Best PUBG loot locations for that elusive chicken dinner

Best PUBG loot locations for that elusive chicken dinner

A major part of playing games like PUBG involves dropping into specific locations and fending for yourself by searching for the best loot. The better the loot, the better your chances of winning the match. However, as you keep playing, you’ll notice that the pro players go to specific parts of the map. This is because these areas often drop the best loot.

If you want to compete with the top players, you’ll have to find these areas before they do. Have a look at the list below to find the best PUBG loot locations to stand a fighting chance.


An 8×8 map, Erangel was PUBG’s first map. It has vast amounts of diversity in terms of terrains. From clustered buildings to hills to completely open grassy terrains that could leave your opponent open for a beautifully smooth sniper shot.

Erangel introduced the battle royale gameplay of PUBG to the world. While the spawning of the loot itself can be random, Erangel’s loot locations have become infamous for the sheer chaos and violence that ensues.

With that being said, Erangel is still an absolute joy to play in. Here is the list of (in)famous loot locations in Erangel.

1. Sosnovka Military Base

  • Loot quality: Very high
  • Loot quantity: Very high
  • Risk: Very high
Sosnovka Military Base in Erangel for PUBG loot

Landing at Erangel’s Sosnovka Military Base is the definition of high risk, high reward. If you’re a beginner, steer clear from landing at the Military Base. Intermediate and pro players usually jump at the chance to find themselves at the Military Base as the quality and quantity of loot are some of the best in the game.

If you choose to drop here, be ready for violence. You’ll have to make split-second decisions between finding loot or hiding until most players have had their fill of armor, weapons, and gun violence.

Since this is a military base, you’ll find plenty of Level 3 gear, such as armor and helmets. This location also hides some of the best guns with the right attachments. Whether you’re in the mood for sniping from a hill or go in all guns blazing with an assault rifle, you’ll find your best gear here. If you and your squadmates plan to drop here, aim for three long buildings to house some finer gear.

If you’ve landed farther from the main hub of the Sosnovka Military Base, try to capture a vehicle right away and travel to the base. It’s best to determine your choices through the flight path of the plane. If the flight path wasn’t anywhere near the military base, you could head towards it and take your time looting.

2. Georgopol

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Very high
  • Risk: High
Georgopol in Erangel for PUBG loot

Georgopol is quite large and also comprises the map’s hospital section. This area doesn’t have loot quality as high as the Sosnovka Military Base, but you will find a majority of Level 2 armor and intermediate-level weapons.

The main advantage of Georgopol is that the loot quantity is high enough for a 4-person squad to complete their loadout. Besides, since the area is so large, the number of opponents to fight for loot is also relatively less.

There are also some containers and crates to search. Jump towards the crates and go to the stack’s top to find health packs, guns, and armors. There are a few warehouses as well. Although they don’t contain the best gear, you may find something unique or better gear than the current one.

Once you’re done searching the warehouses and crates, head over to the large hospital nearby. It contains a fair amount of loot to sieve through and choose from. However, be careful in the corridors as enemies may try to jump on you.

Finally, there’s a cluster of buildings towards the southern coast of Georgopol. These buildings house some great loot, and if you’re lucky, you may even find Level 3 gear without hassle. They are quite far from the central hub of Erangel, so it’s unlikely to encounter too many enemies. Nonetheless, be cautious!

3. School

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: High
  • Risk: Very high
School in Erangel for PUBG loot

The school is one of the most active locations in Erangel. It’s located rather centrally on the map, making it an easy target for most players to drop in. It also provides high-quality loot, with Level 2 and Level 3 armor, as well as some of the better guns. This also makes it one of the most dangerous locations to target for loot.

You’ll find plenty of opponents to gun down as you look for the best weapons and armor to create your loadout for the match. Moreover, since the school is centrally located, you don’t have to worry about the playing area in the latter stages. After you’ve set up camp in the school, you can be assured that the ultimate play area at the match’s end will be near the school.

There’s also Rozhok to explore next to the school. If you’re in the mood to find more varied loot, you can venture out towards the buildings in Rozhok. However, you’ll have to be careful about the open spaces next to the school. If you don’t have a vehicle, you might be exposed to a sniper shot.

If you’re a beginner, head towards Rozhok and the cluster of buildings first to encounter fewer opponents and loot more peacefully. After you’ve got your gear, you can head towards the school to increase your kill and assist counts.

