Best MacBook Pro Keyboards: Accelerate Your Typing Speed

If you want to have an improved typing experience, you should take a serious look at these best MacBook Pro keyboards which are endowed with extremely responsive keys and provide much needed tactile feedback.

Thanks to the highly responsive keys, I have always liked typing on MacBook Pro. However, I do keep standalone full-size keyboard to ensure I have more comfort while typing. There are certain qualities like compact design, strong build-up and smooth keys that I never compromise with while buying a wireless keyboard. And primarily based on those special qualities, these are the best MacBook Pro Bluetooth keyboards.

Carved with premium material, these wireless keyboards have a strong profile. The keys have better spring that bolsters typing experience. With the ultra-slim design, they are highly portable. Endowed with long battery life, they allow you to go on endless typing-spree without being worried about the battery. Enough talk, let’s dive across to find more about these top 10 wireless keyboards for MacBook Pro!

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Best MacBook Pro Wireless Bluetooth Keyboards

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#1. Anker

Anker Macbook Pro Keyboard

Anker keyboard sports a low-profile design which makes for better typing experience. The matte finish keys are very responsive and designed to improve your typing speed. It’s claimed to be more than 30% smaller than traditional keyboards.

With the compact design, it doesn’t take much space on your desk. 800mAh rechargeable lithium battery lasts up to six months on a single charge. Moreover, this keyboard is compatible with not just macOS and iOS but also Android and Windows.

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#2. Logitech K811

Logitech Bluetooth Keyboard for MacBook Pro

This wireless keyboard from Logitech has been readied to be a premium choice. The high-grade aluminum finish gives this keyboard a solid look. The combination of silver and black color enhances its design.

With the spacious layout and full-size keys, you are able to type with the needed accuracy and speed. The impressive keycap design provides a smooth-sailing typing experience. It features bright backlit keys that allow you to type comfortably even in low-light conditions.

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#3. Satechi

Satechi Bluetooth Keyboard for MacBook Pro

With just 0.7 inches thickness, Satechi Wireless keyboard showcases ultra-slim design. Being so lightweight and compact, you can easily carry it in your bag. It comes with whisper-quiet keys to ensure you have the essential peace of mind while typing.

It has auto-sleep functionality that extends battery life. Using multi-media keys, you will be able to control media as desired. Thanks mainly to the strong build-up; the keyboard is very durable and fully capable of surviving drops.

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#4. Arteck

Arteck MacBook Keyboard

Arteck Bluetooth keyboard is what you would need to augment your typing experience. What makes this keyboard a real deal is the highly responsive keys. With the much-required tactile feedback, you will enjoy typing on this keyboard.

It has attractive LED backlight featuring a couple of adjustable levels that ensure you are able to carry out your work even in dimly-lit environments. Constructed with top quality zinc alloy material with the brushed finish, the MacBook Pro keyboard is very solid. Its battery lasts up to 6 months in regular use; once fully charged. Furthermore, there are seven different colors to choose from.

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#5. Logitech K750

Logitech Wireless MacBook Pro Wireless Keyboard

If you are looking for a full-sized keyboard that can provide fast typing experience, Logitech Bluetooth keyboard is the one you should give serious consideration. Made with top quality material, the wireless keyboard has a solid design. The concave key cap design offers the necessary tactile feedback.

Once it’s fully charged up, it’s able to last up to three months. As the keyboard is lightweight, you won’t have any difficulty in carrying it. Lastly, the Bluetooth keyboard comes in two color options such as black and silver.

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#6. Airfox MK520 Irina Kaptelova

Airfox MK520 Wireless Keyboard for Mac

Airfox MK520 Irina Kaptelova wireless keyboard comes with the scissor-key mechanical structure that is enormously helpful in typing fast and accurately. The fully-featured design with perfect key cap and key distance bring the essential convenience into the play.

Primed with the premium material, it has a very strong built-up. The smooth finish adorns its form-factor. Better still, the Bluetooth keyboard comes with a handy wireless mouse to simplify your task even further.

USP: Scissor-Key Mechanism
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#7. JETech

JETech MacBook Pro Keyboard

Whether it’s affordable price or appreciable design, JETech wireless keyboard stands up to the mark from every aspect. You can instantly connect it with your MacBook Pro and go ahead with your task.

The keys feel extremely smooth and have the required spring to accelerate your typing. The three months of battery life and the power-saving mode make it highly user-friendly. Despite being so lightweight, it’s sturdy enough to last long.

USP: Power-Saving Mode
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JOYACCESS Wireless Keyboard and Mouse for MacBook Pro

The wireless combo from JOYACCESS is smart and efficient for daily use. The keyboard is slim, lightweight, and soft to use. The mouse can be operated at 2400 DPI depending on your requirement. You can use this in office as neither the mouse nor the keyboard makes any noise when using. Perfect for conference rooms and meetings.

The mouse enters sleep mode on 20 seconds of inactivity while the keyboard on 8 minutes of inactivity, saving more power for you. The ergonomic design of the keyboard gives a great position when typing for hours. Lastly, there are three color options to choose to match your MacBook Pro theme.

USP: Noise free type and click
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#9. Cateck

Cateck MacBook Pro Keyboard

The one thing that you will instantly notice in Cateck Bluetooth keyboard is the sleek design. Prepared with the finest aluminum material, it doesn’t lose its charm for long. The keys are very sensitive to the press.

The Bluetooth keyboard comes with two rechargeable lithium batteries that provide up to 145 hours of battery life. Red LED light displays power status. With the sleep mode, it conserves battery when not in use. The anti-slip pad on all the four corners offers it needed stability.

USP: Long Battery Life
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FENIFOX Wireless Keyboard for MacBook Pro

What makes FENIFOX Bluetooth keyboard a superior deal are the whisper-quiet keys that provide just the comfort you would want to type with unmatched speed. The top-grade ABS material makes it strong enough to last long. Silver finish further decorates its appearance.

The keyboard features number/caps and power indicators. It comes with a high-quality mouse with an ergonomic design to let you carry out your work more smoothly.

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That’s all, folks!

Signing off

Which one of these Bluetooth keyboards is going to pair with your MacBook Pro? I would be extremely glad to know the name of your favorite keyboard. As a user, what are the qualities you like to see in a wireless keyboard? Do let your views reach us.

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