Best Music Streaming Apps for iPhone in 2020

Can’t remember the name of the song you heard last night while partying with your friends? Needless to worry… These magnificent apps can let you discover music on your iPhone and iPad with utmost ease.

These are the best music streaming apps for iPhone which not only allow you to discover music instantly but also make listening music a great experience. Most interestingly, you can also personalize them as per your liking. Let’s move on to find a top music app for your iOS device!

#1. Spotify

Spotify Music iPhone App Screenshot

No matter what you are up to related to all-things-music, the name of the world’s most popular music app has to come up for discussion – at some point or the other. So, I’m just going to do the honor by including Spotify in this roundup.

Spotify may not have a specific tool designed for discovering music just like Shazam or Soundhound. But what puts it in good stead is the smart search backed by one of the biggest music libraries. Therefore, you can search for any tracks, albums, artists, and stream at will. Do note that only Spotify premium ($9.99) can let you access all the goodies like offline listening and better sound quality.

Price: Free (month of Spotify Premium – $7.99)

#2. Pandora

Pandora Music iPhone App Screenshot

Pandora has been on the scene for long. Aside from having a huge library of music, the app has also got a fairly good collection of podcasts. As for the music discovery, it’s up to the task in finding out a specific song.

Based on what sort of songs you like to listen to, you can create stations to catch up with your favorites with ease. If you have a liking for a personalized music experience, you would find this feature highly appreciable. Do keep in mind, Pandora’s freemium variant comes with some limitations. And if you wish to unlock features like unlimited skips and replays, higher quality audio, and remove ads, you will need to shell out $4.99/month or 9.99/month.

Price: Free (Pandora Plus – $3.99)

#3. Shazam

Shazam Music iPhone App Screenshot

When it comes to music discovery, there are very few better apps than Shazam. The Apple-owned app works pretty well in identifying music. Apart from discovering music, it also allows you to connect to Apple Music and Spotify to enjoy music to the fullest.

The app pays close attention to your interest and offers songs accordingly. So, whenever you wish to relish music, you might not have to spend a lot of time to find loving songs. What’s more, Shazam also lets you know what top artists like Drake, Justin Bieber, The Weeknd, and Ed Sheeran are listening.

Price: Free

#4. TuneIn

TuneIn Music iPhone App Screenshot

Should you want to have an app that can offer much more than just identifying music, TuneIn would be one of the better contenders. Probably the best part about this app is one of the largest collections of live and on-demand audio. So, you can explore the type of songs you like to listen to and turn in to them at your own will.

Aside from music, TuneIn can also let you catch up with live sports and breaking news. Whether you are a sports fan or someone who likes to stay in the loop with the latest news, this feature would be quite helpful to you. On top of all, TuneIn also consists of over 5.7 million podcasts

Price: Free (TuneIn Premium – $4.99)

#5. YouTube Music

YouTube Music iPhone App Screenshot

Whether you wish to stream songs from any genre or discover music that you often come across in your surroundings, you can bank on YouTube Music. One of the coolest things about this app is the music recommendation that suggests songs as per your specific taste, time of the day, and location. So, no matter what sort of songs you love to listen to, chances are its recommendations will cover your interest.

Another feature that I like about YouTube Music is “The Hotlist” which keeps you in sync with what’s trending. Thus, you can easily catch up with the songs that are ruling the roost. Though this music app is available for free, you need to subscribe to the premium version ($12.99) to listen to music ad-free and download your favorite songs.

Price: Free (YouTube Red – $7.99)

#6. iHeartRadio

iHeartRadio Music iPhone App Screenshot

A great mix of radio, music, and podcasts, iHeartRadio is the sort of apps that can fit into the taste of most folks. While it may not be a full-fledged music discovery app, it has got a solid collection of music to let you explore a variety of tracks and stream them.

With the top radio stations at the disposal, you can listen to your favorite programs, catch up with sports news, and even tune into comedy shows. For a more personalized experience, make custom radio stations based on your top artists. Love to track sports news as well? Well, iHeartRadio also offers several popular sports radio stations such as Fox Sports Radio, FNTSY Sports Radio, and ESPN Radio so that you can keep track of scores on the go.

Price: Free (iHeartRadio Plus – $5.99)

#7. Apple Music

Apple Music iPhone and iPad App Screenshot

So, how long can you keep Apple Music out of sight? Being the most loved music in the USA and the second most popular music-streaming app (behind Spotify), Apple’s offering has got almost everything covered to get a chance.

