Update: Check out a more updated list of Lockscreen Cydia tweaks that are compatible with iOS 7!

iPhone’s lockscreen has pretty much remained the same for years. Jailbreak fans will know, however, that Cydia opens up a lot of ways to customize and make the lockscreen amazing.

There are some tweaks which add visual jazz to the boring lockscreen and then there are some tweaks which blow your minds away by introducing awesome functionality to the lockscreen. You can check the local weather, launch apps, get awesome new animation effects when you unlock the screen and pretty much do a lot of other stuff through lockscreen Cydia tweaks.

But of course, there are plenty of these. We picked a few of them to list here. Yeah, we didn’t include IntelliScreenX or LockInfo because it’s cliché.

Best Lockscreen Cydia Tweak

11 Best LockScreen Cydia Tweaks for iPhone and iPad:

1. LockLauncher 2.0

LockLauncher Cydia Tweak
LockLauncher 2.0 is the updated version of a tweak that puts app launchers on the lockscreen for a quick access to your favorite apps. The tweak lets you configure the positioning of the apps too. If you’ve got passcode enabled, it will prompt you for one before launching the app. Read more about LockLauncher here.
Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.99

2. LockHTML 2

LockHTML 2 Cydia Tweak
LockHTML was a brilliant tweak that put HTML widgets on the lockscreen and allowed for a lot of customization. After iOS 6, it became obsolete but there’s version 2.0 now which supports iOS 6 and iPhone 5. LockHTML 2 comes with a default weather widget and a few customizing options but with third-party devs developing custom widgets for LockHTML 2, you’ll be able to customize a ton.
Repo: ModMyi
Cost: $0.99. Free for those who already have the LockHTML license.

3. AndroidLock XT

AndroidLock XT Cydia Tweak
Tired of the lockscreen but like the one on the Android smarties? Well, you’ve got AndroidLock XT which changes the lockscreen on your iPhone. You can have those connect-the-dots style lockscreen similar to the one on Android smartphones. The theme is well known to be compatible with a lot of other widgets and tweaks like LockInfo, Cydgets etc. And there are a lot of options to configure too.
Repo: ModMyi
Cost: $1.49

4. LabelSlider

LabelSlider Cydia Tweak
Customizing the ‘slide to unlock’ text can be fun and can make your friends go ‘wow, how did you do that?’! That’s precisely what LabelSlider does. You can customize that to put your name or any other custom text in the lockscreen. A small but cool tweak to work with.
Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free

5. LockGestures
LockGestures is an old tweak puts some gesture-based actions to the lockscreen. You can configure gestures on the lockscreen (multi-touch, swipe, tap etc.) to open specific apps. More like a gesture-based app launch shortcut. LockGestures is an awesome tweak if you’re a productivity freak.
Repo: BigBoss
Cost: $1.00

6. Move2Unlock

Move2Unlock Cydia Tweak
Move2Unlock revolutionizes the way you unlock your lockscreen. Instead of the boring old slide-to-unlock, you can move the screen in a variety of ways, notably the paper flip. It’s a must-have Cydia tweak if you’re really looking to spice up your lockscreen unlock animation.
Repo: ModMyi
Cost: $0.99

7. LiveWire

LiveWire Cydia Tweak
LiveWire puts a sliding door animation to the lockscreen. It has no options to configure or things to tweak. The tweak simply adds the sliding door effect so unlocking the lockscreen doesn’t have to be a bore.
Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free

8. SkipLock
SkipLock is a nifty tool to bypass the lockscreen. If you’re not savvy-enough to set an Activator gestures to unlock the screen instantly (like in mine, I have shake to unlock!), SkipLock should be a neat tweak that helps you get past the lockscreen easily. No more lockscreen displays.
Repo: Custom (http://filippobiga.com/repo)
Cost: Free

9. LivePapers
How about some nice jazzy wallpapers on your lockscreen that are “live”? That’s precisely what LivePapers is. It’s an awesome tweak that adds live wallpapers to your lockscreen and makes it quite interesting. Check the battery drain though.
Repo: BigBoss
Cost: Free

10. Forecast (Winterboard)

Forecast Cydia Tweak
Forecast is a Winterboard theme/mod which adds a small widget to your lockscreen. The widget has weather info. The cool thing about Forecast is that it integrates into the top of the lockscreen where there’s time (usually). It’s a well-designed tweak that integrates seamlessly. Looks pretty and quite professional.
Repo: ModMyi
Cost: $0.99

11. Grabby: Customize Camera Grabber

Grabby Cydia Tweak

Grabby is a new Cydia tweak from Ryan Petrich. It lets you customize the camera grabber so it doesn’t stop with camera alone. You can use Grabby to get three more shortcuts on the lockscreen. All you do is configure it and on the lockscreen, tap and swipe left to open Phone, Message or other apps.

Check out the full detail on Grabby here.

12. LockFlavors: Lockscreen Themes
LockFlavors is an independent app that applies interesting themes to your Lockscreen. The slider and the clock background are themed according to your selection. The app’s greatest boon is that it runs without Winterboard. It installs itself like an app although it’s just a tweak. Loads of customizable options.

Repo: BigBoss
Price: $1.99
Check out LockFlavors here.