If there’s one category of games that have captured the maximum user-base, it would be puzzle games. Ranging from the classic Bejeweled to its modern variant, Candy Crush Saga, puzzle games are quite the entertainment one wants. Be it for five minutes or for five hours, iPhone puzzle games are a great way to spend time.

Here’s a list of cool puzzle games for iPhone. Check it out and tell us your favorites:

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Best iPhone Puzzle Games 2014

Best iPhone Puzzle Games 2014

#1. The Room Two

The Room Two Puzzle iPhone Game Screenshot

The Room Two is the sequel to a popular puzzle, The Room. You solve puzzles through the clues left behind by a scientist. The dark ambiance makes this game as engrossing and thrilling as you can expect a puzzler to be. There is enough mystery, brains and suspense to make this a puzzle of another level. Warning: people have reported getting too addicted to this one.

Price: $1.99
Download The Room Two

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#2. Candy Crush Saga

Candy Crush Saga Puzzle iPhone Game Screenshot

Candy Crush hardly needs an introduction given its popularity. It’s just a new version of the classic, Bejeweled, but there’s something more at every level that’s unexpectedly amazing. Candy Crush is a battle of wits, of colorful candies, of a never-ending game-play if you can get it right. The warning for The Room Two applies here too: highly addictive for many gamers.

Price: Free
Download Candy Crush Saga

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#3. Dots: A game about Connecting

Dots - A game about Connecting Puzzle iPhone Game Screenshot

Connect the dots and climb up the leaderboard. The faster you connect and the longer you can connect, the better you are. The aim is to complete in as little time as possible. Dots has been rated as one of the best puzzle games on the App Store by a lot of publications. It has four modes: Timed, Moves, Endless, Challenges. Game Center integration makes it really addictive because you can compete with millions of players who are as much addicted to Dots.

Price: Free
Download Dots

#4. 10000000

10000000 Puzzle iPhone Game Screenshot

What do you get when you mix an RPG, a puzzle and an infinite runner game? That’s precisely what 10000000 is all about. The name of the game is the score you have to reach to finish the game/puzzle. It’s a puzzle-filled game where you play like an RPG game. It’s an unhealthy mixture of all sorts of addictive game categories but that’s why it’s a popular game.

Price: $2.99
Download 10000000

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#5. Bejeweled

Bejeweled Puzzle iPhone Game Screenshot

Bejeweled is world’s first puzzle game that involves getting similar jewels aligned to have them cleared out of the board. It has captured the attention of several generations so far and on the iPhone, it looks even more interesting what with high-end graphics and some really crazy game-play. Like Dots, there are game modes you can pick from, based on the kind of challenge you want.

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Price: Free
Download Bejeweled