Update: Check out the latest post on NC Cydia tweaks for iOS 7.

Cydia tweaks for the notification center are particularly awesome. It’s because you get stuff done faster, better and in a simple way: pull down the notification and there’s so much you can do.

10 Best Notification Center Cydia Tweaks for iPhone:

1. NCSettings / SBSettings
This is a must have, of course. If you want to toggle settings (Wifi, Bluetooth, Brightness, 3G, Location, Power, Vibrate, Volume etc.) right from the NC, you’ve got to have either SBSettings or NCSettings. Personally, I prefer NCSettings because it’s a toned down version, simplistic and gets stuff done rightly. SBSettings, somehow, feels a little “bloat” now.

2. WeeSpaces
WeeSpaces is a cool tweak actually. It puts your multi-tasking bar on the NC. This means you don’t have to double-press home every time you want to switch between apps. Just drop down the NC and you will see a list of all the apps open and running in the background.

Notification Center Cydia Tweaks

3. Tap to Note
Tap to Note is a relatively new tweak that is aimed at making it easier to acess Notes from the Notification Center. It’s a tweak very similar to the default ‘Tap to Tweet’ or ‘Tap to Share’ features that Apple introduced with iOS 6. Tap to Note lets you add a note quickly. As simple as that.

4. Tap to Remind
This is from the same developer as the one that made Tap to Note. In fact, they’re collectively called the ‘Tap to Widgets’ and it’s a collection of a few cool tweaks. Tap To Remind does pretty much what Tap to Note does. Only, here, you get to add a reminder.

5. Compose
Compose by iOS developer @rv1raj is a neat tweak that lets you compose a new SMS or a new Mail right from the notification center. You can compose a new SMS right from the NC and you won’t leave the NC even when you send the message. For Mail, of course, you’ll exit the NC and open the Mail app.

6. TorchNC
TorchNC is again by @rv1raj. It puts a ‘Tap to Torch’ widget in your NC. Tap this and your iPhone’s LED switches on. Tap this again and it switches off. Pretty easy and slick way to use your iPhone’s LED light as a torch.

7. InstaSnap
InstaSnap lets you access Instagram easily from the NC. It takes you directly to the capture mode in Instagram making it dead simple to use Instagram. This is useful especially if you’ve got a ton of other icons and have to browse through them to find Instagram. Pretty slick.

8. Jukebox
Jukebox is a heavy tweak actually. It adds music controls to your NC which makes it easier to control the playback. Frankly, I’d control the music from the Music app but if you’d rather have a widget for this, Jukebox is the way to go.

9. Kamera
Want to access the camera faster? Kamera is the answer. It puts two widgets on the NC: Front Camera, Rear Camera. Tap either and you’re instantly taken to the camera of your choice. This tweak beats having to open the camera and then choosing the mode to shoot in.

10. WeeCloseApps
If you find yourself closing a lot of background apps often, you should try WeCloseApps for the notification center. This tweak makes it easy to kill apps running in the background from the NC. I am sure you open the NC a lot and if you do, this app should be up there to help you save battery!

Bonus Tweak:

11. NCMusicGestures

NCMusicGestures is a free NC Cydia tweak from the BigBoss repo which puts a shortcut to the now-playing music on your Notification Center. You can swipe to toggle between songs, control the playback with a slider (but no play/pause yet) and even update your social profile with what you’re listening currently. It’s a minimalist tweak designed for people who listen to a lot of music on their iPhones.

Read more about NCMusicGestures here.

12. Abstergo

Abstergo is a powerful notification center management tweak. It lets you delete individual notifications, or set reminders for them so that you don’t completely forget about notifications that have been removed. The tweak is actually much more than a mere NC tweak so you check our review out.