Mac OS X comes with iPhoto, the stock photo editing and manipulation software. It’s a great program for starters but you eventually find out that iPhoto has too many limitations to what you can do with your images/photos.

Luckily, there are amazing, high-quality photo editing software for Mac that you can use to edit photos, morph them, add dazzling effects and basically go pro-level. Here’s a few of the best photo editors for Mac that you should definitely check out:

Best Photo Editing Software for Mac

Best Photo Editing Software for Mac

#1. Acorn 4

Acorn 4 Iamge Editor for Mac
Acorn 4 is a powerful photo editing software for Mac. The latest version is compatible with OS X Mavericks. You can edit pictures, add text and shapes, mix two or more images, add layers, filters, vector shapes, gradients and do much more. The software comes with tutorials and documentation that makes it easier to use it. And there’s an almost unlimited non-destructive editing feature which lets you revert back all the changes instantly.

Price: $29.99
Download Acorn 4

#2. Picturama for Mac

Picturama Image Editor for Mac

Picturama for Mac is a simple editing tool for images. The best thing about this software is that it can convert your images from one format to another. The formats supported by the software are BMP, TIFF, JPEG, PICT, PNG, SGI, and TARGA. You can rotate, enlarge, adjust brightness, color and flip your pictures. The software allows you to do batch editing through which you can edit a lot of images at one go.

Price: $24.95
Download Picturama for Mac

#3. Album Express 5.9 Mac Pro

Album Express 5.9 Mac Pro Image Editor

Album Express edits your pictures like a professional. With this software, you design your albums, uniquely. It provides you with a wide selection of templates, frames, backgrounds, clip art and much more. You can create new albums by using the automatic photo-insert option. Edit your pictures with the advance options, choose graphics, templates and create your personalized albums. It has numerous tools that help you in blocking, shackling, make objects invisible and do other wonderful things.

Price: $252
Download Album Express 5.9 Mac Pro

#4. Album Design 6.1 Advanced Mac

Album Design 6.1 Advanced Mac Image Editing Software

Album Design 6.1 for Mac has nearly all features like those of Album Express 5.9 Mac Pro. In addition, this software allows the user to give filters such as black and white, pastel colors, lights etc. You can insert more than one picture in the model you choose as background. In both the versions, i.e Album Design 6.1 for Mac and Album Express 5.9 Mac Pro, you can convert the edited images into various formats such as PSD, JPG, TIFF and PDF. You can even send it as PDF via e-mail to your clients or friends.

Price: $250
Download Album Design 6.1 Advanced Mac

#5. GIMP for Mac

GIMP Image Editor for Mac

GIMP for Mac is a tool that conveniently lets you exploit your images. The commands and options for editing are available around the editing screen. Once you open the image, it flourishes in a larger size. You can do the editing and manipulate the images. The software lets you put filters, layers, effects, adding text and much more on the images.

Price: Free
Download GIMP for Mac

#6. PhotoScape X for Mac

PhotoScape X for Mac Image Editor

PhotScape X for Mac lets you share your edited pictures on social networking site. You can rotate, straighten, set contrast, brightness, temperature, make collages and change themes at your images backdrop. You can even edit your screenshots, edit images in batch and combine photos to create a new one.

Price: Free
Download PhotScape X for Mac

Do you know of any more softwares that work well for editing images? Add it in the comments below!