Best Keyboards for Mac Mini 2018 [2022 Edition]

Best Mac Mini Keyboards

I know you’ve just put your hands on the new Mac mini and are looking for the must-have accessories for it. As I’m also in the same boat, I can tell what can offer ultimate peace to your hunt. Apart from a top-notch monitor, smart mouse, you will also need one of the best keyboards for your Mac mini 2018.

  1. Macally
  2. Anker
  3. Arteck
  4. Apple Magic Keyboard
  5. Nixeus Moda Pro
  6. Rii Mini K12
  7. iClever GK03
  8. Satechi
  9. Anne PRO 2
  10. Lucloud

1. Macally

Macally Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard for Mac Mini 2018

Macally presents a full-sized Bluetooth keyboard to make your typing easy-going. It has a low-profile design and sports tactile keys

You can connect this keyboard with three devices and seamlessly switch between them. There are 110 keys including 20 shortcut keys that are good enough to accelerate your typing. It also features a number pad to ensure your data entry remains speedy.

One notable feature is the solid built-in battery that can last up to three months as per the average use of three hours every day. The long battery life makes it well-timed for your regular usage.

USP: Tactile keys
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2. Anker

Anker Wireless Keyboard for Mac Mini 2018

Want an ultra-compact keyboard for your Mac mini 2018? This one from Anker seems to be a good bet.

The Bluetooth keyboard has a lightweight design and claims to be 30% smaller than a traditional keyboard. Due mainly to the small size, you can comfortably carry it anywhere.

With the matte finish responsive keys, your fingers will enjoy typing. However, the biggest highlight of this keyboard is the ability to deliver up to 6 months of battery life.

USP: Ultra-compact design
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3. Arteck

Arteck Wireless Keyboard for Mac Mini 2018

Very few affordable Bluetooth keyboards look as impressive as Arteck. I like its neat ergonomic design with low-profile keys. Thanks to the use of stainless steel material, it’s very durable.

The anti-slip base endows it more stability. And with the strong battery, it’s good enough to last up to six months. Lastly, the company offers a reliable two-year warranty on this keyboard.

USP: Ergonomic design
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4. Apple Magic Keyboard

Apple Magic Keyboard for Mac Mini 2018

If you are willing to stretch your budget in favor of a premium keyboard, go for Apple Magic Keyboard.

The Magic Keyboard has a professional look and feel. With the exceptionally responsive keys, you will have seamless typing experience.

Have a liking for fast-paced gaming? The full-size arrow keys are primed to liven up your gaming.

Due mainly to the scissor mechanism, the keys are more responsive. Check out the numeric keypad that can let you handle your spreadsheets with ease.

USP: Scissor mechanism for enhanced stability
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5. Nixeus Moda Pro

Nixeus Moda Pro Mac Mini Wireless Keyboard

How can you miss out on a Bluetooth keyboard that promises to offer the best tactile feedback?

Nixeus Moda Pro can be a worthy pick for the folks who want to bolster their typing speed. Well, I can say it because I’ve tried my hands on this keyboard and found it a pretty good asset.

Beyond smooth typing, Moda Pro is well-built and can easily withstand regular bumps. The strong aluminum chassis not only reinforces the construction but also gives it a pro look.

USP: Designed to offer speedy typing experience
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6. Satechi

Satechi Wireless Keyboard for Mac Mini 2018

Satechi has long been one of my favorite Bluetooth keyboard makers. The qualities that I’ve always appreciated in its offerings are well-built design and very smooth as well as clicky keys. And this one seems to have got all the qualities to be your long-term prospect.

The best thing about this keyboard is that it can simultaneously connect with three devices and lets you switch between them with ease. It provides up to 80 hours of work time which is a decent number for normal usage.

Moreover, Satechi comes in four nice-looking colors: rose gold, silver, gray and space gray.

USP: Enhanced scissor-switch keys
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7. iClever GK03

iClever GK03 Mac Mini Keyboard

One biggest reason to take a close look at iClever GK03 could be the adorable ergonomic design. The combination of high-grade ABS material and metal has reinforced the structure. And with the well-spaced square keys, your typing continues to be smooth sailing.

GK03 delivers up to 90 hours of work time after being fully charged. The wireless keyboard also comes with a mouse to enhance your productivity.

Beyond design and durability, the keyboard is available in silver and rose gold colors. Plus, iClever offers an 18-month replacement warranty on it.

USP: Combination of high-grade ABS material and metal
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8. Rii Mini K12

Rii Mini K12 Mac Mini 2018 Wireless Keyboard

I like using the touchpad as it helps me go about the work efficiently. That’s the reason why Rii Mini K12 has easily caught my eyes.

This wireless keyboard has a QWERTY keyboard and a large touchpad. From what I’ve seen, it can stand up to your task admirably.

The keyboard has the 13mm thickness which makes it one of the thinnest in the market. As for keys, they respond to press pretty well. Moreover, you can use Mini K12 not just with Mac mini but also with iOS, Windows, Android and Linux devices.

USP: Large touchpad
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9. Anne PRO 2

Anne PRO 2 Mac Mini 2018 Wirless Keyboard

So, you are on the lookout for a keyboard that can accelerate your work? GIve Anne PRO 2 a serious look.

The reason why I’ve found this wireless keyboard so good is that it has the quality to make your typing plain sailing. With the fully customizable backlit allows you type comfortably even dimly-lit environments.

One more feature that makes it ideal for professional usage–the robust 1900mAh battery. Lastly, PRO 2 is designed to work with both macOS and Windows.

USP: Customizable backlit
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10. Lucloud

Lucloud Mac Mini 2018 Keyboard

Not all the cheap keyboards can live up to the basic demand. But that’s not the case with Lucloud ($21.99) Bluetooth keyboard.

It has a small and slim design that makes it highly portable. Therefore, your bag won’t find it inconvenient to carry the keyboard.

Aside from the lightweight, the keys are more comfortable to press. And with the 12 hotkeys, you can take control of volume, music with ease. Moreover, Lucloud is dustproof to retain its shine for long.

USP: Slim design
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That’s all, folks! Which one is your top wireless keyboard for Mac mini and why?

The Bottom Line…

It’s always good to have a variety of options as they make it a bit easier to pick out exactly what you are looking for. And I’m sure you have finally put your hands on the right deal, haven’t you?

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