Best Multifunctional iPhone 5s/5 Cases: Cool Toolkit-filled Cases

Looks like since our last take on the subject, a few interesting multipurpose/multifunctional iPhone 5s/5 cases have emerged. TaskOne, for instance, has emerged as a leading/popular multi-purpose iPhone 5 case in the market.

“Multifunctional” has different meanings for different people. Over here, we’re focusing on tools and toolkits in general. Unlike the ReadyCase (which is a generic multipurpose iPhone case), we’ve picked cases that come with tools like a bottle opener or a mini wrench or say, a ruler.

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So here are our picks for the best multipurpose iPhone 5s/5 case.

1. TaskOne

TaskOne Multifunctional Case for iPhone 5 5s

With 22 tools and a kickstand case, TaskOne’s multifunctional iPhone 5/5s case is industry’s benchmark for any multi-functional case. But of course, this is for the mechanic life that needs things like knives, rulers, screw-drivers, cutters and bottle openers. The TaskOne case features about 22 stainless tools that can be used right off the case. It’s the way the tools are integrated into the case that makes most sense: it’s designed in such a way that you can hold the iPhone as a grip when you use the tools.

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TaskOne leans towards the hacker crowd. It’s not like the ReadyCase which is more of a generic multi-functional case with the USB stick, headphone clip etc.

Price: $99.95
Buy it from Amazon

2. IN1

IN1 Multifunctional iPhone 5s 5 Case

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8 tools, a beautiful case with a kickstand: that sums up IN1. The multi-functional case comes with about 8 tools ranging from a Phillips screw-driver to a mini scissors. There’s also a tooth pick and a nail filer among the tools.

IN1 has a keen sense of design. Unlike the other cases in this list, the tools themselves are designed to be mini-versions so that the case doesn’t actually add bulk. That’s something interesting. IN1 is multi-purpose case for iPhone 5/5s but it’s one of the thinnest and possibly, lightest.

The other thing about IN1 is the options: you can pick from a variety of case-types (black, white, clear/transparent) and with about six color options for the tools (in each case type).

Price: $44.95
Buy it from

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3. Whale Lee

Whale Lee iPhone 5 5s Case

Whale Lee from Leese Design is not just a multi-functional case. It’s a designer case too. The case has a very unique and unconventional design: the motif is a whale coming out of the water. There is a big bulge in the bottom of the case that resembles the whale head and that’s not all: it has a curved tail part too. It’s not a typical multi-functional case for iPhone 5.

Where Whale Lee works as a multifunctional case is the bulge: it serves as a space to store the earphones and a few other accessories like a pendrive, or an SDcard. Also, the curved tail functions as a “hook”. You can actually hang it onto something.

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The case serves as a landscape-stand for the iPhone when you watch movies or videos.

Price: $23.90
Check out Whale Lee here

4. B.N.G Knife Case

B.N.G Knife Case for iPhone 5 5s

The B.N.G Knife case is a knife and a toolkit. The toolkit is brushed metal, with about 7 functions (bottle opener, wrenches, key hole, saw, ruler, can opener etc.). The toolkit is designed as a single unit consisting of all these tools so it minimizes the space required. Interestingly, the B.N.G Knife case is also one of the thinnest.

The case is compatible with iPhone 5 and 5s. You get four color options to pick from (black, gray, red, yellow). The position wrench can be used on nuts of various diameters.

Price: $29.99 ($$19.99 on Amazon)
Buy it from Amazon

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