme, Redd lets reddit users to search and browse their favourite subreddits, add and reply to comments or stories, upvote and downvote to comments or stories, browse photo galleries with the app’s built-in photo viewer, add their own text, photo stories or link, share stories to favourite services.

Moreover, it also allows reddit users to save topics to read later, schedule night mode theme and hide NSFW contents. It spots an aesthetic design that makes it look like Apple’s default app. If there is any con, it is the inability to log into multiple accounts.

Unlike other reddit apps, it is less complicated and easy to use.


  • Save topics to read later
  • Schedule night mode theme
  • Hide NSFW theme
  • Upvote and downvote
  • Add and reply
  • Browse photo gallery
  • Browse favourite subreddits

Price: Free
Download Redd

#4. amrc

amrc iPad Reddit App

amrc is one more underrated Reddit client. It is not beautiful – actually, it draws most of its design cues from the website itself and is a “neater” version of the web, if I may call it that. The app is free and comes with some cool features like iCloud support, markup support, multiple logins and more. The free version is more for a consuming crowd. If you want full-fledged participation, the PRO version is what you’ll need.

From the description:

  • Infinite scrolling
  • Upvote, downvote, comment, save or open in browser easily
  • Youtube, imgur, gif viewer embedded
  • Comments sorting, limiting etc.
  • PRO mode has night mode, search functions, PM replies

Price: Free (Pro: $2.99)
Download amrc