Best PUBG guns: M416, AWM, UMP45, SLR, and more

Best PUBG guns to use while playing in 2021

PUBG Mobile has been around since late 2017 and has continued to be a stalwart in mobile gaming years after its release. It set the tone for the battle royale genre. Moreover, it still attracts beginners today. If you’ve recently started playing PUBG, you may have noticed a significant number of guns present in the game’s latest version.

If you’re still experimenting to find the most suitable one, we’ve curated a list of the best PUBG guns to use, especially as a beginner. Let’s look at them below:

List of the best assault rifles in PUBG

Assault rifles are often considered basic weapons in shooter games. They’re usually the most fundamental primary weapon for most PUBG players. However, the game offers a range of assault rifles with different characteristics. Remember that the PUBG weapon stats can be updated frequently, leading to minor but noticeable changes.

Here are the guns that stand out from the rest.

1. M416

M416 assault rifles in PUBG

The M416 is a staple gun for many pro PUBG players as it provides almost the perfect balance between damage (40 points) and recoil. The PUBG gun stats are quite accurate, and these stats favor the M416 beautifully.

The gun is also fairly compatible with multiple accessories, and this includes an extended magazine as well as a varying range of scopes. You can pair this with a stock replacement that decreases the recoil and increases the accuracy drastically. 

The M416 is ideal for mid-range fights, and with a 4X scope, can be quite effective for long-range gunfights. Just make sure that you take bullet drop into account, as the higher rate of fire can make the gun unstable over such long distances.

2. Beryl M762

Beryl M762 Assault Rifle in PUBG

If you’re entering a gunfight in close range with an opponent who has a Beryl M762 equipped, you should head towards the opposite direction as fast as possible. This assault rifle has a tremendous amount of base damage (44) that is only slightly impaired by its accuracy due to the high recoil.

You can make good use of this after you’ve equipped this gun with different stocks and grips. The decrease in recoil will stabilize the gun and reduce bullet spray. Pair this gun with a sub-machine gun for excellent close to mid-range gunfights.

3. Groza

Groza Assault Rifle in PUBG

Groza is a highly underrated gun in PUBG Mobile. With high base damage (47) and lesser recoil than the rest of the guns in the assault rifle category, this gun finds the sweet spot for balance. It’s also lighter than the other assault rifles in the game. This makes it easier for you to run toward safety after holstering the gun as there’s no extra weight to slow you down.

Another aspect of the Groza is that it has a very high firing rate. With less recoil and less bullet spray, you’ll be able to deal much better with quicker opponents. Groza is rather difficult to find when searching for loot during the match. However, if you find it, you can be sure that it will be a trustworthy weapon.

4. AKM 

AKM Assault Rifle in PUBG

The AKM is one of the most impactful guns in PUBG. It has high base damage (47) and can be deadlier if combined with a scope and a better grip. The AKM is also one of the most common guns found in the game, which also gives you (as a player) a disadvantage as most of your opponents will be able to find and use this gun.

Since the AKM has substantial base damage, it is great for pairing with a scope and used as a long-range assault rifle. Pair it with a 6X scope, and you can have a proper substitute for a sniper. 

5. M16A4

M16A4 Assault Rifle in PUBG

The M16A4 performs best when aiming for long-range kills, especially after fitting the gun with a 4X or 6X scope. The gun provides two modes for firing. The first is a burst mode that sends out a series of bullets without compromising stability. The second mode is the single-shot mode that works well for long-range kills.

While the number of attachments available for this gun isn’t as many as the other guns, the M16A4 is still a reliable classic. Its stability often makes up for its minor disadvantages.

Top sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile

Snipers are a specialist’s weapon, and I prefer them over others. If you play as a sniping enthusiast in PUBG, you will have to change your playstyle accordingly.

Barging into rooms for loot and clearing floors of enemies isn’t going to be the plan’s part. You’ll have to be patient and observe enemies that could potentially threaten you or your squad and pick them off smartly from a distance.

Here are the best sniper rifles in the game.

6. AWM

AWM sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile

The AWM is the best sniper in the game, without a doubt. It’s so overpowering (with a base damage of 107) that a single body shot can critically injure opponents. This gun is difficult to find, though, and you’ll have to race towards airdrops to have a chance at acquiring the AWM.

Even PUBG’s new guns can’t compare to this beast of a rifle. Don’t bother using this gun at close range, as it isn’t fast enough to kill enemies at such a small distance.

Pair this with an 8X scope, and also keep in mind the bullet drop mechanics. Once you get the hang of it, you can be an unstoppable marksman. You’ll also have to be careful of the high reload times, as it can be a disadvantage in certain situations. Keep a smaller weapon as your secondary to get out of tight close-quarter situations.

