Best Lightning to Micro USB Adapters: Designed to Bridge the Gap

Until universal charging cable takes the center-stage, take the help of the top Lightning to USB converters to let you go seamlessly. Head over to take a peek at the finest options!

A universal charging and syncing cable have been on my wishlist for ages. Though USB C has just started to find more favor, its wider presence is still a few years away. In the meantime, we have no other option but use adapters to bridge the gap. We have already reviewed the top USB to Lightning cables. Now, it’s time to go in the reverse direction and round up the best Lightning to USB adapters.

So, if you are looking for a converter to turn your iPhone cable into a handy Micro USB cable, jump right in to choose a better option. The feature that I have found appreciable in the adapters is the pretty lightweight design. That means they can play a good role in keeping the cable clutters away from your desk.

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Best Lightning to Micro USB Adapters

#1. Hkitty Xiong

Hkitty Xiong Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

When it comes to delivering the fast charging, Hkitty Xiong is second to none. The adapter also provides the essential security to your device from common threats like overvoltage.

It features a strong built-up and durable connector. The on-point reversible design makes it function with the desired impact. Just like the above two adapters, Hkitty Xiong comes in two packs.

USP: Durable connector
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#2. AMZ Wholesale

AMZ wholesale Lighting to Micro USB Adapter

With “AMZ Wholesale,” you are sure to get a reliable Lightning to MicroUSB converter. There is nothing flashy about it. The adapter can offer 2 amps charging speed that’s not bad for powering up your devices securely.

Another notable feature of AMZ Wholesale is that it’s designed to work with cases. Therefore, you won’t have to take off the cover from your iPhone before charging. And regarding durability, I think it shouldn’t disappoint you.

USP: Efficient charging
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#3. HkittyXiong

Hkitty Xiong Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

If you are looking at rapid charging as your main priority, HkittyXiong can fit into your needs with good result. You can use it to transfer data pretty fast.

The thing that has made me want this Lightning to micro USB cable adapter is the heat-resistant design and offers the required safety while charging. It’s well built and features a sturdy connector. Therefore, you can expect it to survive the test of time.

USP: Low-profile design
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#4. 44LLC

44LLC Lighting to Micro USB Adapter

Pick out 44LLC to offer a long-lasting data transfer and charging solution to your Micro USB devices. It excels both in terms of delivering fast charging and offering the required safety to keep the normal hazards at a fair distance.

Just like most adapters mentioned in this article, it juices up your devices with 2 amps speed. The connector has the precise and case-friendly design. Thus, you won’t have to remove cases from your device before putting it on charge.

USP: Nifty profile
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That’s it, folks!

What’s your favorite?

Tell us about the converter that seems to be more promising for your specific requirement. If the above roundup has missed out a better option, let us know about that as well.

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