Best Smart Outdoor Security Wireless Cameras in 2021

Best Smart Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Outdoor wireless security cameras are more of a requirement these days than a luxury as they offer an additional layer of security to your home even when you’re not around. The smart outdoor wireless security cameras usually provide features like two-way talk, IP65 weatherproof build, portable and adjustable design for easy installation, cloud storage, and HD video footage that comes handy in most cases, apart from just theft.

  1. Arlo Pro Outdoor Wireless Security System with 4 Cameras
  2. SOLIOM Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera
  3. Outdoor Wireless Security Camera from Arlo Technologies
  4. Weatherproof Smart Wireless Security Camera from Amcrest
  5. Hiseeu Solar Wireless Outdoor Security Camera
  6. Nest Wired Outdoor Security Camera with Smart Plug (2 Pack)
  7. Waterproof Smart Home Security Camera from KAMTRON
  8. Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Siren from Toucan
  9. ZUMIMALL Outdoor Security Camera with Motion Detection

1. Arlo Pro Outdoor Wireless Security System with 4 Cameras

Arlo Pro Smart Outdoor Security Camera

The Arlo Pro VMS4430 security camera system has a compact design which allows it to be placed indoors or outdoors. And, since they’re waterproof, they can withstand rain and smog. To sweeten the deal further, the security cameras come with rechargeable batteries with fast-charging.

Since it is a security camera, there’s support for two-way audio with built-in mic. This offers push to talk capability for more control. It can view surroundings in a 130-degree wide-angle view and there’s motion detection to support it. Users can install the companion app to remotely access the security cameras from anywhere.

USP: Wire-free security cameras
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2. Wireless Outdoor Home Security Camera from SOLIOM

Smart Outdoor Home Security Camera from SOLIOM

Soliom wireless outdoor security camera has a huge advantage over the other security cameras. It has a 4,000mAh solar battery that can charge through sunlight. The IP66 resistant build is capable of withstanding extreme temperatures. The security camera’s footage can be accessed from anywhere through the Soliom app as it connects to a Wi-Fi network.

There’s a smart motion detect that pushes out alarms when an untoward event is detected. It has a 1080p night vision feature to view the surroundings even in the dark.

USP: Full HD night vision video recording
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3. Arlo Technologies Outdoor Wireless Security Camera

Arlo Technologies Wireless Home Security Camera System

The Arlo wireless home security camera has a unique advantage in the form of Alexa voice control support. Thanks to its wire-free design, it can be placed just about anywhere in the home. There is support for night vision and the motion-activated sensors can push notifications instantly.

The Arlo home security camera has a wireless range of up to 300 feet, an operational temperature range of 10 to 50-celsius focus range and can offer footage in 110-degree wide-angle view.

USP: Night Vision Camera
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4. Amcrest 1080p Weatherproof Smart Wireless Security Camera System

Smart Outdoor Home Security Camera System from Amcrest

The Amcrest 1080p security camera is one of a kind in this category thanks to its long-lasting six months of battery life on a single charge. The security camera has a 110-degree wide-angle view and offers 1080p full HD footage. As with most security cameras, it can push email and in-app notification alerts to users during any suspicious events.

The Amcrest security camera has a built-in IR LEDs that offers night vision up to 16 feet. It connects to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi and doesn’t require constant connection to power. The smart camera is also IP65 weatherproof to withstand against dust and rain.

USP: 6 months of battery life
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5. Solar Wireless Outdoor Security Camera from Hiseeu

Hiseeu Smart Outdoor Security Camera

The Hiseeu solar wireless outdoor security camera is so compact that it to be placed anywhere in your home. There’s a solar panel for charging the 6,000mAh Panasonic battery. One full charge lasts up to six months, which is impressive. The companion CloudEdge app lets up to six family members have access to it from anywhere

Hiseeu motion detection sensitivity can be adjusted manually to get more accurate real-time alerts on your phone. There is two-way audio support and remote access support. The footage can be stored in the SD card for up to six months to review whenever you wish to.

USP: Long-lasting battery life
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6. Nest Wired Outdoor Security Camera with Smart Plug (2 Pack)

Nest Wired Outdoor Security Surveilance Camera

Nest, a brand of Google also has smart security cameras up its sleeve. Since it connects to power directly, the camera can record and stream the surroundings of your home 24/7. The security camera also saves up to 30 days of footage in the cloud and if it detects any movements, it pushes alerts to phone and email with an image.

There’s also an activity tracker where one can view the activity of the last three hours in the Nest app. Since it is from a reputed brand with Google backing, we can vouch for its durability and security measures.

USP: Photo-based alerts
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7. KAMTRON Waterproof Home Security Camera

Wireless Outdoor Security Camera from KAMTRON

Wish to have a home security in style? enter KAMTRON home security camera. The product has a built-in PIR motion sensor that reacts to every object that is above 86-degree Fahrenheit temperature and there’s also IR-Cut switch that ensures clear images even at night. The design itself is sleek and compact, and is hardly ever noticeable.

Thanks to its portable nature, you can place it anywhere in your home and outdoors. The KAMTRON security camera produces footage in 1080p quality and has a 130-degree wide-angle view. It connects via 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection and can be paired to smartphones/tablets via the CloudEdge app that is available for Android and iOS.

USP: Encrypted Cloud Storage
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8. Toucan Wireless Outdoor Security Camera with Siren Alarm

Smart Outdoor Security Camera from TOUCAN

Toucan is yet another 100% wire-free battery-powered wireless security camera that can be placed anywhere and offers a wide-angle field of view to cover blind spots. There is support for loud siren alarm to alert users. It connects to 2.4GHz Wi-Fi networks and offers 1080p quality footage.

There’s a push-button that enables users to talk directly to visitors and it offers 24 hours of video playback through the Toucan app. Though made of plastic, the build quality is durable and can withstand harsh weather.

USP: Affordable pricing
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9. Outdoor Wireless Security Camera with Motion Detection from ZUMIMALL

ZUMIMALL Smart Outdoor Security Camera with Motion Detection

The Zumimall outdoor security camera has a large 10,400mAh rechargeable battery that can last up to six months. Any motion-triggered videos are saved to an SD card or cloud storage. The camera has a total of four infrared lights for IR detection and it can automatically switch to night vision. It offers 120-degree FOV and 55 feet night vision range.

The Zumimall outdoor security camera is IP65 weatherproof, an integrated mic to talk into the camera and a high-power speaker that provides two-way communication. There is support for multiple account sharing as well as a PIR Motion detection. While it might not be as compact as others, it offers a long-lasting battery life.

USP: Multiple account sharing
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Signing off…

Smart outdoor security cameras are a useful addition to your home as it not only offers additional security against intruders, but you can also keep an eye on your pets and infants while you’re away from your home. They also provide an option to review recorded footage, push alerts directly to your smartphones or tablets and much more.

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Considering the positive rise of smart security camera market every passing day, it’s almost impossible to pick the right ones. So, we hope the above list of outdoor wireless security cameras suit your requirement as they’re worth every penny.

Which one would you like to install at your home or office?

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