7. M24

M24 sniper rifles in PUBG Mobile

Pro PUBG players know the utility of a Kar98K sniper rifle. It has a substantial amount of damage (75) and is quite reliable. The M24 is an upgraded version of the Kar98K, with much greater damage, range, and a slower reloading time. 

Despite its bolt-action reload system, the gun is quite fast and can be used in suitable mid- and close-range situations. If you find this in an opponent’s loot or out in the open, don’t be afraid to swap your other gun for it.

Designated Marksman Rifles (DMR)

Designated Marksman Rifles are a combination of assault and sniper rifles. While they try to combine the best of both categories, DMRs are often quite difficult to use. If you’re a beginner, I’d recommend practicing a few matches with DMRs first.

You’ll get faster reloading times and a higher rate of fire than sniper rifles. You’ll also have better stability than assault rifles, especially over long distances. However, DMRs don’t come with a huge magazine size. So, you’ll have to be more accurate with your shots.

Here are a few DMRs you should use in the game:

8. Mk14

Mk14 designated marksman rifle in PUBG

The Mk14 is a rather rare weapon that you can only find through airdrops in the game. So, if you want to play the game with this gun, you’ll have to be on the lookout for airdrops and rush to them before any of your opponents do. 

This gun has a high base damage of 61 points. However, its only disadvantage is that it cannot hold more than 10 bullets in the base clip. Its high damage means that you can critically injure opponents with just one shot. But you will have to be accurate.

If you are a complete beginner using the Mk14, I’d recommend finding and using a magazine extension so that you have 20 bullets in one magazine.

Mk14 is also stable and compensates well in terms of recoil. The magazine extension also works effectively for an assault rifle. Nonetheless, we wouldn’t recommend this gun for close-range gunfights.

9. Mini 14

Mini 14 designated marksman rifle in PUBG

The Mini 14 is a highly versatile rifle that works well in multiple situations. Its high rate of fire means that you can use this gun in close to mid-range gunfights. It also has multiple modes of fire.

The single-shot mode is especially important if you pair this with a 6X or 8X scope for long-range shooting. It can be a good substitute if you haven’t found a dedicated sniper rifle in the game. 

It has a base damage of 46 points, making it one of the mid-tier rifles to use in the game. So, while you can’t expect to kill your opponent with just a single shot from the Mini 14, you can bet that its versatility will work in your favor.

10. SLR

SLR designated marksman rifle in PUBG

The SLR is one of our favorite guns in the game. It has a base damage of 56, good enough to inflict some serious damage onto your opponents. It has high recoil, so you’d have to use this gun a few times before you’re completely comfortable with it. The bullet velocity is also on the higher side, enabling you to snipe your opponents with ease and precision.

Use this gun for mid-range and long-range gunfights. You don’t have to use too many attachments with the SLR, as its default state will be good enough for you to win that elusive chicken dinner.

Best Submachine guns (SMG) in PUBG

Submachine guns are best used as secondary weapons and are very effective in close-range gunfights and clearing floors filled with opponents. They are light to carry and won’t affect your bag’s weight adversely. Moreover, they are quite customizable. With a bit of practice, they can be used well for mid-range fights as well. 

There are seven submachine guns in PUBG, and here are our favorites:

11. UZI

UZI Submachine guns (SMG) in PUBG

While most people don’t care much for the UZI and discard them for bigger weapons as the match progresses, the utility of the UZI cannot be denied. Its small form factor is a boon when you’re locking horns with an opponent inside a building. The lighter weight and small design of the gun will allow you to use it quickly, as it won’t slow down the reaction time.

Since it’s an SMG, it has a low base damage of 26. The gun shouldn’t be used as a primary weapon, and even with an accessorized and customized UZI, it’s better off used as a secondary gun.

12. Vector

Vector Submachine guns (SMG) in PUBG

Vector is one of the most reliable guns in the game. It has a base damage of 31, which is on the higher end for a Submachine gun. This gun’s main advantage is its deadly fire rate. You can spray bullets all over your opponents to finish them off. If you pair this with a 2X scope, you can also use this for mid-range flights. 

We would also recommend adding a good grip and an extended magazine to use this gun to its full potential. The recoil level will take some time for you to get adjusted to in the beginning, so you will have to be cautious on that front.

13. UMP45

UMP45 Submachine guns (SMG) in PUBG

This would be the undisputed ruler of all the submachine guns. For a submachine gun, it has an insanely high base damage of 41, which almost puts it on par with some of the assault rifles in PUBG. The fire rate is also decent, with a lack of recoil. This means that you can cause severe damage to your opponents without worrying about the recoil causing problems to your accuracy.

