Docking Stations with Speakers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR: Enjoy Music while Charging your iPhone

A docking station when equipped with speakers not only charges your iPhone but also helps you play music and videos on your device. If you are looking for some high-quality docking stations with speakers for your iPhone Xs, iPhone Xs Max, and iPhone XR here is a collection to browse.

Top-notch docking stations come with a high price tag, but they are packed with excellent features. Physically, docking stations are the best decorative pieces when they are resting on your work desk or bedside table. But when you connect your phone with a docking station, it opens up a gamut of features.

Docking stations can play music from your iPhone, ring alarms, play radio, and charge your smartphone. Impressed? Check this collection of top docking stations with speakers you can use for your iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR.

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A charging dock with Bluetooth feature is a more advanced piece than your Bluetooth speakers, which can only play music or allow you to make and receive calls more loudly. A charging station loaded with Bluetooth ability performs as a music player and fill your room with high-quality sound. Below, I have mentioned some high-grade docking stations with speakers.

Top iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Docking Stations with Speakers: More Than a Decorative Piece

#1. Azpen

Azpen iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Docking Station with Speakers

Azpen’s docking station offers you wireless charging and Bluetooth speaker. The two features are enough to inspire you to take the right decision. You can charge your device and play music wirelessly. Simply place your device on this dock, connect it with the docking station and play your favorite music or enjoy FaceTime calls.

Innovation is a key in this docking station that owns first-class speaker, Qi wireless charging, and docking. All in all, it is your three-in-one device.

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USP: Three-in-one device
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#2. Velour

VELOUR Docking Station with Speakers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Velour presents an Apple MFi certified docking station for iPhone users. You can easily connect your latest iPhones with this dock, which also has FM radio receiver with 20 FM radio preset stations.

Sliding door and touch key control design are prominent features of this charging dock. The sliding door can hide its dock to prevent dust or debris from entering the dock. When you connect your iPhone with this dock, the auto-sync function quickly sets its clock to time on the docked iPhone.

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USP: Dual alarm with snooze/sleep function
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#3. Homtime

Homtime iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Docking Station with Speakers

Homtime has packed eight excellent features into this single docking station. The notable features are wireless charging, Bluetooth connectivity, alarm clock, and built-in Mic. To charge your iPhone wirelessly, simply drop the phone on the top of this dock.

Brightness control is a glaring feature indeed. For uninterrupted sleep, you can use four steps of brightness control – high, middle, low, and off. Press the big rotary button and go to bed.

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USP: Feature-rich dock
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#4. iHome

iHome iDL44 Docking Station with Speakers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

iHome is one of the leading brands that manufactures high-quality docking stations enabled with Bluetooth speakers. This dual-alarm charging dock not only keeps your iPhone fully charged but also allows you to customize alarm settings during weekdays and weekend.

Case-friendly design of this docking station charges your device even as it is covered with a protective case. When you connect your iPhone with this dock, it syncs clock time to always-current iPhone time in a jiffy. You can program up to six FM stations.

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USP: Case-friendly design
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#5. QiCellular

QiCellular iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Docking Station with Speakers

This Bluetooth docking station from QiCellular is combined with Qi wireless charging and two USB ports. This means you can charge three devices simultaneously – one on the wireless charging pad and two with USB ports.

Its 5-watt Bluetooth speakers deliver stunning sound quality. You can use the built-in microphone to make and receive speaker calls while you are sitting near the dock. Don’t miss that MicroSD port that receives SD cards up to 64GB storage capacity.

USP: MicroSD port
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#6. Neon Electronic

Neon electronic Docking Station with Speakers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

Neon Electronic brings Apple certified docking station with Bluetooth music player. The powerful speaker fills your home with high-quality sound; you can listen to your favorite music no matter where you are in your house.

Check its dual-alarm clock radio that gives two docks for your devices. You can wake or sleep to your favorite tunes or FM radio stations. The docking station is a perfect accessory that occupies little space and looks great.

USP: Space-saving dock
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#7. Siroflo

Siroflo iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR Docking Station with Speakers

Unlike other docking stations, Siroflo offers a different design, which looks like simple docking stands without speakers. But actually, this charging stand has Bluetooth speaker you can connect your iPhone with. This four-port USB charging station charges four of your iOS devices.

An anti-slip surface is an essential feature as this dock takes the weight of your iPhone and iPad too. With greater stability, you are worry-free about the damage to your devices. For excellent stereo sound, Siroflo offers two precision acoustic drivers.

USP: Distortion-free stereo sound
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#8. 8 AM

8 AM Docking Station with Speakers for iPhone Xs Max, Xs, and iPhone XR

The 8 AM introduces a unique design in this docking station with Bluetooth speaker. It looks like a snail from a distance; when you look at it closely, you realize that it is a home stereo speaker and a docking station. This docking station has a 10W powerful Bluetooth speaker with fast wireless charger.

A notable feature of this docking stand is built-in cooling fans, which control the temperature between 86°F and 104°F. Check the two metal acoustic speakers, which are conducive to sound fidelity transmission and explosion.

USP: Built-in cooling fans
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That’s all, folks!

Your take…

Docking stations are smart accessories that also elevate the elegance of your living room or office desk. The built-in Bluetooth speakers allow you to enjoy music while your iPhone is charged. Apart from phone charging, docking stations also come with FM radio and alarm clock. From dawn till dusk, docking stations remain as active as you are.

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