Apple's stock Music app is versatile as it boasts of quality UI. Nevertheless, there is nothing in the world like perfect or absolutely flawless. Thanks to some highly effective Cydia tweaks, you can enhance it as per your need.

From colorizing the interface of the Music app to increasing its limits, the Cydia tweaks can do almost everything to bring plenty of added flavour to your music time.

Best Music Cydia Tweaks for iOS 8

Best Music Cydia Tweaks

#1. ColorFlow

How about colorizing the design of LockScreen and Music app? ColorFlow lets you do so based on the current artwork you are playing in the Music app. It would be fun to give the user interface a new look that will go nicely with the music you are tuned in.

There were no configure options in its previous version. But now, you can configure ColorFlow from Settings as per need. It is compatible with iOS 7 and later.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#2. Spectral

While playing your favourite music, you would want the LockScreen of your iPhone to display the same spirit. Spectral Cydia tweak helps you design the lock screen with blown up and blurred album artwork. As a result, it seems to enjoy music time with you.

This tweak comes with a preference panel which you will find in Settings app from where you can toggle its effect on/off. By default it is toggled on when you install it.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

#3. Aria

Aria brings some very useful UI experience to Music app. Simply tap and hold on a song, you will be presented with three options-play now, next and last. There is a very cool interface called grids that lets you view albums and artists.

The now playing view lets you change the interface of the music you are playing as per your wish. The endless playing keeps your music on as when the current song ends, shuffled playing starts. This tweak come with configure options from where you can toggle on the required options.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#4. Colorize

Colorize changes the UI of Music app in accordance with the artwork of the song you are playing. In terms of usability, this tweak is very much like Colorflow. Nevertheless, it’s not as efficient as Colorflow due to lack of more vibrant interfaces.

You can enable/ disable it from Settings app. It is compatible with iOS 7 or later.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#5. MiniPlayer

MiniPlayer Cydia tweak is possibly the most elegant music tweak. It lets you import iTunes 11 MiniPlayer to your iPhone/iPad. This tweak allows you to interact with you music effortlessly as it’s accessible from anywhere.

With a handful of features such as fast and fluid animations, ability to manage your play next list and add songs to the next playing list and more, it makes listening music so delightful. You can also swipe to hide, show or move the music you are listeningusing an activator gesture.

Price: $1.99 | Repo: BigBoss

#6. EqualizerEverywhere

EqualizerEverywhere is equipped to provide you exactly the sound you would love to listen on your headphones/speakers. It uses Core Audio in order to apply equalization to your speaker.

It provides you the option to save and set presets just in case you have a variety of speakers or headphones. When you install it, it provides you the option to equalize it from Control Center as well as Settings.

This tweak features a preamp along with ten frequency bands such as 60,170,310.600, 1K,3K,6K,12K,14k and 16 k Hz.

Price: $3 | Repo: BigBoss

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