If you’re traveling abroad, you’ll mostly need a way to translate what’s being said to you by the locals in the local language. Not everyone is multi-lingual; that’s why having your iPhone do the work of an interpreter sounds fantastic.

Interestingly, there are tons of translation apps for the iPhone. You can use web services like Google Translate (which has an app of its own, by the way) but nothing beats having a dedicated app right in your pocket to help you with translation.

Best Language Translation iPhone Apps

Take a look at 5 best language translation apps for iPhone and iPad:

1. myLanguage Free Translator

myLanguage Free Translator iPhone AppmyLanguage is an old but very powerful translator app. It’s one of the finest because it has built its database over the years and grown into a strong and legitimate translator. The app is free to download and use and has none of the in-app purchases you’ll see in other apps on this list. It’s right on top for a reason: it’s the finest. The devs bring voice-based translators too (but they’re available as a separate app).

Price: Free
Download myLanguage Free Translator

2. iStone Travel Translation App

iStone Travel Translation App for iPhone and iPadiStone Travel Translation app is a cool, simple and elegantly designed app which contains over 300 daily, common phrases that you’ll probably need, in several languages. This is not a free-flowing translation app per se, but it gives you a database of common phrases that will come handy. The basic version is free but you have in-app purchases to make to get full-versions of languages.

Price: Free
Download iStone Travel Translation App

3. Word Lens for iPhone

Word Lens Translation App for iPhone and iPadWord Lens looks like straight out of a future movie, with some spectacular performance: you point your iPhone camera towards a sign written in a foreign language and Word Lens translates it right out of the box. Interestingly, there’s no network usage either: it’s all offline. Words in a picture translated in real-time sounds impossible? Try this app.

Word Lens does have limitations and constraints. Since it’s an offline app, the app is huge and a little slow. Normal fonts on pictures are recognized but if the font is fancy, the app wouldn’t probably recognize it.

Price: Free
Download Word Lens for iPhone

4. Google Translate

Google Translate App for iPhone and iPadNeedless to say, Google has been at the top of the translation game for long. Google’s Translate app offers an iPhone-interface for the web app so there’s enough support here. Loads of languages and good translation for small chunk of phrases. Go any further and Google usually botches up the whole translation. Nevertheless, a great app..

Price: Free
Download Google Translate

5. SayHi Translate

SayHi Translate App for iPhone and iPadSayHi is probably one of the handful of apps that brings an effective translation (coupled with voice support) and that doesn’t charge you for every language pack you want. It’s a one-time pay app that makes translating things easy and handy. SayHi has a cool interface which is interesting to work on, unlike many other apps in the same category.

Price: $0.99
Download SayHi Translate

So that was our pick. Do you have any other app in mind? Have you used other translation apps? Let us know!