iPad real-time multiplayer games can be hours of fun and addiction depending on the gameplay and the folks you compete against, in real-time. There are dozens (if not more) of these games on the App Store but not every game is as exciting as some of them.

We didn't try to make up the list out of purely serious games here. We tried adding a bit of light-hearted games like Fun Run and some mind-activators like Chess. Take a look at the list and add your favorites in the comments!

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iPad Multiplayer Games

6 Best Real-time Multiplayer Games for iPad and iPad Mini:

1. Order & Chaos

Order & Chaos iPad GameI'll be ostracized if I didn't include this game, although I must say: you'll probably not find a real-time multiplayer iPad game list without Order & Chaos. At 1.4 GB, the game is every bit complete in the action. Characters, settings, quests.. boy oh boy – you're looking at a huge world like Minecraft or Sims (I'm not comparing the gameplay folks, so don't sharpen your knives).

Price: $6.99
Download Order & Chaos

2. Pocket God

Pocket God iPad Game“What kind of god would you be? Benevolent or vengeful?” That's how the game describes itself. Oodles of episodes to play from, Pocket God brings hours of serious fun. It's not specifically designed as a real-time multiplayer game for the iPad like Order & Chaos is but you have the option nonetheless. The Battle of Gods Multiplayer could very well the mother of all battles if you got tied up with the right folks.

Price: $0.99
Download Pocket God

3. Fun Run

Fun-Run Multiplayer Race Game for iPadOne of the simplest and purest forms of fun, Fun Run is all yours if you like simple, funny and light games unlike the ones above. Fun Run can be played as a real-time online multiplayer game with up to four friends. Be sure to notch up the leaderboard.

Price: Free
Download Fun Run

4. iSlash

iSlash iPad GameGot some ninja instincts up your sleeve? Try iSlash. I'll not delve into the details or pour more accolades over it (it's already an enormously popular game reviewed by the likes of 148apps and TUAW). But one warning: it's addictive. Seriously.

Price: $0.99
Download iSlash

5. Chess Time

Chess Time Multiplayer Game for iPadWell, if you aren't specifically thinking about role-playing games, a real-time Chess would probably be more to your liking. Chess Time is the Letterpress for Chess. It matches up players from around the world through the Game Center and gives your grey cells a solid workout.

Price: Free
Download Chess Time

6. Indestructible

Indestructible iPad GameJust the game you'll go for if you're into Death Race-style games. Funny thing is, the game is fantastic but the devs decided to add a lot of in-app purchases that are costly. Pretty good graphics, though. This is another 4-player real-time multiplayer game that runs both on the iPhone 5 and the iPad (mini).

Price: Free
Download Indestructible

All said, it's your turn to tell us about more real-time multiplayer games. Seriously, I'm looking for more so share your favorite games in the comments!

  • Jay Edry

    Why isn’t Battle Run on this list? It’s an awesome real-time multiplayer game!