For foodies, it is a struggle to find good food and recipes as per their taste. You will often see a foodie turning into a cook because he/she has to satiate his/her taste buds. Yet, finding perfect recipes is quite an impossible task as you end up getting confused.

But, we are here to provide you with some of the best food recipe apps available in the market. These iPhone/iPad apps are suitable for beginners, homemakers and pros alike. These apps are a great help to cook quick, easy and new recipes every day.

Best Recipe Apps for iPhone and iPad

Best Recipe Apps for iPhone/iPad

#1. How to Cook Everything for iPhone

How to Cook Everything for iPhone App IconThe app is based on the book, “How to Cook Everything” by New York Columnist Mark Bittman. It is an ultimate guidebook for all kinds of cooks. The app is optimized to give you step-by-step procedure of the recipes and related information. You can even use the app in offline mode. It helps you to find and search quick recipes or recipes for lunch, dinner, breakfast or snacks. You can use the app to maintain your grocery list and be inspired by chef’s handpicked recipes.

Price: $2.99
Download How to Cook Everything

#2. BigOven 250,000+ Recipes and Grocery List

BigOven iPhone and iPad App IconBigOven app provides you with more than 250,000 recipes. You can search the recipes by keywords or ingredients. The striking feature of the app is that it can give you options to cook leftovers too. Just add three ingredients from your fridge and get amazing ideas. You can even make your own collection to share and upload recipes, videos, grocery lists and recipe scan option. You can create your own personal variation on the website and app by upgrading to Pro membership from “top in-app purchases.”

Price: Free
Download BigOven

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#3. The Photo CookBook – Quick & Easy

The Photo Cookbook iPhone and iPad App IconThe Photo CookBook comes with step by step photos of the procedures involved in cooking the respective recipes. In the beginning, it will show you the pictures of ingredients you need and in the end, the cooked dish with its companions. The first download of the app will provide you with 84 recipes and 700+ photos. You need to upgrade by buying further edition for $2.99 for in-app purchase. This will provide you 240 recipes with 2,000 photos.

Price: $3.99
Download The Photo CookBook

#4. Must-Have Recipes from Better Homes and Gardens

Must-Have Recipes iPhone and iPad App IconThe app contains 570 recipes that include main course, savory salads, and dinner special and handy tips. You can even watch how-to videos from the app and share them with your friends. You add your notes and information under each recipe for quick glance and needs. You can access more regional and exotic cuisine by upgrading through the in-app purchase.

Price: Free
Download Must-Have Recipes

#5. Allthecooks Recipes!

Allthecooks Recipes iPhone and iPad App IconAllthecooks Recipes app is a chef hub. You can add, upload, scan and find recipes. If you have any query, it will be sorted within a matter of seconds with the help of the real-time messaging platform. You can choose ingredients or type of dish to search for recipes. You can create your favorites, shopping list and other similar lists simultaneously in your app.

Price: Free
Download Allthecooks Recipes

#6. Allrecipes Video Cookbook

Allrecipes Video Cookbook iPhone and iPad App IconThe app proves to be a perfect guide for those who love to learn by seeing. The app has high quality videos with systematic procedure. The videos are categorized by meal type to provide you with new ideas. You can view the reviews, ratings and preparation time under each video.

Price: Free
Download Allrecipes Video Cookbook

#7. Green Kitchen

Green Kitchen iPhone and iPad App IconGreen Kitchen is your answer for a nutritious and no meat diet. The app provides you with organic vegetarian food recipes that have natural flavors. The app includes recipes that have fewer amounts of sugar, dairy products and gluten. It comes with photos that help you understand the recipes better and includes every kind of dish.

Price: $4.99
Download Green Kitchen

If you know of a better app for cooking up a storm in your kitchen or have a few kitchen anecdotes to share, go nuts in the comments!