The multi-task switcher got a complete makeover in iOS 7. The card/tile display draws inspiration from other OSes and it’s kind of good. But if you think about it, the switcher has a lot of potential in terms of features and functions that Apple probably missed out on.

That’s where multi-task switcher Cydia tweaks come in. Developers have been working on tweaks that impact the task switcher in iOS 7 in many ways. Here’s a collection you might be interested in:

Task Switcher Cydia Tweaks

Best iOS 7 Multi Task Switcher Cydia Tweaks for iPhone/iPad

1. SlideForUsage
SlideForUsage is an info tweak that reveals some information about the app in the switcher. If you swipe down, it reveals information about the time that the app has been running for, last opened etc. Agreeably, it’s not much use in terms of functionality, but it’s a fancy tweak you can have on your iPhone.

Price: Free | Repo: ModMyi

2. SwipeDown
Swipe up the cards and it closes the app. What about swiping down on the cards? Does nothing right? You can’t swipe down on the app cards. Unless you have installed SwipeDown. This tweak lets you close the apps with a swipe-down gesture.

Price: Free | Repo: ModMyi

3. SwitchSpring
SwitchSpring was developed to help you Respring your device quickly, from the task switcher. The tweak is activated when you tap and hold on any of the app cards in the switcher. You can either close all apps or respring.

Price: Free / Repo: BigBoss

4. Purge
Purge works very similarly to SwitchSpring but the only difference is, Purge only kills all background apps while SwitchSpring offers an extra (Respring) option. If you prefer to have only the kill feature, Purge should be good to go.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

5. Classic Switcher
Classic Switcher is for people who feel a sense of nostalgia for iOS 6’s task switcher. If you don’t like iOS 7’s multi-task switcher or if you want to get back to iOS 6-style switcher, Classic Switcher should help you do that. It comes with some interesting features like multi-row icons so that all the background apps are shown in the same page of the switcher.

Price: $0.99 | Repo: BigBoss

6. Slide2Kill 7
Slide2Kill 7 is an update for the popular tweak. It is one of those tweaks that make “quitting apps simultaneously” very easy. But the update brings a few additions. Notably, hold on an icon in the switcher and you can lock-down that particular app. By locking an app, you can kill all apps expect the locked one.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

7. No Switcher Icons
This tweak removes the icons under the task switcher cards. Obviously, it’s not a very useful tweak if you can’t recognize what app a card corresponds to (that is, if you depend more on the icon to find out what app is running). But if you prefer an abject minimalism, NoSwitcherIcons can get you there.

Price: Free | Repo: BigBoss

8. GridSwitcher
GridSwitcher is a cool tweak that arranges the app cards of iOS 7 switcher into a 2×2 grid. On the iPad, it’s a 3×3 grid. So you basically have access to4 or 9 apps at once (iPhone and iPad respectively). The tweak doesn’t affect the functionality. Swiping up the app cards/tile kills the app. And the tweak works smoothly.

Price: $1.50 | Repo: BigBoss

9. Auxo 2
Most-awaited tweak of recent times, Auxo 2 builds on Auxo(iOS 6)’s radical stature. Auxo 2 is a fusion of the control center and the task switcher in a way that’s so intuitive and easy. With gesture-based triggers, Auxo 2 makes it very easy to switch between apps (with the Quick Switcher feature) and brings you a unified interface where you can control settings, toggles, volume, music while also being able to switch between apps. Auxo 2 is the quintessential task switcher Apple should have built.

Price: $3.99 | Repo: BigBoss

10. Switchr for iPhone
Switchr for iPhone is a fantastic task switcher that reminds you of iOS 6’s task switcher but looks totally cool. It’s not very different from the original Auxo v1.0, but the seamlessness and the control toggles have a typical, flat, iOS 7-ish style / aesthetic. Switchr for iPhone puts the task/app cards in the bottom of the screen while blurring out the homescreen/app that’s running. Like I said, it resembles iOS 6’s multi task switcher but differently. And then you can swipe left to music controls, swipe left further to get to the (customizable) control toggles / brightness slider.

Price: $2.00 | Repo: BigBoss