Featuring one of the largest collections of songs, it ensures you have the liberty to stream a wide range of songs across genres. Besides, it no longer looks dull and has got several major improvements to provide a more seamless music listening experience. If you would like to get the most out of Apple’s music streaming app, these tips and tricks can help you amp up the whole affair.

#8. SoundHound

SoundHound Music iPhone App Screenshot

When it comes to music discovery, SoundHound has always been top-notch. The app sports a pretty simple interface and makes it quite straightforward to discover music. Once it has identified a song, it shows many important details including title, artist, album, and lyrics.

As SoundHound works with Apple Watch, you can easily identify any song playing around right from your wrist. Beyond music discovery, the app can also let you create personalized playlists using Apple Music and Spotify. Not to mention, you can keep track of your music history and even sync it across the devices as well.

Price: Free (Ad-Free, Extra Features – $6.99)

#9. SoundCloud

SoundCloud Music iPhone App Screenshot

No music streaming apps come even close to SoundCloud’s enviable collection of over 200 million tracks. So, whether you want to discover hip hop, jazz, rock or audiobook, the app has got you fully covered.

With a variety of tracks on offer, you can create playlists for several things like workouts, dancing, mediation, and more. The app also lets you connect with friends and share your top picks. Besides, you also get a chance to interact with your favorite artists directly.

It’s worth noting that SoundCloud’s freemium version has many limitations so you will need to go for the premium offerings ($5.99/month) to have unrestricted access to all the huge library and other features.

Price: Free (SoundCloud Go – $5.99)

#10. Deezer

Deezer Music iPhone App ScreenshotFor those looking for a music app that can deliver high-quality music, Deezer is always a fine pick. Boasting 56 million tracks, it’s second to none as far as massive collection is concerned.

As per your music taste, you can explore tons of curated playlists and stream them on demand. If you aren’t pleased with the offerings, you can make your own playlists. It also suggests songs so that you always have easy access to the type of songs you like listening to.

Just like other popular music apps, Deezer also offers a premium version that allows ($9.99) access to notable features like offline mode, better sound quality (320 kBps), unlimited skips, and more.

Price: Free (Deezer Premium+ – $5.99)

#11. BandCamp

BandCamp Music iPhone App Screenshot

While Bandcamp may not be a popular name, it packs a solid punch when it comes to providing a more personalized music listening experience. The app has a simple interface which can easily be fine-tuned. And with a reasonably large collection of music in the offing, it has got enough songs in the tank to never let your music streaming run out of steam.

But music is not the only thing that Bandcamp offers. You can use this app to explore famous radio shows and tune in to them at your demand. That aside, the app also creates special music feed for you and even allows you to interact with like-minded people.

Price: Free

#12. Jango Radio

Jango Radio Music iPhone App Screenshot

Jango Radio is a fantastic personalized radio service that plays the top music from your favorite artist. Simply start with the name of an artist and this music app will instantly create a custom station that plays similar music. Plus, you also get the freedom to customize your stations by adding artists and fine-tuning the variety setting.

The app features several programmed genre stations like top 100, hot in hip-hop, and Indie dance which you would like to tune in to. Besides, there are no limitations or ads to interrupt your listening. You can share your favorite stations with your friends via Facebook and Twitter.

Price: Free

13. ReverbNation Discover

ReverbNation Discover Music iPhone App Screenshot

If you want to have a simple music discovery tool that can also double up as a handy music app to let you stream your favorite songs, “ReverbNation Discover” would be worth trying out. The app lets you listen to all kinds of music such as rock, country, pop, dance and more. As it doesn’t display ads, your music time won’t be interrupted.

With unlimited skips, it provides you the needed freedom to avoid listening to the songs you don’t like. You can choose one or several genres to mix up your playlist. Moreover, the app also lets you share your music via text, email, social networking app.

Price: Free

#14. Hype Machine

Hype Machine Music iPhone App Screenshot

I look at “Hype Machine” as a really good app for those who like to stay in sync with the music and everything that happens around it. With this app, you can not only listen to songs but also read music-related posts. For a more personalized experience, it allows you to create a custom feed.

Every week, the Hype Machine features an upcoming album along with a new edition of the newsletter. Thus, you can stay in the loop with the upcoming albums. Besides, the app has a neat UI and offers some helpful customizations so that you can fine-tune it in line with your demand. Not to mention, this music app has support for many languages.

Price: Free

Signing Off

That’s all, folks!

What’s your pick?

So, which one of the above music apps have you chosen to discover songs and turbocharge your music time? It would be nice to know that.

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