Point-Of-Sale (POS) is a crucial part of any business that involves selling products. If you are a pro-businessperson or have a small industry, you will know how crucial it is to do POS. For making things easier, these iPad POS apps are must-have. You can know your customer better and do all transactions from anywhere.

These apps do not only restrict themselves to POS but help aiding other sectors of your business.

Best POS Apps for iPad

Best POS iPad Apps

#1. iConnect POS

iConnect POS iPad App IconiConnect POS is for retailers, salesperson or any individual in any other form of business. The app beauty lies in its multi-functionality. You can mange other aspects of business such as CRM, Employee Management, Booking by order, view & manage Inventory, do marketing et al. The app has flexible and easy interface that makes functioning rapid. With this app, you can split payment, create gift cards, get digital signature and swipe cards to make payment. It has 15-day free trial after which, you need to pay for the app depending upon the plan you select.

Price: Free
Download iConnect POS

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#2. ZingCheckout

ZingCheckout iPad App IconYou can run your business from anywhere with help of this app. The app is compatible with various credit card getaways such as PayPal, Merchant warehouse etc. You get other supports like terminal support, products options, Airprint support for orders and invoices et al. You can even send digital receipts via e-mails or texts. Note: the app requires free ZingCheckout account and it come with 14-days trial that has all premium features.

Price: $49/Month
Download ZingCheckout

#3. Vend POS

Vend POS iPad App IconVend app is cloud based POS & Inventory Management software. The app is compatible with printers, cash drawers and barcode scanners. You need to login into your Vend account by entering your current POS system and it will do the rest. You can manage customer’s reports, sales insights and take PayPal payments with it. The best feature of this app is that it works offline too.

Price: Free
Download Vend POS

#4. LightSpeed

LightSpeed Pro iPad App IconLightSpeed app lets you fluctuate between displaying products and creating sales in a single tap. The app is best for sales representative who can create transaction from anywhere. You enter customer details; take credit card payments and signature of customer’s on the go. The app needs to be connected to LigthSpeed Pro database and is compatible with iDynamo and uDynamo software.

Price: Free
Download LightSpeed

#5. Nobly

Nobly  iPad App IconNobly app is based on cloud Point of Sale System. You can scan barcodes, print receipts and take payments with security. The app is suitable for all, from small scale to large-scale businesses. The app supports more than 30 countries and their currencies.

Price: Free
Download Nobly

These POS apps are sure to help any business do better and be more effective. If you think that there is an app that should have made this list, feel free to rant about it in the comments section!