Best Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone Xs and Xs Max: The Gorgeous Themes

Wish to make your Lock screen look more attractive? Pick out one of the top 10 live wallpaper apps for iPhone Xs and Xs Max to ensure the LS continues to look hot!

Wow, how gorgeous this wallpaper looks on the Lock screen! Every time I look at the LS, I want it to appear stunning and also complement my mood. To be more precise, I want it to flaunt the “Wow Factor.” That’s why I always want the best live wallpapers for iPhone Xs and Xs Max to be at my disposal.

Luckily, App Store has got tons of top-notch wallpaper apps for iPhone. Hence, creating a unique library of dynamic or live wallpapers is never a big deal. If you are like me, you would like to have some of these apps under your radar to keep the Lock screen charming forever!

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Top 10 Live Wallpaper Apps for iPhone Xs and Xs Max

#1. Live Wallpapers for Me

Live Wallpapers for Me iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

Ranked at number 11 in the lifestyle category and received four and a half stars out of tons of customer reviews, “Live Wallpapers for Me” is the best live wallpaper apps for iPhone.

What steals the show for this app is the massive collection of gorgeous images. Therefore, you have plenty of options for experimentation.

The app keeps on adding new images to the library from time to time and also notifies you so that you don’t miss them. Do note that it offers a 3 days free trial after that you will have to upgrade to the premium version.

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Price: 3 days free trial ($2.99/Weekly)

#2. Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD

Live Wallpapers for iPhone HD iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

This one has long been one of my all-time favorite wallpaper apps for iOS. The best thing about this app is the extensive collection of richly designed wallpapers.

You can explore the entire library and set nice-looking wallpaper for your Lock screen. Like sharing cool things with your friends? There is also an option to share your favorite photos and add them to your special collection.

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If you want to put your hands on all the options, you have the option to upgrade to the premium version ($2.99) of the app.

Price: 3 days free trial ($2.99/Weekly)

#3. Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds+

Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds+ iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

When you talk about the most popular wallpapers for iPhone, you can’t keep “Live Wallpapers & Backgrounds+” away. Well, I say because I’ve used it a lot.

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The app boasts over 100 beautifully designed live wallpapers. From Christmas trees, aquariums, coral fireplaces, candle lights to fascinating beaches it offers a wide variety of images. If you find something exciting, you will set them as your Lock screen wallpaper and even save it to your Camera Roll.

Price: $0.99

#4. Fancy Live Wallpapers Themes

Fancy Live Wallpapers Themes iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

Make the most of a variety of awesome wallpapers to keep the Lock screen in the top flight. This app provides as many as 20 different categories of wallpapers. As a result, you will never run out of options and always find something out-of-the-box to try out.

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It’s got a lot of enchanting wallpapers with dark themes. There are some eye-catching images of natural things. If any photo catches your attention, you will long press on it to see its animation and even add it to your exclusive collection in your photo library.

Price: Free ($1.99 Upgrade to Pro)

#5. Live Wallpaper.s

Live Wallpaper.s iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

Time to embrace the dynamic wallpapers to never the Lock screen lose its charm! This one has got a wide variety of images to ensure you are able to choose a nice one as per your mood.

For instance, if you want to your LS to look dazzling, the photos with dark themes will be the ideal spice. And if you want to it to appear a bit peaceful, you have the option to go for natural pics. Besides, it also offers the option to save and share your favorite live wallpapers.

Price: Free

#6. Live Wallpapers Now

Live Wallpapers Now iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

How long can you keep a top-notch wallpaper app like “Live Wallpapers Now” (ranked at number 6 in lifestyle category) away from your discussion? The biggest highlight of this app is the mammoth collection of images that are designed to charm you.

From enchanting landscapes pics to the evergreen nature images, the app comes with a wide range of options. If you love changing the wallpapers depending on your style or even mood, this is exactly what you would like to have.

Moreover, the app updates its featured wallpapers every day so that you always have a good many options to experiment with.

Price: 3 days free trial ($1.99/Weekly)

#7. ThemeNow

ThemeNow Live Wallpapers Now iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

“ThemeNow” has lived up to my high expectation with a pretty good result. Whether it’s variety or large collection, it has covered most of the bases to be your top bet.

Among a plethora of options, what has caught my eyes are the science and abstract wallpapers. Oh yes, the ones with animals have appealed to me a lot as well.

To ensure it’s library never runs out of stock, ThemeNow adds new images regularly. Plus, it also releases customized packs for special occasions and holidays.

Price: Free

#8. Live Wallpapers 3d & HD Themes

Live Wallpapers 3d & HD Themes iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

Frankly speaking, it would have been a mistake to have missed out this app. The thing that has made me want this wallpaper app is the vibrant design of the wallpapers. With a good many categories of options on offer, choosing the ones that can make the LS look hot is never a big ask.

Among several categories of images, I have liked sports, mountains, and flowers the most. Do you have a liking for underwater photos? If yes, you will find this excellent collection of underwater wallpapers spot on.

Price: Free

#9. Fancy Wallpaper & Lock Screen

Fancy Wallpaper & Lock Screen iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

If you are an aspiring graphic designer, you would want to have this app under your radar. You can use this app to explore the vast library of beautifully designed wallpapers from top creators. You will also follow your favorite artist and view their artwork.

It features a top creators section wherein you can pick incredible images. Moreover, you will also check out the editor’s pick to find some great creations.

Price: 7 days for free ($3.99 Upgrade to Pro)

#10. Live Wallpapers Forever

Live Wallpapers Forever iPhone Xs and Xs Max App Screenshot

Last but not the least, “Live Wallpapers Forever” deserves to walk into this roundup. Aside from having a gigantic library of images, the app takes care of your interest.

I mean, it also recommends your images based on your preference. Therefore, you won’t have to spend much time to find the wallpapers that fascinate you a lot.

The app has an exclusive section for popular wallpapers. So, if you want to use some of the most appealing images as your Lock screen background, you won’t have to travel the long distance.

Price: 7 days for free ($7.99/Weekly)

That’s all, folks!

Your top bet?

It’s time to let me know about the app that’s found a special place on your iPhone. Plus, tell us about the things that have made you want it.

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