Best Selfie Sticks for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR in 2019: Designed for Wonderful Selfie Spree

As an enthusiastic mobile photographer, you'd love to have top selfie sticks for your iPhone Xs, Xs Max or XR in 2019. Moreover, most selfie sticks also don the role of the handy tripod to let you capture every moment and record videos in style!

Getting ready for a wonderful trip with your friends or loved ones? I know you have already planned everything perfectly using the top trip planners. But I guess you are missing an elegant asset–one of the best finest selfie sticks for your iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR.

If you are a passionate mobile photographer, you wouldn’t want to miss out on a Bluetooth selfie stick. It can pair with your smartphone quickly and let you capture moments with ease. Moreover, there are quite a few sticks that also function as a versatile tripod. So, you will record videos and snap enchanting shots with aplomb!

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Top 10 Selfie Sticks for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR in 2019

#1. Anker

Anker Selfie Stick for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR

This selfie stick from Anker has deservedly topped our roundup. What I’ve have found adorable in its the impressive portable design. Sporting flexible phone cradle ensures your iPhone remains steady and there is no fumbling at all.

Based on the type of shot you want to snap, you can adjust it to ensure you can capture a stunning selfie. Another notable thing is the ergonomic design that makes it pretty comfy to hold the stick.

The 20 hours of battery life is good enough to last your full selfie spree. Lastly, Anker comes with a trusted 18-month warranty.

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USP: Flexible phone cradle
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#2. Mpow iSnap X

Mpow iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR Selfie Stick

It’s never easy to get four and a half stars out of more than 7, 500 customer reviews. Mpow’s iSnap X is probably the most popular selfie sticks on Amazon.

With the long battery life and trendy design, it’s primed to be your favorite asset during a fun trip. It comes with an adjustable head (270-degree) to let you capture shot from the desired angle. Thanks to the foldable design, you can comfortably carry this stick anywhere you want.

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USP: 270-degree adjustable head
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#3. Yoozon

Yoozon iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR Selfie Stick

I’ve found Yoozon pretty good. The one thing that has impressed me a lot in it is the ability to work as a handy tripod. So, based on your requirement, you can instantly convert it into a selfie stick or tripod to capture fascinating shots or awesome videos during your memorable trips.

Equipped with the 65mAh battery, Yoozon lasts long ensuring you are able to snap tons of hot shots on a stretch. Plus, the 360-degree rotation allows you to take photos from different angles with the needed convenience.

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Further, the well-built structure makes it a long-lasting asset for your smartphone.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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#4. Selfie World

Selfie World iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR Selfie Stick

Looking for a selfie stick to take attractive wide angle shots? If yes, Selfie World can be a fine pick for you.

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You can extend this Bluetooth selfie stick up to 29-inch to capture wide-angle pics. The rotatable design offers you more flexibility, while the integrated remote lets you take images without any lag.

There is also a wrist strap to let you carry it more conveniently. Moreover, Selfie World comes with a lifetime warranty.

USP: Extendable up to 29-inches
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#5. MFW

MFW iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR Selfie Stick

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I like the fully adjustable design of this selfie stick from MFW. Based on the shot you can want to snap, you will be able to tweak its height from 15 to 59 inches.

With the Bluetooth remote control in the offing, it allows you take photos from up to 30 feet distance. And when you wish to record some of the greatest moments, it can also be converted into a tripod.

Talking about the build quality, MFW is made of anodized aluminum and very durable. With the anti-slip rubber, you get a much-improved grip while holding the stick.

USP: Height adjustable from 15 to 59 inches
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#6. Matone

Matone Selfie Stick for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR

Want a top-notch selfie stick that also doubles up as a tripod? You should keep “Matone” under your radar.

Depending on your need, you can use it as a stick and also tripod to take photos and videos effortlessly. The non-slip pad provides more stability and makes the tripod remains steady while holding your device.

The detachable remote control works perfectly in letting you capture pics. Regarding built up, the high-grade aluminum alloy makes a very durable. Besides, the foldable design makes it very portable.

USP: Detachable remote control
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#7. AYY

AYY iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR Selfie Stick

What has made me want “AYY” is the “impressive extendable design.” You can immaculately hold your iPhone both in landscape and portrait modes to shoot memorable pics.

Depending on your need, you can also convert it into a cool tripod to record great videos. The 65mAh battery should be quite sufficient in letting you take thousands of photos. Moreover, it gets fully charged in just about 35 minutes. Thanks mainly to the aluminum alloy material, AYY looks quite sturdy.

USP: Impressive extendable design
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#8. Lifestyle Designs

LifeStyle Designs iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR Selfie Stick

This offering from “LifeStyle Designs” may be a bit on the expensive side. But if you talk about the functionality and design, it stands out as a high-quality selfie stick-cum-tripod. The bendable arm comes in really handy in keeping your smartphone intact.

The rubberized grip keeps scratches away. With remote shutter at your disposal, you will never miss snapping a nice-looking shot. Due mainly to the anodized aluminum construction, LifeStyle Designs looks stylish. Besides, you can comfortably hold the stick to carry it anywhere.

USP: Rubberized grip
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#9. BlitzWolf

BlitzWolf Selfie Stick for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR

BlitzWolf has you fully covered both as a top-notch selfie stick and a tripod. When you desired to go for an awesome selfie spree, it works as an elegant asset for your smartphone so that you can capture every memorable moment.

And when you want to record videos of your fun activities, it offers you more flexibility. The 360-degree rotating phone holder ensures you have the perfect angle for snapping the moments.

The aluminum alloy construction bolsters the longevity, while the non-slip pad brings more stability. What’s more, the 65mAh battery endows BlitzWolf selfie stick enough power to capture up to 50000 selfies.

USP: 360-degree rotating phone holder
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#10. Alybrol

Alybrol Selfie Stick for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR

A highly appreciable selfie stick like “Alybrol” deserves to walk into this lineup. Talking about the features, it has a neat design and also functions as a tripod just like many of its counterparts.

The fully adjustable phone holder and the anti-slip grip make it well-timed for the on-the-go photography. The included remote shutter comes into the play when you don’t want the last moment shaking to damage the quality of your photos.

As it works up to 10 meters, you can take the better shots even from a long distance.

USP: Fully adjustable phone holder
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So, these are my top selfie sticks for the 2018 iPhones!

Your top bet?

Having explored the most adorable options, I guess you may have found the right stick for your smartphone. With several great options on offer, choosing the right one may have been a tad easier.

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So, which one of the above selfie sticks have you picked out for your device? Do let us know its name and the things you have liked in it. Make sure to download our app and stay tuned with us via Facebook and Twitter so that you never miss our latest stories.

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