Best Car Mounts for iPhone Xs Max and XR Max

If you are using your car for the regular commute to and fro office, a car mount is the best option to use your iPhone while driving the car. Once you install your iPhone on your car mount, you can navigate the path, talk to someone, use FaceTime, or browse contents hands-free. For your latest iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, or iPhone Xs Max, we have shortlisted some best car mounts.

Why should you consider the quality of a car mount?  Apart from its multiple functions, a phone holder protects your iPhone while you are driving. You may be driving through bumpy roads; in this situation, your phone begins to shake or falls down if you are using an ordinary phone mount. Choose the best car mount from the list given below and enjoy your drive.

Best Car Mounts for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, and iPhone Xs Max in 2020

#1. WinnerGear

WinnerGear iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Car Charger

WinGear’s Montar is a complete car mount and exactly what you would want to have to get much-improved hands-free experience on the drive. First things first, the phone holder comes with the exceptionally strong suction cup that allows it to get adhered on most surfaces like windshield and dashboard.

Thanks to the secure grip, it steadily holds your iPhone. With the 360-degree rotation, Montar lets you position your smartphone in the desired orientation. What’s more, it’s pretty lightweight to be a handy travel companion.

USP: Strong suction cup
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#2. iOttie

iOttie Car Mount Holder for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

The dashboard pad and suction cup design of this mount provides greater stability to your iPhone, and thus, you should not be worried about the damage. You can easily install this phone holder on the dashboard of your car and then use it for a long time.

Before you install the mount, wipe and clean the surface. Let the dashboard pad sit for thirty minutes and then install the mount. iOttie has redesigned its telescopic arm, which can now extend from 4.9″ to 8.3″.

USP: Redesigned telescopic arm
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#3. Beam Electronics

Beam Air Vent Car Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

Quick release button makes all the difference for users, who want to install and remove their iPhones with one hand. Simply press the arms on both sides of the clamp and take your phone.

Another notable feature of this car mount is a 360-degree rotation, which allows you to adjust your phone vertically or horizontally. Whether you are talking, navigating, listening to music, or charging, you will enjoy safe driving.

USP: Quick release button
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#4. Mpow

Mpow Car Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

Mpow is a world-renowned brand for its iPhone accessories. This car mount has got excellent features to impress you. The remarkable one is long arm made of aluminum; this eight-inch arm keeps your iPhone closer to your sight, and thus, you can enjoy maximum flexibility.

One-push button makes it easy for you to install and remove the car mount. You should not bother about the stability of your phone as Mpow has designed the cup with a strong sticky gel that firmly adheres to your car’s dashboard or windshield.

USP: Maximum flexibility
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#5. Bestrix

Bestrix Magnetic Dashboard Car Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

Bestrix has created a revolutionary design, which is unique and doesn’t block your view while you are driving. This car mount is so beautifully designed that it actually enhances the look of your dashboard. With a luxurious dashboard, you would love to drive your car.

If your car’s dashboard is not covered with leather or faux leather, you can easily install and remove this car mount. With four strong and high-quality magnets, the suction cup creates a powerful magnetic force.

USP: Revolutionary design
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#6. Vansky

Vansky Car Phone Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

The long neck of Vansky’s car mount helps you adjust the position of your phone. In addition to this, you can keep your iPhone closer to your eyes. This provides more comfort if you want to summon Siri to perform any task.

Vansky has smartly designed the clamp, which has enough space at the bottom to charge your iPhone while you are driving. You can use a car charger or a power bank to charge your phone on the go.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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#7. Torras

TORRAS Magnetic Car Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, and iPhone Xs Max

The strong magnet works wonders for your iPhone. Torras has made a simple magnetic mount for your iPhone. This mount is made of strong neodymium magnets, 3M adhesive glue, and two magnet sheets.

Along with neodymium magnets, Torras has used aluminum alloy and liquid silicone. For 360-degree rotation, Torras has put a solid metal ball joint in the middle of this phone holder, so that you can rotate your phone or swivel the display for best viewing angle.

USP: Neodymium magnets
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#8. CellStand

CellStand Car Phone Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

CellStand’s car mount is built on three-in-one design. This multifunctional product is a cigarette lighter, a car mount, and a car charger. There is a dual USB charging port, which allows you to charge two devices simultaneously while you are out on a long drive.

The gooseneck can be tilted up and down to keep a reasonable distance between your mouth and your iPhone. The user-friendly design of this mount lets you rotate your phone vertically or horizontally.

USP: Three-in-one functionality
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#9. Amoner

Amoner Car Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

Amoner has crafted a car mount that fits all the latest iPhones released by Apple. You can stretch the arms of this phone holder to adjust its length and breadth. This mount is equipped with two USB charging ports to charge your iPhones in the car.

Apart from being a car mount and a car charger, the product also works as a cigarette lighter. A glaring feature of this car mount is its rotatable neck, which can be swiveled within 360 degrees for maximum viewing angle.

USP: Rotatable neck
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EXSHOW Car Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

A lot of road accidents are caused by distracted attention while driving. EXSHOW has made an intelligent design of this car mount, which a long neck, which doesn’t block your view when you are driving.

Flexible base and the long arm of this mount enable you to touch your iPhones easily – whether you have installed this mount on a windshield or dashboard. You can operate your phone with a single hand.

USP: Flexible base
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#11. TechMatte

TechMatte Dashboard Mount for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, iPhone Xs Max

Simplicity is always appreciated, especially when users are looking for accessories for their iPhones. TechMatte knows this and therefore, it has designed this extremely simple car mount, which does not have any complex functionality.

This product is made of only two important components: a strong suction cup and a magnetic mount holder. The powerful magnet securely holds your iPhone and strong suction does not leave any residue behind.

USP: Simple design
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That’s all, folks!

Signing off…

Many countries do not permit the use of car mounts. So first, check the legal aspects of using a car mount and then place an order. The car mount gives you a comfortable experience of using your iPhone in a hands-free mode even as you are driving your car.

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Best Car Mounts for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, and iPhone Xs Max

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Best Car Mounts for iPhone Xs, iPhone XR, and iPhone Xs Max
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