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Best PUBG Alternatives for Android in 2021

I’ve come up with the best PUBG alternatives for Android in 2020. If you are looking for the coolest PUBG like games to play on your device.
Best PUBG Like Android Games

Going by the wind, PUBG appears to be the most addictive game across the board. But that doesn’t mean Google Play Store lacks the shooter games that can give “PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds” a long run.

I’ve tried my hands on some of the best PUBG alternatives for Android. And I’m all geared up to present my top picks that’s got enough firepower to keep the deathmatch intense.

Just in case your time at this game seems to be a little less exciting or your taste demands to have a shot at some of the coolest games like PUBG to play on Android devices, this roundup has you covered. So, cruise through the lineup to choose a great survival game and then fully equip your avatar for a no-holds-barred battle royale!

Sticky note: For the folks who are rocking this game on iOS devices, I’ve already shot out some of the most exciting PUBG like games for iPhone and iPad. Do check ’em out, if you want one.


RULES OF SURVIVAL Android Game Screenshot

Simply put, “RULES OF SURVIVAL” is the most power-packed PUBG alternative for Android. The moment you bump into this game, you find it pretty similar to PUBG in many aspects.

The game offers a huge HD 8×8 km map where 300 players can battle out to be the last one standing by hook or by crook. With the luxury of a wide variety of weapons, you can arm yourself with the deadly firearms and guns to destroy your rivals.

You can choose to go all out in the team mode or showcase your killer moves in the solo mode. Packed in with 120 survivors’ battle, “RULES OF SURVIVAL” has got enough firepower to test your mettle as a player.

Price: Free

#2. Fortnite

Fortnite Android Game Screenshot

If there is a game that can give PUBG a long run for its own money, it has to be Fortnite. The battle royale is extremely challenging and you need to be a step ahead of your foes to stay alive. So, the best way you can take your rivals and also boost your chance of ruling the game is by forging a robust squad.

And the other trick that can go a long way in helping you decimate your enemies is by building a strong shield. Moreover, pounce on all the resources that can empower your armory and also collect the gears that can create havoc in the rivals’ camp.

With the new modes, lethal weapons and gears being added frequently, Fortnite doesn’t let boredom creep into the gameplay. Keep in mind, this game is not available in the Google Play Store so you will need to download it from Epic’s website.

Price: Free

#3. Bullet Strike

Bullet Strike Android Game Screenshot

Known as one of the most exciting FPS shooting games, Bullet Strike can be worth a shot especially if you have a liking for sniper games.

What I have found appreciable in this game is the large collection of sniper guns with tons of attachments. Therefore, you can pick and choose the ammunition that can help you dominate the game and become the most wanted sniper assassin!

Based on what suits your style or taste better, choose PvP and PvE modes. While the former lets you fight with other players from around the world, the latter allows you to become familiar with the tricks of sniper games.

Beware your rivals are always lying in wait and just a little mistake would throw you out of the battle. So, craft killer tactics to keep your enemies at bay and play astutely to rule the leaderboards.

Price: Free

#4. Black Survival

Black Survival Pubg like Android Game Screenshot

“Black Survival” is intense and has got the goods to be your favorite survival game. It allows you to go for an all-out war against 10 people on a desert island where the only rule that rocks–is no rule.

The island is divided into 22 areas such as a hospital, forest, beach and more. And in the PVP shootout that lasts up to 20 minutes, you need to not just find a safe haven for yourself but also send other players out of the battle.

Black Survival allows you to choose from up to 35 characters like doctor, hacker, police, fencer and more. Even though the game offers only seven types of weapons, you can unearth hidden items to craft up to 600 types of weapons and lethal tools.

Price: Free

#5. ScarFall : The Royale Combat

ScarFall Android Game

ScarFall features exceptional 3D graphics, reflecting real-life animations and war situations. The game boasts massive action, packed with a vast range of weapons and numerous characters.

It has an incredible classic game mode that will boost your gaming experience, unlike any other FPS and battleground games. You can play it in both online and offline mode and earn exciting rewards on an everyday basis.

Price: Free

#6. Grand Battle Royale: Pixel FPS

Grand Battle Royale Pubg like Android Game Screenshot

Are you fond of military blocky pixel games? If yes, Grand Battle Royale can light up your show with aplomb.

In this game, you get a chance to battle as a crazy blocky character. If you wish to look standout, purchase the pixel block strike skins to decorate your avatar.

Loaded with many top-notch weapons including an assault rifle, pixel gun, smg, shotguns, it lets you choose the assets that can be your perfect partner in crime. With big radiation island and tricky gameplay where nothing can be taken for granted, Grand Battle Royale can be a hot addition to your roster.

Price: Free

#7. Garena Free Fire

Garena Free Fire PUBG Alternate for Android

Gear up for one of the most loved survival shooting games for Android. I like its 10-minute game where you are up against 49 other players on a remote island.

And the only way can topple everyone else is by blowing them. Mind you, all of your opponents are fully equipped so you will need to outsmart them with masterstrokes.

The one trick that can save your day is choosing a starting point smartly and finding a safe zone at the earliest. Plan the target and attack your enemies when they seem to be vulnerable. And do not forget to rob all of their valuables.

Price: Free

#8. Knives Out

Knives Out PUBG Alternative for Android

“Knives Out” means business. This game makes up to 100 players fight for the ultimate pride. And eventually, the one who succeeds in eliminating everyone else emerges as the victor.

It offers a large battlefield lashed with numerous challenges. Just like most of its counterparts, Knives Out also allows you to squad up but with a bit of twist.

You can team up with your trusted buddies in duo, squad and fireteam mode. And with the voice chat readily available, you will be able to stay in sync with your teammates.

Price: Free

#9. Creative Destruction

Creative Destruction PUBG Alternative for Android

“Creative Destruction” is slightly different from its counterparts mentioned in this post. In this sandbox survival game, you will parachute in a massive battlefield of 16,000,000 square meters.

The battlefield has as many as 13 fascinating spots that you will explore while playing. Use your destructor immaculately to take control of the game and also finish off your rivals.

It has a nice workshop system that can help you create solid bastions. And take full advantage of your covers to rule the deathmatch to your best liking.

Price: Free

There you go! Finally, all of my top pics are on your radar…

What’s your favorite?

Don’t go away before spilling some beans about your favorites. If they are spot on, we can add them to this post. Plus, also share some valuable inputs about the above roundup.

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