Best Lightning to Micro USB Adapters in 2021

With the best Lightning to USB adapters at your disposal, picking out a more efficient option is never a big deal. Read on to explore the top options!
Lightning to Micro USB Adapters

A universal charging and syncing cable have been on my wishlist for ages. Though USB C has just started to find more favor, its wider presence is still a few years away. In the meantime, we have no other option but use adapters to bridge the gap. We have already reviewed the top USB to Lightning cables. Now, it’s time to go in the reverse direction and round up the best Lightning to USB adapters.

1. VisionTek

VisionTek Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

Get a reliable and affordable connection to a wide variety of Apple mobile devices with this USB C to the Lightning adaptor. It’s fully compatible with the latest iOS devices and super convenient to use.

The plug and play use mechanism works like a charm, and since it’s compact, it can be carried anywhere conveniently. Charge and sync your devices free of any error messages.

USP: Full compatibility
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2. AMZ Wholesale

AMZ wholesale Lighting to Micro USB Adapter

With “AMZ Wholesale,” you are sure to get a reliable Lightning to MicroUSB converter. There is nothing flashy about it. The adapter can offer 2 amps charging speed that’s not bad for powering up your devices securely.

Another notable feature of AMZ Wholesale is that it’s designed to work with cases. Therefore, you won’t have to take off the cover from your iPhone before charging. And regarding durability, I think it shouldn’t disappoint you.

USP: Efficient charging
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3. Apple

Apple Lightning to Micro USB Adapter

For the ultimate quality, convenience, and reliability, get this lightning to micro USB adapter from Apple. Use it to connect an iPhone or iPod with Lightning connector to a micro USB cable to sync or charge.

It’s got an ultra-compact, durable design that makes it a breeze to use anytime, anywhere. Moreover, you can easily carry it with you for travel or everyday convenience.

USP: Original Apple product
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TNET is an easy-to-use and ultra-lightweight adapter which can be stored conveniently. It appears tiny in design but holds the ability to transfer data speedily. Made with a built-in 56KΩ pull-up resistor, it also ensures to charge your iPhone faster without having to unplug your case.

Just put it in your pocket or bag and carry it anywhere you go.

USP: Fast Charge and Data Transfer
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As micro-USB adapters tend to be tiny in size, there is a good chance they get misplaced or lost, if not stored conveniently. ARKTEK has well-concerned this problem by hooking a keychain to its design. It features two adapters in a pack of one that can help if you’re using multiple devices.

The adapter is easy to connect with a digital camera, music player, and other micro-USB devices. With its 56KΩ pull-up resistor technology, it can be conveniently utilized for charging and data transfer.

USP: Two Adapters with Unique Design
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That’s it, folks!

What’s your favorite?

Tell us about the converter that seems to be more promising for your specific requirement. If the above roundup has missed out a better option, let us know about that as well.

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