4. Pochinki

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Very high
  • Risk: Very high
Pochinki in Erangel for PUBG loot

You should only drop into Pochinki if you want to understand how dangerous the game’s initial stages can get. If you’re a beginner, steer clear of this location as, despite its amount and quality of loot, you will not be alive to find them. Pro PUBG players drop into this location for almost every game in the Erangel map. Even intermediate players avoid it.

If you want to understand the game’s chaotic nature or need some practice before venturing out, Pochinki works well. You can also travel and skim through some buildings in Pochinki for some extra gear or to replace a weapon. Nonetheless, whenever you step into Pochinki, you can be sure of encountering at least two to three high-ranking opponents.

The only time I can wholeheartedly recommend Pochinki is if you’re a ranked player who wants to challenge yourself. Moreover, if you have a marginally good team and gel well with other members, give Pochinki a shot.


Miramar was added as a playable PUBG map in late 2017, with updates rolling out to different platforms for the majority of 2018. The terrain offered by this map is vastly different from that of Erangel, and veteran PUBG players were in for a treat with different locations.

Miramar offers different villages and islands to explore, with the mainland sporting a rather large canyon, hills, and mountains. There are plenty of open spaces between these villages, and this map becomes an excellent playground for snipers.

Let’s have a look at the best loot locations in Miramar.

5. Hacienda del Patron

  • Loot quality: Very high
  • Loot quantity: Very high
  • Risk: Very high
Hacienda del Patron in Miramar for PUBG loot

Hacienda del Patron is one of the most active locations in Miramar. There’s a reason why it’s also called the “Murder House.” If you land here, be prepared to face tonnes of opponents. Due to this high level of danger, it is also one of the most valuable loot locations in Miramar. You’re likely to find some of the best guns and Level 3 gear for your entire squad.

The location is densely packed and is much smaller than some of the loot locations in Erangel. For this reason, you need to be alert and quick in responding to danger. Most corners will have enemies waiting to pick off other players. It’s also located around the center, making it prime real estate for the latter stages. Most of the playable areas at the match’s end will be near Hacienda del Patron.

Even if you visit the location much later to scavenge for some supplies, you’re likely to find opponents. Another major issue is that the surrounding area is open. So, if you and your squad are approaching the house, you will be exposed to gunfire.

Our recommendation is only to visit this area after you’re habituated to the chaotic nature of PUBG and have racked up an impressive number of kills and assists. Unless you’re a pro, you must avoid Hacienda del Patron.

6. Valle del Mar

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Medium
  • Risk: Medium
Valle del Mar in Miramar for PUBG loot

Valle del Mar is a somewhat underrated loot location in Miramar. The town is built around the De Toro bridge and is also flanked by the ocean. While the main areas for looting in Valle del Mar are the school and the church, there’s also a cluster of buildings around these two landmarks to get some satisfying items.

Since the risk isn’t much in exploring the town compared to the other famous locations in Miramar, you can loot a bit peacefully here. You’ll find supplies such as painkillers, health packs, and attachments. Expect Level 2 gear and some of the more common weapons.

We know that it doesn’t sound too enticing, but if you play your cards correctly, this above-average gear can set you up for the chicken dinner.

If you’re playing with a squad, set up some safety measures around the bridge. The bridge is the only connection between the rest of Miramar and the town itself. While most players try not to move outwards of the central area in the latter stages of the match, you might find some stragglers to take care of.

7. Impala

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: High
  • Risk: Medium
Impala in Miramar for PUBG loot

You should consider landing in Impala if the plane flies over other areas and not near Impala itself. It has a decent number of items with good quality gear and weapons to complete the initial loadout for the entire squad. If Impala is farther away from the flight path, you can be sure that you won’t find too many enemies.

One of the disadvantages of this area is that you will have to spread yourselves thin to loot all buildings. This might create opportunities for your enemies to kill you off one by one. So, track your squadmates’ (and your own) locations. You should also keep an eye out for the playable area, as the location and time needed to explore Impala might create a disadvantage for your team if you take too long to loot.

I wouldn’t recommend you to dwell and explore Impala for too long. Get your gear, complete your initial loadout, and head towards the more populated areas for kills, assists, and superior items.

