Best Car Chargers for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR in 2020

A car charger is one of the essential accessories for your iPhones and iPads. Before setting out for a pleasure trip or going to your office, you may forget to take a power bank or a battery case, but a car charger is always there in your car to power up your smartphones and tablets. If you own any of the latest iPhones, take a look at top car chargers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR.

Note that some car chargers are equipped with cables, and others aren’t. In our list, you may find a charger that has 10 feet long cable. A car charger with long cord helps you charge your iPhone even as you are sitting on the rear seat of the car. An Apple certified car charger comes with a promise of performance; so you can also consider car chargers that bear Apple certification. Let’s check it out!

10 Best Car Chargers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR – 2020

#1. GemDox

GemDox iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR Car Charger

The GemDox car charger has a built-in lightning cable that is Apple MFi certified. In addition to that, it also has an extra USB port to charge another device. The blue LED indicator helps locate the USB port in the dark. The design is super slim and compact and will add beauty to your car’s interior.

Being MFi certified, it assures protection from overcharge, overcurrent, and overheating your device while charging. Also, there are two color options available to suit the interiors of your car.

USP: Apple MFi certified
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#2. Anker PowerDrive

Anker Car Charger for iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR

When it comes to offering fast and secure charging solution, very few car chargers can match the efficiency of Anker PowerDrive. This ultra-portable charger is well-built and features two USB ports to juice up multiple devices simultaneously.

But what makes PowerDrive so capable is the ability to deliver up to 24W output (combined), which is more than capable to power up your device at a rapid speed. It comes with gold-plated circuitry that lowers the heat boost both security and efficiency aspects. Thanks to the alloy exterior, the car charger is also capable to resist scratches.

USP: Fast and efficient charging
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#3. AmazonBasics

AmazonBasics iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR Car Charger

AmazonBasics has long been one of the most popular car chargers. So, I don’t think many of you would be surprised to see it in this lineup. You can directly connect it into your car’s DC adapter for rapid charging (2.4A output.)

AmazonBasics comes with a 3 feet long cable to let you power up your devices comfortably. Besides, the Apple MFi certification makes it fully equipped to be a complete charger for your iPhones. Lastly, the company offers it in two colors such as black and white with a one year warranty.

USP: Directly connects into car’s DC adapter for fast charging
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#4. Maxboost

Maxboost Car Charger for iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR

The low-profile design of Maxboost car charger delivers excellent performance when you use it to charge your iPhones. The dual-USB port allows you to charge your iPhone and iPad simultaneously.

Driving during the night? No worries; you can quickly locate the USB port as Maxboost offers internal LED light that gives you quick and easy usage of this car charger.

USP: LED light
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LOOGGO Car Charger for iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR

LOOGGO’s car charger gives you complete peace of mind as the product is certified by RoHS, CE, and FCC. Its intelligent circuit protects your phone against short-circuiting, over-heating, over-current and other perils.

The upgraded IC chip sets the current output automatically. You can charge two devices with two USB ports of 2.4A at 45% faster than other standard charger. In the package you will find one 3 feet long and one 6 feet long cable along with the charger supported by the lifetime warranty.

USP: Multiple Safety Protection
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#6. Syncwire

Syncwire Car Charger for iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR

Syncwire works on smart technology that identifies your iOS device and delivers power accordingly. There is a clever built-in lightning cable, which can extend up to 1.2 meters if you pull it tightly.

You can use this car charger in all vehicle models with DC 12-24V input. You won’t face any interference issues with the radio, Bluetooth, or Wi-fi.

USP: Made of sturdy materials
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#7. Earldom

Earldom iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR Car Charger

Charge your iPhone super fast when you are driving to your office to coming back home. Earldom’s car charger gives you 3.1A AMPS power to charge your device as fast as possible. When you uncoil the cable, it extends up to four feet; so that you can charge your iPhone sitting in the rear seat of your car.

This car charger comes with two USB ports, which enable you to charge two devices simultaneously. To keep your iPhone protected against any damage, Earldom has built a safety system, including overheat, overload, short-circuit, and over-voltage protection.

USP: Coiled Cable
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#8. Gembonics

Gembonics iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR Car Charger

Give more protection to your iPhones and iPads by charging them with Gembonics car charger, which automatically stops charging your device when there is a danger of overcharging or voltage fluctuation.

This product is made of fireproof materials to provide you and your product more safety. Your radio play, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth are not affected while you are charging your device in the car.

USP: Fireproof materials
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#9. Capshi

Capshi Car Charger for iPhone Xs Max, Xs and iPhone XR

As someone who put more emphasis on security and charging efficiency, I have found Capshi up to the mark. The best part about this car charger is the ability to deliver up to whopping 36W output, which puts it in line with the most powerful car chargers in the market.

The inclusion of dual USB ports enables Capshi to charge multiple devices at one go (3A for each port). In addition to delivering fast charging, the car charger also offers a reliable safeguard against hazards like short-circuit and overcurrent. On durability, it has an aluminum casing that is strong enough to take some beating.

USP: 36W output
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#10. Meagoes

Meagoes Car Charger for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Meagoes manufactures Apple-certified iPhone car charger, which lasts long. The Mfi certified charger rapidly charge your device with 2.4A output; this is faster than your original 1A charger. This means you can quickly charge your iPhone when you are running late for your office or wanting to reach somewhere immediately.

There are two USB ports of 2.4A output, which can fast charge your device. The 3-feet Mfi lightning cable allows you to sit comfortably in your car holding your device. The cable is six times sturdier than other lightning cables available on the market. It can endure more than 12000 bends.

USP: 12000+ bends lifespan
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Your choice…

A perfect car charger is packed with many features like robust material, fireproof materials, long life, long lightning cable and more. Before you buy any car charger for your iPhones, you can check some features that matter to you.

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