Best Power Banks for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and iPhone XR: More Power to Your iOS Devices

The latest iPhones from Apple have powerful batteries. But there is a limit to everything. After constant usage, you need to charge your devices. Bring home a high-quality power bank to charge your iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, or iPhone Xs Max. Since power banks are portable, you can take them along to charge your mobile devices.

Our digital life has created a need to charge our smart devices continuously. iPhones, being our primary mobile device, are our constant companions and we have to keep them charged, especially when we are away from home or office. For this purpose, we have compiled a list of high-quality power banks for the latest iPhones, i.e., iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max.

Power banks are available in different design, material, and capacity. Based on your requirement, you can pick up portable chargers listed below.

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Best Power Banks for iPhone XR, iPhone Xs, and iPhone Xs Max

#1. Anker

Anker Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Anker is a prominent brand in the world of portable chargers. This one is an ultra-high power capacity charger for your iPhones. This power bank is packed with PowerIQ and VoltageBoost, which deliver the fastest possible charge.

This PowerCore 20100mAh power bank recharges itself in ten hours. Once the portable charger gets charged, you can use it to charge your iPhones multiple times.

USP: Multi-protect safety system
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#2. Aibocn

Aibocn Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Aibcon’s power bank has a unique anti-fingerprints design, which sets it apart from other portable chargers. The design of this power bank tempts you to hold it in your hands while you are on the move.

This charger has a double USB port (2Amp+1Amp output) to charge two of your devices simultaneously. Moreover, the intelligent safety protection safeguards your device from the perils of over-charging, over-current, and over-voltage.

USP: Intelligent safety protection
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KENRUIPU Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

KENRUIPU has manufactured this power bank with great precision. The impeccably designed portable charger has fashionable LCD screen, which is protected with a film on it.

With its 24000mAh battery capacity, this power bank can charge four devices at the same time. It is a complete family package you can rely on when you are on an extended holiday.

USP: Fashionable LCD screen
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MEZONE Wireless Charging Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

MEZONE offers a power bank, whose body supports wireless charging. So even though there are two USB ports on the portable charger, you can charge three devices. Simply connect your two devices to the ports and put the third on the power bank.

The wireless charging supports all Qi-enabled phones at a high speed. This means you are not supposed to use your charging cable in case you want to charge a single device. This double-flash lights power bank comes with an LCD digital display to show the battery status of the charger.

USP: Double-flash lights
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#5. Todamay

Todamay Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Elegance has a name and it is Todamay’s ultra-portable charger with 24000mAh huge capacity. It is your perfect battery backup when you are planning an adventure trip. Charge three iPhones or iPads simultaneously with its three charging ports, which offer 3A high-speed charging.

Its user-friendly device has an LED indicator that shows the remaining power of the power bank. The LED flashlights allow you to use it during your camping.

USP: User-friendly design
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#6. Tundras

Todamay Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Tundras is built on the intelligent technology, which quickly identifies your device and consequently, the power bank supplies the best charging mode for your device. This naturally protects your device from the issues of over-current, over-charging, or short-circuits.

The digital LED display looks elegance on your power bank, which gives you 20000mAh capacity to charge your iPhones. You can charge two devices side by side and use LED flashlight in the absence of power.

USP: Intelligent chip design
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#7. iMuto

iMuto Portable Charger for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

iMuto’s power bank is perhaps the most powerful one in this list. With 30000mAh capacity, this portable charger allows you to charge your iPhones nearly 10 times. Digi-Power technology works in the background as the smart digital screen shows the remaining power.

This product is built with iM-Power technology, which detects your device intelligently and supplies the faster charge. You can charge three devices simultaneously as this power bank has three USB ports.

USP: Digi-power technology
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SLE-TECH Portable Charger for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

On a casual look, this power bank looks like a bulky smartphone. But when you take this charger in your hands, you will find a high-quality power charger that boasts 20000mAh capacity. Its two USB output charge your two devices at the same time.

With its super-fast charging output, you can quickly charge your iPhones during your travels or in the times of emergency.

USP: Long operation time
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Poweradd Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Along with iMuto, POWERADD also brings a powerful portable charger with its huge capacity of 30000mAh. You can take this power bank on your long holiday, camp, or hiking outside in the forests and mountains. This portable charger charges your iPhones nearly ten times.

What is unique about this power bank is you can recharge it only in 8-10 hours with two micro cables. Smart PowerSI charge quickly recognizes your device and the bank supplies speed of 2.4A per port.

USP: 500 cycle charges
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#10. iKits

iKits Power Bank for iPhone Xs, Xs Max, and XR

Unlike other power banks, which look bulky, iKits presents a comparatively smaller portable charger with 20400mAh battery capacity. With its 500+ cycle, you can quickly charge your iPhones and iPads. The power bank is equipped with intelligent IC to identify your device so that your device gets the power it requires.

This power bank looks classy with its high-end aluminum case and superior surface process technology. Its slim and portable body is available in five vibrant colors.

USP: Classy appearance
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Summing up…

Power banks, which are heavy and awkwardly designed, are clumsy to carry. However, then they offer you more power than other less powerful portable chargers. Remember, you can charge your two-three devices multiple times with a single power bank. These portable chargers are indeed more powerful than battery cases for your iPhones.

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