8. Pecado Casino

  • Loot quality: Very high
  • Loot quantity: Very high
  • Risk: Very high
Pecado Casino in Miramar for PUBG loot

If you think that Hacienda del Mar is populated and crazy, check out Pecado Casino. Most pro-PUBG players use this as an alternative when they miss their drop location or find lots of people heading towards Hacienda del Mar (which is usually the case). Due to this, Pecado Casino and Gym also find plenty of visitors.

If you’re just trying to get the hang of the game or want to increase your stats and rank, head towards Pecado. If you need to win games to progress, this isn’t the right place. While you’ll find some of the best gear, weapons, and supplies in the entire map, the risks are far too great (more so if you’re a beginner).

A good option would be to head towards this area only if the initial flight path is far from the map’s center. While this is rare, it happens in some matches. You will still need to find a vehicle and head there before any of your opponents do. If your luck favors and you find the chance to loot this area relatively peacefully, ensure to check out the Pecado Gym as well.


The implementation of the Sanhok map represented a change for PUBG. Firstly, the map is much smaller (4×4) than the other maps introduced before – Erangel and Miramar (8×8). Secondly, it employs a dynamic circle that determines how fast the blue circle moves in, based on the number of players on the map.

Taking inspiration from the thick jungles in Southeast Asia, the developers decided to showcase what it would be like for players in a rainy environment, surrounded by thick foliage. The aim was to create a hostile environment that could impart a sense of both wonder and claustrophobia.

Here are the best loot locations for Sanhok:

9. Mongnai

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Low
  • Risk: Low
Mongnai in Sanhok for PUBG loot

We’re starting with one of the (relatively) safest places in Sanhok – Mongnai. Sanhok is a small map, which means that you’re more likely to encounter opponents wherever you go. However, Mongnai is one of the better places for beginners to start exploring and looting.

The loot quantity, although good quality, is low. So, you should loot in Mongnai if you’re playing alone or with another teammate.

The area is situated away from the usual drop locations, in the north-eastern corner. Most veteran players tend to look for better loot and more kills, so they drop in areas situated in the map’s central part. If you want to take your time and loot, with the option to also explore the nearby huts, you should land here. You’ll find fewer enemies to deal with (if any) and also have the time to plan for survival.

10. Paradise Resort

  • Loot quality: Medium
  • Loot quantity: High
  • Risk: Very high
Paradise Resort in Sanhok for PUBG loot

We know what you’re probably thinking – why land in an area that doesn’t have great quality loot and with more enemies around? The main reason to drop in Paradise Resort for looting is that it is centrally located.

This means that the final play areas will be much closer to Paradise Resort than other areas. Moreover, Sanhok isn’t all that easy to get around, even with a vehicle.

Logistically, Paradise Resort is a better option for both kills and assists. It also gives you an advantage if you want to survive till the match’s end. While you may find good quality loot here, the major issue will remain – the sheer number of opponents fighting for the same loot.

Unless you’re a veteran and want to increase your kills and assists stats, we’d recommend coming towards Paradise Resort in the later stages of the match. More often than not, the only players remaining in this location tend to have high-quality loot. That’s when you can get your chance to kill and loot them for better gear.

11. Camp Alpha

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: High
  • Risk: High
Camp Alpha in Sanhok for PUBG loot

Camp Alpha is one of the three military bases present in Sanhok. They’re located on different sides of the island, but Camp Alpha usually holds marginally better loot than the rest of its counterparts. There are good chances of finding Level 2 and Level 3 gear here, with some worthwhile weapons and supplies.

The buildings themselves aren’t that difficult to explore and loot. The issue remains that because Camp Alpha is known for its loot and ease of navigation, you’re more likely to find many enemies. It’s recommended that you and your squadmates should be of an intermediate or advanced level.

The gunfights may not be too intense, as there are three camps to explore from. However, Camp Alpha tends to host most of the bigger gunfights at the early stages of the match.

12. Ruins

  • Loot quality: Very high
  • Loot quantity: High
  • Risk: High
Ruins in Sanhok for PUBG loot

Ruins in Sanhok are one of the better places for looting. You’ll easily get Level 3 gear, weapons, and supplies for the entire squad. Of course, since this location offers such great loot, you will have to deal with many enemies.

One of the major issues is that Ruins can be difficult to navigate. It is often claustrophobic and confusing with its narrow pathways. You’re likely to find good weapons, such as the M416 and SLR, that can help you survive towards the latter stages of the match. However, you have to be quick in looting and response time.