Its low recoil also implies that you can use up to a 4X scope on the UMP45 for mid-range gunfights. With these stats, it’s no wonder that the UMP45 is now one of the most popular secondary weapons in the game.

PUBG Mobile best shotgun

Shotguns are the best weapons to use in close to mid-range combat. They have superior damage at the cost of distance and can critically injure even the most armored enemies if used wisely. However, we wouldn’t urge you to use shotguns as primary weapons as you will be at a distinct disadvantage.

At the initial stages of the match, when you’re still finding the best loot for your character, the shotgun can be a good option. Here are some of the best shotguns in the game:

14. S12K

S12K shotgun in PUBG

Although the S12K has a base damage of just 24, a single shot from the shotgun sprays up to four shotgun shells. Moreover, you can customize this shotgun to quite an extent. Attaching scopes and grips compensate to some extent for the excessive recoil. At the very first stages of the game, the S12K was used by many players as a rifle due to its level of customization.

While it is a good shotgun to use at its default state, our recommendation is to customize this gun as much as possible with some accessories. This would ensure that the shotgun remains reliable in many situations, even as a secondary weapon.

15. S686

S686 shotgun in PUBG

S686 is very similar to the S1897 in damage. The S686 has a base damage of 26 and has a better firing rate than its counterparts. It doesn’t have too many attachments and can be paired with a Duckbill and Bullet Loops. The latter is especially useful since the S686 takes quite a while to reload. 

The shotgun has limited usage as it cannot be paired with a scope, and you’re most likely to use it as a secondary weapon in the latter stages of a match. Nonetheless, it has its utility in close to mid-range battles if you’re fairly accurate with your shots.

Light Machine gun

The Light Machine gun category in PUBG offers a few guns that you will enjoy using if you want to go all guns blazing. They have huge magazines that can be extended and cause a fair amount of damage. However, contrary to their name, they are quite heavy and require you to holster the gun if you are running from the dreaded Blue Zone.

Here are a couple of the best LMGs you can find in the game:

16. DP-28

DP-28 Light Machine Gun in PUBG

DP-28 took its time to warm up to the veteran PUBG players. It has a base damage of 51 and is paired with a huge amount of recoil. While most of the players weren’t fans of the recoil that the gun came with, it has now become a popular gun to use amongst 4-player squads. 

A designated machine gunner in the squad could opt for the DP-28 with their eyes closed, as recent updates to the game have made the gun one of the better LMGs to use. Make sure to pair this with the right accessories to increase its advantages.

17. M249

M249 Light Machine Gun in PUBG

The M249 was one of the most popular weapons in the early iterations of PUBG. Its recoil was manageable, and the base damage of 40 points wasn’t too bad for most players. However, the recent updates to the game have added more accuracy to the M249. Its recoil is now on the unpredictable side of the spectrum, making it one of the more difficult weapons to use.

Nonetheless, the M249 is still a classic weapon and can be paired with scopes and other attachments to destroy your opponents. We recommend pairing this with a 2X or 4X scope to hit the sweet spot amongst damage, recoil, and accuracy.

Best Sidearms in PUBG

Every PUBG player worth their salt knows that the sidearm is an important part of one’s loadout. In tight situations that require quick thinking and decent reflexes, the pistol will be your most important companion. If you’re a beginner in PUBG, remember to keep your sidearm handy.

Let’s have a look at some amazing sidearms:

18. R45

R45 Sidearms in PUBG

R45 is an excellent pistol for patient players. It has a surprisingly high base damage of 65 points and can be equipped with a Red Dot Sight attachment. This helps increase the revolver’s accuracy, but it doesn’t do much for the recoil. R45 has a troubling amount of recoil and a slower firing rate. 

If your accuracy is above average, we recommend you to use this sidearm. A single shot would be enough to cause deadly harm to your enemies before you have to deal with the firing rate or recoil.

19. P1911

P1911 Sidearms in PUBG

The P1911 is a fairly common gun that you can find in the different maps of PUBG. It has a great base damage of 42 points, miles ahead of some of its competitors. However, it does not have the autofire capability of a sidearm such as the P18C. You’d do well to accessorize the P1911 with an extended magazine.

This sidearm should only be used in close-range, as any distance more than 50 meters would severely hamper its damage and accuracy.

That’s it!

PUBG has an immense number of weapons to choose from, all vastly different from each other in their stats and capabilities. Although each player might have their preferred loadout, some weapons are evergreen and catch the attention of most players. This is our list of the best PUBG guns!

Which is your favorite? Or did we miss your favorite guns or loadouts? Let us know in the comments below.

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