Best VR Headsets for iPhone Xs Max and iPhone XR in 2022

Best VR Headsets for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

It’s amazing to step into the virtual world and do the heroics that can’t be possible in real life. Though I no longer use VR headsets as much as I used to a few years ago, I still crave to spare some precious times to enjoy 360-degree immersive viewing experience. Having taken my personal taste into account, I’ve lined up the top VR headsets for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and of course iPhone XR. Hopefully, they can live up to your demand as well.

  2. Destek
  3. BNEXT
  6. NeuTab
  7. Osloon
  10. Pansonite


VR EMPIRE VR Headset for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Whether you are a hardcore gamer or someone who enjoys 3D movies in their full-fledged form, VR EMPIRE can be a fantastic pick for you.

One notable feature of this headset is that it lets you answer a phone call with ease. So, even when you are immersed in o gaming, you won’t miss important calls.

The auto-positioning functionality comes in very handy and also ensures the smartphone remains steady. Based on your convenience, you can perfectly adjust pupil distance and comfortably turn the two sides Rotary knobs to have better focal distance.

USP: Auto-positioning functionality
Compatibility: iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR
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#2. Destek

DESTEK VR Headset for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR

With more than 600 ratings on Amazon, Destek VR headset has won the trust of many. It has a slightly lesser field of view of 103-degrees. Besides that, it has a remote like most of the VR headsets to control movies and videos. The exciting feature is the ability to restrict blue light that damages eyes.

Like all others, this too has a thick foam that covers your face but doesn’t hurt at all. This mainly helps when you are watching movies for a long time. Lastly, you can select from two models: with a remote controller or without a remote controller.

USP: Restricts blue light that damages eyes
Compatibility: iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and XR
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BNEXT iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR VR Headset

Sporting a stylish design; BNEXT VR headset instantly catches your eyes. Thanks to the HD optimization and 3D gaming support, it’s designed to liven up your action-packed gaming and fun-filled movie watching.

With the hassle-free FD and OD adjustments, it ensures you have the desired convenience to keep everything under your control. The inclusion of adjustable head strap and soft nose piece help you remain on the hot seat for hours. Plus, it provides eyesight protection system to prevent eyes from straining at bay.

Oh yeah, it works wonderfully with drones as well. So, if you have got one, you can make the most of this VR headset to bring plenty of fun into the play.

USP: HD optimization and 3D gaming support
Compatibility: iPhone Xs, and iPhone XR
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AOGUERBE iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR VR Headset

Love playing VR headsets for hours? If yes, you would like to AOGUERBE at your disposal. So, what makes it stand out?

Well, the thing that has caught my eyes in this headset is the ergonomic design. The T-shaped strap is fully adjustable and carved out of the pretty lightweight material. As a result, it reduces pressure around the head and eyes.

You will be able to adjust the position of the spherical lens by moving the button on the top of the 3D VR to get a better experience. The VR headset lets you enjoy the giant IMAX luxury theater and a panoramic FOV experience of up to 120 degrees.

Thanks to the removable front cover, it improves heat dissipation to ensure the iPhone doesn’t overheat.

USP: Ergonomic design
Compatibility: iPhone Xs (Not confirmed but may work with iPhone XR as well.)
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Merge iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR VR Headset

I have tried my hands on MERGE VR and found it one of the best in the business. Moreover, it’s been the winner of several prestigious awards like Academic’s Choice Award, and Taste Awards 2017 Honoree.

Talking about the features; this headset features a simple design. Made of soft foam, it’s designed to fit faces snuggly. As it’s very lightweight, you won’t feel pressure while wearing it.

With the dual input buttons, it lets you control VR apps effortlessly. Furthermore, it’s designed to work with both Android and iOS devices as well as comes in multiple color variants.

USP: Dual input buttons
Compatibility: iPhone Xs (Not confirmed but may support with iPhone XR as well.)
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#6. NeuTab

NeuTab VR Headset for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

NeuTab presents a lightweight VR headset, which is glass-friendly VR. You can watch your favorite contents for a long time without experiencing eyestrain. Enjoy virtual reality in a simple and affordable way.

Unlike other VR headsets available in plastic design, NeuTab brings unique cloth body and Face-Foam cushioning design. This design gives you a comfortable VR experience while you have put on the device.

USP: Cloth body design
Compatibility: iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR
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#7. Osloon

Osloon VR Headset for iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR

Most of the VR headsets have great features, but they all miss one of the most critical thing, speakers. This one from Osloon comes with a built-in headphone, that too with brilliant sound quality. Apart from sound, you can also adjust PD and FD using the knob to get the perfect picture quality.

The best part about this VR set is that it is compatible with glasses as well. The overall quality of the headset is comfortable, along with an adjustable head strap.

USP: Compatible with glasses
Compatibility: iPhone Xs/X/8/8Plus/7/7Plus/6/6Plus/6s/5
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VR SHINECON iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR VR Headset

If comfort is your top priority, then VR Shinecon headsets are perfect. Its headband is non-woven and innovative fabric design are incredibly comfortable. When it comes to features, it boasts a stereo headphone that fits perfectly on the ears. The lenses deliver crystal clear 3D pictures.

All you need to do is to adjust the PD and FD as per your needs, launch the VR video, and fit your iPhone in the headset. You are all set to enter the new world of virtual reality.

USP: Built-in stereo headphones
Compatibility: 4.7-6.0 inch iPhones
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GEARSONE VR Headset for iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR

Want to control your movies with remote? Gearsone VR headset has got your wish fulfilled. Due to the closed iOS system, you can only use play, pause, and next features of the remote while watching the movie. The VR set features premium lenses for perfect 3D picture quality.

The T-shaped head strap is designed in a way that it does not hinder your ears. Like all others, this too offers to adjust pupil and focal distance using the knob at the top. All in all, it is a decent VR headset with basic functionality.

USP: Control movie and video using remote
Compatibility: iPhone Xs, XR, X, 8, 7, 6, 6s Plus
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#10. Pansonite

Pansonite iPhone Xs, Xs Max and iPhone XR VR Headset

Pansonite has made the VR headset keeping comfort as top priority. Head Strap can be adjusted to fit perfectly on the head of an adult or a kid. Deepened nasal bridge effectively creates just enough space to comfort your nose without hurting it. When it comes to the viewing experience, it features a wide 110-degrees field of view, delivering an amazing 3D experience.

It also has a joystick-like remote control that you can use to control videos and movies. Lastly, there are two models, with remote controller and without a remote controller.

USP: 110-degree field of view
Compatibility: iPhone Xs and iPhone XR
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That’s all, folks!

Your top bet?

I guess you have already zeroed in on your favorite headset? Which one is it? I think it’s the one that offers maximum FOV.

What’s the one quality you always want to see in your VR headset? Let us know about that.

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