Best Mice for Mac Pro in 2023

Best Mice for Mac Pro

The next-generation workstation has arrived! Mac Pro is undoubtedly a video editing powerhouse; there are no second thoughts about it. That being said, this beast needs peripherals that match its lightning speed. I have already covered the best Mac Pro keyboards, which are worth every penny, and today I will list some of the best mice for Mac Pro. I have shortlisted some of the finest mice I have come across to clear your chaos. So make a style statement by picking up your favorite Mac Pro mice! Let’s dive into the list!

1. VicTsing

VicTsing Wireless Vertical Mouse for Mac Pro

Engineered to perfection with perfect angles, sleek design, smooth movement and N number of options make VicTsing the best Mac Pro mouse by far! The best thing about this mouse is adjustable DPI (Dots Per Inch). It can be adjusted within a matter of seconds with DPI switch. VicTsing sleeps automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity. You need to use 2 AAA batteries and it can last up to 12 months depending on your usage.

Apart from right & left buttons and the scroll wheel, this mouse has forward & backward buttons as well. The mouse comes with a nano receiver which needs to be plugged in. Once done, you can access your computer with a mouse from a 15-meter distance as well. VicTsing is for those who work for a longer period on computers.

USP: Adjustable DPI
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2. Razer

Razer Mamba Mac Pro Mouse

Just like VicTsing, Razer mice come with a 16,000 DPI optical sensor. Now that’s astonishing. Well, that’s what you need when it comes to a perfect gaming mouse. Those moves must be quick!

Razer Mamba has 7 programmable switches and has a battery life of up to 50 hours with lighting disabled of course! The side grips are rubberized making it simple to use for long periods. All above this, the most impressive thing I liked is the lighting of this mouse.

USP: Rubberized Side Grip
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3. Corsair’s Ironclaw

CORSAIR IRONCLAW Wireless Mouse for Mac

Corsair’s Ironclaw mouse is designed for larger hands with countered shape and this makes it comfortable to use for long durations. You can connect the mice to your Mac Pro in three modes, Hyper-fast (using nano receiver), Bluetooth & USB. The battery life is up to 50 hours in a single use when you connect with Bluetooth or nano receiver.

The 18,000 DPI optical sensor makes it even better to use Corsair’s mice smoothly. It adjusts the DPI as you keep using or playing games. It’s specially designed for gaming but that doesn’t mean you cannot use for your regular work. Of course, you can as it is super fast and looks elegant as well.

USP: 18,000 DPI Optical Sensor
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4. Apple Magic Mouse 2

Apple Magic Mouse 2 for Mac Pro

When I talk about Mac Pro, it’s equally important to have a word about Apple Magic Mouse 2 as the accessory. It’s by far the most loved mice by the users. The design matches with the design of Mac Pro and of course, it’s made by Apple, so there wouldn’t be any questions on compatibility with Mac Pro.

Swiping between web pages, scrolling through the folders and documents, etc can be all done with a single gesture on the mice. The surface is multi-touch, so you’re sure to perform multiple tasks in a one-shot! The battery is rechargeable and can last up to 2 months.

USP: Multi-touch Surface
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5. Microsoft Arc Mouse

Microsoft Arc Mouse for Mac Pro

Is that enough of gaming mice and DPI sensors? It’s time to get hands on the best mouse for Mac Pro in style! Microsoft’s Arc Mouse has a unique design that can be used in a mouse shape (bend) and can be snapped flat in your pocket with a blink of an eye!

The mice, when connected via Bluetooth, can be used 5 meters away from your computer in the office and 10 meters in an open place. The battery can last up to 6 months with 2 AAA batteries. Arc Mouse is available in black, burgundy, cobalt blue and light grey colors.

USP: Minimalistic Design (Unique, Indeed!)
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6. Logitech

Logitech MX Mac Pro Mouse

Logitech has been amongst the best when it comes to mouse and keyboards. Same is the case here for Mac Pro mice. With the capability of switching between 3 computers all at once, it stands out from the rest for sure! You can do the same by using a unifying receiver and Bluetooth connectivity.

The scroll rate is faster so that you read your documents and edit your photos/videos quickly! The battery is rechargeable and it can last up to 70 days on a single charge.

USP: Dual Connectivity!
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7. Nakabayashi

Nakabayashi Mac Pro Bluetooth Mouse

Well, if you’re not so sure about what design you’re looking for a mouse, this one should be the funkiest one to choose from. Nakabayashi boasts a unique design of all other mice for Mac Pro. Everything works perfect on Mac except forwarding and backward buttons.

The trackball that his mouse has is very rare to find today and that’s the only reason I have listed it here for you! It connects with the help of Bluetooth and has a speed button to control the speed of the wheel.

USP: Trackball
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8. J-Tech

J-Tech Digital Mac Pro Mouse

If you’re looking for a unique (vertical) design with an affordable option, J-Tech is your way to go! Right from forward, backward button to DPI button, it has everything that a gaming mouse has in the kit. The mice can be connected with Bluetooth, USB transceiver and wireless transceiver.

The battery is rechargeable and can last up to a few months. J-Tech mouse is available in black and pink colors. And yes, take note that, this mouse is suitable for smaller hands.

USP: Vertical Design with Adjustable DPI Button
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9. Jelly Comb

Jelly Comb Bluetooth Mouse for Mac Pro

Yet another variant if you’re looking for a mouse that can connect to 3 devices at a glance. Jelly Comb does that and makes it easier to operate 3 systems at a time. Built-in 300mAh battery is sufficient to use it for months and is rechargeable using USB.

The design of the mouse is slim and it’s comfortable to use it for longer hours. Jelly Comb’s mice are available in black & gold, black & silver, white & gold, white & silver colors. If you ask me I would go with white colors as it matches Mac Pro.

USP: Dual Connectivity
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10. Corsair Harpoon

CORSAIR Mouse for Mac Pro

When it comes to premium yet elegant mice, Corsair is always on top of the list. Light in weight along with rubber grips makes it easy and comfortable to use for hours. The mouse has 6 buttons along with a 10,000 DPI optical sensor which makes it super fast.

The battery life lasts for 60 hours and it can be easily recharged using USB while playing games or accomplishing your office work. Other than Mac Pro, it’s also compatible with Xbox One, that’s a bonus if you have both the devices, a single mouse for all your requirements.

USP: Compatible with Mac Pro & Xbox One both
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11. Sanwa

SANWA Bluetooth Mouse for Mac Pro

Sanwa mice have more of a wild look than a simple one. Designed only for right-handed users, Sanwa mouse for Mac Pro comes with adjustable DPI button that can increase your decrease the pointer’s speed depending on the tasks you perform on your computer.

The auto-sleep feature turns to be the finest feature of Sanwa mice. Talking about battery life, it can last for a few days as it has AAA batteries slot. It’s not just for Mac Pro, it works with Notebook, PC, and laptops as well.

USP: Just for Right Handed Users
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That’s all!

Final Words!

It’s important to pick the best mice for Mac Pro given the lightning-fast speed of Mac Pro. I hope I made it easy for you to get the top Mac Pro mouse.

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