It seems that minimalism is a default aspect in iOS 7 themes. A cursory look at all the new Winterboard themes for iOS 7 seems to reveal a lot of minimal themes. Our previous coverage on these iOS 7 Winterboard themes for iPhone had some of them too.

We tried to nail down some of the themes that looked truly minimal. Well, we couldn’t miss out Ayecon even though it doesn’t fit the minimalist label completely. Take a look at the themes and tell us your minimal favorites!

Minimal Winterboard Tthemes for iOS 7

5 Minimal Winterboard Cydia Themes for iOS 7

1. 0bsucre 7

0bscure 7 iOS theme
0bscure 7 is a relatively minimal theme in terms of colors and iconography. It’s a beautiful theme if you like monochrome: black and white. The theme looks awesome with its set of custom icons. But I think it’s a little trick actually: if you have a lot of custom apps, put them in other homescreens while have stock apps on the first page. That will make the theme look really great and minimal.

$0.99 / Repo: Cydia

2. Ayecon

Ayecon Cydia Tweak
Ayecon was an instant-hit when it launched for iOS 6. Surenix, the developer, has finally updated the theme to support iOS 7 too. Ayecon isn’t the perfect candidate for a minimal type of a Winterboard theme but it does have a lot of elements that make it seem minimal. Ayecon has a riot of colors and custom icons designed by the developer. And the mods are truly awesome for iOS 7. For users who have purchased Ayecon already, it’s a free upgrade.

$2.99 / Repo: BigBoss

3. Passtel

Passtel Winterboard Theme
Passtel is a flat theme designed to bring pastel colors to iOS 7 – something that Apple never does. The theme has an amazingly minimal set of custom icons for a lot of apps. You can grab some mask packs from reddit and play with icon mask shapes.

Free / Repo: Custom (

4. Flat7

Flat7 Winterboard Theme
We wrote about Flat7 in our Winterboard themes roundup. Flat7 is an update on the old Flat theme to be compatible with iOS 7. The theme captures the essence of iOS 7 but does it more colorfully and more vibrantly. Flat7 and Oil7 are two of the themes that bring out some cool mods for iOS 7.

Free / Repo: BigBoss

5. M’flat
M’flat brings an iconography that is inspired by nature. The custom icon pack supports quite a lot of apps and all the icons are beautifully crafted to have natural backgrounds on them. M’flat goes well with nature-inspired wallpapers. It is a theme developed for Winterboard on iOS 7 but you will have to install and extract the theme manually. (Download M’flat here. And go here to find out how to extract and apply.

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    Some screenshots would be helpful

  • ANon

    Creator of Passtel here. Thanks for writing about it! :)

    • You are welcome. It’s really a cool theme.