Since the pathways can be quite dangerous, with multiple openings, it is easy for you to get flanked and surprised by your opponents. Veteran PUBG players have memorized different paths, and you will find yourself in a difficult spot as a beginner with no advanced level squadmates to assist.


Vikendi is a 6×6 map that was introduced in early 2018. With Vikendi, developers explored the colder climates and how they could change the gameplay.

On the coastlines, you have warm Mediterranean weather. In the map’s central hub, there are snowy mountains and harsh conditions for players to experience. With the snow enveloping the terrain, players also have to keep track of footprints, besides the usual sound of footsteps.

Vikendi added another layer of depth to the already complex gameplay. Here are a few locations to loot in your playthrough of Vikendi.

13. Cosmodrome

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: High
  • Risk: Medium
Cosmodrome in Vikendi for PUBG loot

The biggest mistake that most newbie players make when searching for loot in the Cosmodrome is spending significant time searching the tower. The tower itself doesn’t have much high-quality gear to offer.

When you’re playing on the Vikendi map, you have to be aware that developers have purposely made it more difficult for players to find loot in the harsh conditions.

In Cosmodrome, you’ll get high-quality gear, meaning that you’re likely to find Level 2 gear, and Level 3 gear is somewhat rare. Search the lower levels of Cosmodrome and the surrounding buildings for the best chances to find better gear.

Since the loot here is scattered and it’s away from the main flight path, it’s generally considered a safer location to loot. That doesn’t mean you won’t find a single enemy here. They will be fewer than the other areas, but you shouldn’t let your guard down.

If you’re a solitary player or a beginner and want to loot in peace, drop at Cosmodrome.

14. Dobro Mesto

  • Loot quality: Very high
  • Loot quantity: Very high
  • Risk: High
Dobro Mesto in Vikendi for PUBG loot

Every PUBG map has at least one area that offers the best loot. However, it’s also the hub for the highest chaos and violence. Vikendi’s Dobro Mesto offers some of the best loot on the entire map and is frequented by pro players for good gear, supplies, and weapons. If you’re a beginner, stay away from this area.

If you’re a good player and can handle yourself in a full-fledged PUBG gunfight, you are in for a treat at Dobro Mesto. A glance at all the areas under Dobro Mesto will easily give you Level 3 armor and headgear. You’re also likely to find some of the rarer guns in the game.

If your loadout is incomplete after looting through Dobro Mesto, you can go around the surrounding areas. It is also flanked by numerous clusters of buildings, housing a fair amount of loot.

15. Castle

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Very high
  • Risk: High
Castle in Vikendi for PUBG loot

If you’re thinking that the risk factor in this area is high because of the loot, you’re partially correct. The other issue with Castle is that it has many corridors and basements that you could easily get lost in. If you’re a beginner, this will be a total nightmare as the veteran PUBG players already know where the loot may spawn and have a good idea of the area’s layout.

However, the major advantage is that you’ll find so much loot that it’ll be more than sufficient for a 4-person squad. The best part, you may be thinking? Your entire squad can find Level 3 helmets, armor, and backpack. You could find some of the best weapons too.

The structure’s different areas also provide the best opportunities to use a sniper rifle. In the latter stages, if the final playable circle is near Castle, you and your squadmates can capture Castle and easily keep opponents at bay.

16. Secret Loot Cave

  • Loot quality: High
  • Loot quantity: Medium
  • Risk: Medium
Secret Loot Cave in Vikendi for PUBG loot

Quite an ironic name to go with this particular location. It was quite a secret looting location when the Vikendi map was first released. As the map became more popular, the secret cave was no longer much of a secret.

This doesn’t imply that most beginners will find this location with ease. It still takes a bit of experience to find, as you will have to ram the entrance to the cave with your vehicle. You can also destroy the entrance with explosives.

Once you’re in the cave, you’re going to find some good Level 2 and Level 3 gear as well as some useful supplies for the rest of the match. The weapons here aren’t the best, but it’s a good way to start the match or upgrade if you were dealt a bad early hand.

In terms of enemies, it’s based on how lucky you can get. You might find a few lone wolves trying to steal the entire arsenal available or no squads inside the cave whatsoever. You have to hurry if you want to get the loot here, as at least one squad will head for this location at the start of the match.

That’s it!

This is the list of the best loot locations in PUBG. While the developers constantly update the game and add maps, the maps listed here are the most established ones. Which is your favorite loot location? Share them in the comments below.

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