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There are tons of fascinating Mac apps with amazing features. Regarding high quality as well as uniqueness, each one of them stands apart from the rest. With quite a lot of exquisite additions to the latest OS X Yosemite such as Handoff, Family Sharing, and iCloud Drive, this is a great time to cash in on the best apps.

Best Mac OS X Yosemite Apps

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If you have a fetish to grab interesting apps, then you wouldn't like to miss out on them. So, ready to plunge into what we have listed for you? Here you go!

Best Mac OS X Yosemite Apps

#1. 1Password

1Password Mac App IconDo you find it tough to manage passwords? 1Password is the best solution you can get to manage hundreds of passwords in the most sophisticated manner. It creates unique passwords for each site, remembers all of them and lets you log in with just a single click. It provides you not only security but also the convenience of browsing web fast.

Price: $49.99
Download 1Password

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#2. CloudApp

CloudApp Mac App IconCloudApp allows you to share any file, screenshot, screencast, links and a lot more in the quickest as well as easiest possible way with your clients, team, and followers. Just drag a file to the CloudApp icon in the menubar or use its shortcut key to take a screenshot or screencast and leave the rest to it!

CloudApp makes it easy for you to share any file via email, Twitter, IM, etc. through the link that is automatically created on your clipboard.

Price: Free
Download CloudApp

#3. Deliveries

Deliveries Mac App IconDeliveries make it insanely simple for you to keep a close tab on packages so that you are always in the best of knowledge as to when they are going to arrive. It features the main list that shows shipments with all the required information you want. Just select any shipment and find out where it is on a map.

Price: $4.99
Download Deliveries

#4. Kindle

Kindle Mac App IconKindle app provides you the access to more than 1,000,000 books from the world-renowned authors and best sellers. Thanks to the Amazon’s Whispersync Technology lets you start reading the content from where you left off on another device.

This app presents you the opportunity to read the first chapter of the books even before you decide whether to buy it or not. You can read tons of free books, borrow from the library. It makes it fairly easy to read with some very effective digital reading tools such as the ability to personalize text as per need, view the world’s definition with a built-in dictionary and more.

Price: Free
Download Kindle

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Developer: Dhvanesh Adhiya
Price: Free+

#5. Alfred

Alfred Mac App IconWith the help of productive keywords, hotkeys as well as file actions to boot, Alfred lets you search files online on Mac instantly. After keeping a tab on what you search and more noticeably which sites or files you use the most, it prepares itself accordingly. As a result, it makes so easy to help you find what you look for.

This app lets you make the keyboard shortcut to the file which you have saved on your Mac. And this minimizes the use of mouse while maximizes the use of the finger. It gives you plenty of options to match the color with your desktop, cloths or even your mood.

Price: Free
Download Alfred

#6. PCalc

PCalc Mac App IconLoaded with a great many high-quality features such as an optional RPN mode, multi-line display, a choice of button layouts, an extensive set of conversions and constants, PCalc is tailor-made for scientists, engineers, students or anyone who are looking for a rich calculator. With this new-age calculator, you would enjoy calculation to the core.

Price: $9.99
Download PCalc

#7. Airmail 3 By Bloop S.R.L

Airmail 3 Mac App IconAirmail 3 is a new mail client equipped to provide fast performance and intuitive interaction. It has the support of iCloud, MS Exchange, Gmail, Yahoo, etc. It lets you get to your email without any interruption at all. You can say it is the mail client of the 21st century with the ability to meet your expectation with elegance.

Price: $9.99
Download Airmail 3

#8. iStat Mini

iStat Mini Mac App IconiStat Mini enables you to view your CPU, memory pressure, disk usage and network activity. Just slide out the Notification Centre of your Mac running OS X Yosemite to have a quick glance at the stats. And when you have seen the stats, slide it back to free up your workspace.

Price: $1.99
Download iStat Mini

#9. Screens VNC By Edovia INC.

Screens VNC Mac App IconScreens VNC allows you to have the access to your Mac from anywhere. It is an effective Screen Sharing and VNC client that lets you connect back to your Mac, Windows or Linux PC from wherever you wish such as your living room, garden or anywhere else in the world.

Price: $29.99
Download Screens VNC

#10. Tumblr

Tumblr Mac App IconTumblr app carries out two things with absolute perfection.

  • Make it to the full screen of your Mac and it will let your computer display 0% content on it. All the contents of your Mac will go to Tumblr with much ease.
  • It allows you to post to Tumblr from anywhere you wish on your Mac. If a window has a share button, it will make it very easy to share directly to Tumblr from that Window.

Price: Free
Download Tumblr

That's all!

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Which one you liked the most? Do share your choice with us in the comment below. Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus. Also, make sure to download our App on your iPhone and iPad.

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