Best Productivity Apps for iPad in 2020: Give Your Productivity An Adrenaline Boost

Productivity is the recent obsession that conquered the world. We all strive to be more productive with our professional and personal tasks. But how to get through the mess of routine duties and organize all essential processes? It seems like these smart apps for your iPad know the exact answer.

Productivity is the secret to do more, and better in less time and simultaneously keep the work/life balance. Time-management, focusing on priority tasks, arranging to-do lists, and other keys are the steps to achieve the desired state.

To say frankly, becoming productive is not for wimps: motivation with self-discipline is not always enough. Can we get help in this complicated mission and find a new approach to productivity? With the list of top free productivity apps for your iPad, it looks like the solution is finally found.

Best Productivity Apps for iPad in 2020

#1. Cozi Family Organizer

Cozi Family Organizer iPad App Screenshot

Has anyone bought bread for today’s dinner? Will your husband come in time to your daughter’s matinee? Does your son remember vacuuming the flat on Thursdays? With our everyday busyness at work, so many home and family questions may go by the wayside. But it’s only till the evening. When all the office tasks are postponed until tomorrow, your family routine tasks remind of themselves.

For some people, it may come as a surprise that family life can be as well organized as their work schedule. You can arrange your family events, purchases, and share plans with all the members with the help of one app for productivity only.

More things can be done together when using the Cozi Family Organizer app which are:

  • Keeping a calendar of family special dates and events.
  • Tracking schedules and adjusting them to each other.
  • Setting reminders for upcoming events.
  • Posting to do lists for different occasions.
  • Creating shopping lists.
  • Storing recipes for family dinners in the Recipe Box, etc.

With Cozi Family Organizer, busy families become more aware of their house duties and collective activities. This app brings a chance to organize a family life to the smallest detail and spend more time together with the schedules harmonized. Download Cozi Family Organizer on your iPad and get synchronized with your family members.

Price: Free

#2. Evernote Scannable

Evernote Scannable iPad App Screenshot

Judge for yourself, isn’t it the best option for any working person to have a scanner near at hand? You will say, scanners are cumbersome and obsolete. I will say, scanners are now portable and almost weightless. Moreover, everyone who has a tablet is already a potential scanner owner. To get your own scanning device, just launch the Evernote Scannable app on your iPad.

If you have to deal with documents from time to time, then you probably need to save them in a high resolution or share with others. From doctor’s prescriptions to major contracts, all files can be stored in the appropriate form with the help of Evernote Scannable.

How does this app provide its scanning magic?

  • Captures a document with a camera and make a high-quality scan of it.
  • Saves scanned documents, and let’s share them instantly.
  • Provides all kinds of editing such as rotate, crop, adjust, and so on.
  • Exports files in PDF, JPG, and text formats.
  • Lets the team control the scan snaps altogether, etc.

If you use Evernote for productivity, then you shouldn’t ignore Evernote Scannable for the same reason. Evernote is the king of notes, and Evernote Scannable is the king of scans that help you save time with managing documents.

Price: Free

#3. DocuSign – Upload & Sign Docs

DocuSign iPad App Screenshot

Let’s pretend we lived at the beginning of the 20th century when all the important documents went a long way to the addressee before being signed.

The speed of all processes decreased and just imagine, how hard the productivity suffered. Thank goodness, we live a century later when getting the needed signature under your documents takes no more than a few minutes even if your recipient is thousands miles afar.

Thanks to the DocuSign app, you can get any paper e-signed in the fastest and safest way. The legally-binding, encrypted signing of documents such as NDA, contracts, agreements, permissions is DocuSign primary feature.

What are other key features proposed?

  • Creating a personalized signature on your Apple device.
  • Signing documents on the go even in the offline mode.
  • Most of the document formats support.
  • Making papers available for multiple signing.
  • Notifications when the document is signed and reminders when is not.
  • The signing audit: who, when, where signed, etc.

With so many beneficial features of interacting with documents on the go, you can get more documents checked and signed with spending no time on routine paperwork.

Price: Free

#4. Smart Home Manager

Smart Home Manager iPad Productivity App Screenshot

Productivity insights may come to you in many ways. Even in the form of your personal Wi-Fi assistant. For many people, stable internet connection at home is not just a convenience but a tool needed for work and connection. Want to have a reliable internet connection at home and control it on a distance? Then manage your Wi-Fi connection with the Smart Home Manager app.

What are the app features?

  • Supervising devices connected to your network.
  • Rebooting a gateway whenever needed.
  • Updating login and password in seconds.
  • Sharing the password with guests via text or email.
  • Immediate informing if any issues with your Wi-Fi network occur.

Thus by controlling the smooth functioning of your Wi-Fi network, you can significantly boost your productivity or at least have it undisturbed in times you work on the internet at home. Handy Smart Home Manager will take care of the stable internet access.

Price: Free

#5. Password Manager

Password Manager iPad App Screenshot

So many accounts, so many passwords, and so many information to remember! Why keep it all in your memory cluttering its precious space? Write it on pieces of paper or make smartphone notes and then… make a frantically search each time you need your login/password data. In the era of productivity, all these methods are outdated. Delegate this routine task to smart apps which can keep essential data and disburden your brain thereby.

Password Manager is the app that manages the password-remembering function. You can calmly rely on this password assistant as it uses the most secure encryption to protect your data.

What does Password Manager offer besides?

  • AutoFill feature to rid users of the need to enter username and password to complete the forms.
  • Convenient categorization for smart organizing your data by different groups;
  • Personalization of your records with various icons;
  • Password Generator to create strong (not related to your pet’s name) keys;
  • Data protection with Auto-Lock function;
  • Photo storage support, etc.

Don’t waste your time remembering and searching for passwords. Instead — unclutter your head from this information and charge it to the reliable app which is Password Manager.

Make great things rather than bother your memory and keep your important data protected!

Price: Free

That’s all!

Summing Up…

Make fewer efforts and achieve more: top apps for productivity will help you with this mission. Arrange all your daily activities at an office, home, and on the go by merely having these useful apps on your iPad. By using them, you will notice how great your life simplified in all aspects, work/life balance achieved, and you can finally call yourself a productivity guru.

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