Best Netflix Apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019 To Bring More Fun into the Play

Spice up your show time! Pick out one of the top 10 Netflix apps for iPhone and iPad in 2019 to keep an eye on the hottest TV shows and movies so that you never miss out on the most loved ones.

While rounding up the latest shows and movies of this month and the hottest flicks and binge-watching series that are expected to arrive next month, I came across some of the best Netflix apps for iPhone and iPad. That’s when I decided to give them a shot.

So why do you need these third-party apps for Netflix? Well, they are designed to enhance your overall experience. Aside from letting you keep track of the shows and films, they can also help you smartly plan your entertainment time.

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What’s more, the ratings from IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes ensure you can easily figure out which one to add to the watch list and which one to avoid. There are a few wildcards that do offer much more than the basic things. To discover more about these apps, you need to take a long dive along with me!

Best Netflix Apps for iPhone and iPad of 2019

#1. Simkl Lists

Simkl Lists iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Wish to keep track of your favorite TV shows and movies with utmost ease? Simkl Lists can be your top bet.

To get going, you have to create custom watch lists and the app will automatically update them. Therefore, you will never miss your favorite shows or flicks.

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The alerts about new seasons and episodes ensure you stay in sync with the latest happenings. You will check out movie details, IMDb, MAL ratings and also take advantage of TV guide. Moreover, you can use the dark and light theme to enhance your viewing.

Price: Free

#2. WatchFlix

WatchFlix iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

WatchFlix is all about being in sync with the best movies on Netflix. With this app, you can instantly access all the flicks and series that are Live in your country. More significantly, it ranks them based on the ratings of IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes so that choosing the right one is never a big deal.

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While browsing through the catalog, bookmark the flick that catches your eyes. Also, check out the trailer to decide whether it’s worth a shot. If something seems to live up to your taste, you can open the movie directly in the video-streaming app.

Moreover, WatchFlix also sends you notifications about the most loved movies so that you will be able to catch up with ’em all in time.

Price: Free

#3. Bestflix

Bestflix iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

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“Bestflix” works as effectively as it sounds. I call it one of the finest Netflix clients for iOS. As a user, I’ve found the personalized calendar very helpful as it’s a big time saver.

The IMDb rating and the brief overview offer a better idea about how good a show is. And if something passes your first impression, you will catch the trailer immediately before deciding whether to go for the full show or not.

There is a “For You” section where the app keeps dropping the sort of contents that interest you. Additionally, you can also create a social profile to share your opinion with other like-minded people.

Price: Free

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#4. JustWatch

JustWatch iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

There is a lot to like in “JustWatch.” First and foremost, the app lets you find out the latest movies and TV shows from several providers like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and more. As soon as any flick or show is ready to go live, the app adds it to the list.

With the filter tool readily available, you will get the specific results in a quick time. You can view the latest info about the TV series and movies. Besides, there is also an option to read the synopsis and check out the cast and also watch the trailer.

What’s more, you can view new and the upcoming movies that are rocking in theatres as well.

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Price: Free

#5. TV Time

TV Time iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Unable to keep yourself at pace with shows? You need a smart app like TV Time never to miss out on any hot show.

The app lets you monitor shows from several sources such as Netflix, ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox, The CW, Hulu, Amazon, HBO, MTV, Bravo, BBC, Channel 4, ITV, Sky and more. It also offers personalized recommendations as per your interest.

You can offer up your views on episodes with comments and memes. Even tap part in the quizzes and compete with other people to test your knowledge.

Price: Free

#6. Original Release for Netflix

Original Release for Netflix iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

I always wait for Netflix’s original movies or shows as they are great to watch. That’s the reason why I’ve found this app so adorable.

It lets you instantly find out the release dates for all Netflix originals. And with the release reminders, it ensures you are able to catch up with them.

Have a glance at the details of the show and even watch the videos. If something catches your eyeballs, start streaming it right away.

Price: Free

#7. BetaSeries

BetaSeries iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

One of the smartest ways to plan the show time to perfection is to create a personal calendar for it. Thus, you can effortlessly monitor what’s waiting in the wing and watch your favorite series at the pre-decided time.

Aside from letting you track shows, BetaSeries also allows you to discover flicks. And as soon as a new movie or series is ready for streaming, the app immediately notifies you.

Furthermore, you also get a chance to rate flicks and interact with your friends in the news feed.

Price: Free

#8. MovieList

MovieList iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

“MovieList” tries to be your one-stop platform ensuring everything you want to watch is well within your reach. The app has an intuitive user interface that makes it quite simple to put all the must-watch content just a glance away.

With several options like Netflix, iTunes, Hulu, Amazon, you can check out where to watch any movie. As per your preference, the app also recommends content so that you don’t have to dig deep to find exciting shows.

One notable feature is that you can create a custom watchlist and share it with friends to make more convenient for them to access the trending shows.

Price: Free

#9. Best Netflix Movies

Best Netflix Movies iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

Many a time, it becomes a challenge to figure out whether a movie is worth watching or not. That’s when an app like this one can come in very handy.

What this app does is that it combines several movie ratings to offer a better opinion about a flick. Thus, it’s easier for you to decide which one to watch and which one to let go. Plus, the features like favoriting and sharing make this a useful tool for movie buffs!

Price: Free

#10. Chill Remote

Chill Remote iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

What about using a handy remote to get on top of your Netflix time? As the name itself suggests, it allows you to play, pause, adjust volume, go forward/backward etc. Perfect if you stream Netflix videos on your Mac or PC.

Moreover, you can navigate through the latest offerings from the video-streaming service and start playing them on your computer. One neat feature is the option to share the screenshot of what you are watching.

To set up this app, all you need to do is head over to in the Chrome browser. Then, you have to add Chill Remote extension to Chrome. After that, it will offer a six-digit code which you have to enter in the app on your iOS device. Once that’s done, you are ready to go.

Price: Free

That’s all there is to it! So, which Netflix app for iOS has caught your eyes? Don’t forget to share your feedback and also tell us about the app that’s worth adding to the roundup.

May Your Show Time Keep Rockin’…

When you are in love with watching videos, you never want to give a miss to the hottest flicks. And why should you as they bring in a plenty of fun and even bust out stress.

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