Best iPhone Xs Max Armbands in 2021

Pretty comfy design and sweatproof material are the biggest highlights of these best iPhone Xs Max armbands in 2020.
Best iPhone Xs Max Armbands

The iPhone accessory that many gym-going folks love to use is an armband. It works pretty well in keeping the smartphone securely in place, ensuring you can receive calls and check out the latest alerts with ease. Knowing the high demand, I thought it’s the right time to explore the top armbands for iPhone Xs Max.

However, I’ve picked out the following armbands based on different requirements and preference. So, choosing the one that seamlessly gets into your needs may not be a big deal!

1. Trianium ArmTrek Pro

Trianium iPhone Xs Max Armband

When you talk about the finest armbands for iPhone, Trianium’s ArmTrek Pro is the one you should give special attention to. It’s carved out of neoprene material and doesn’t stretch out of shape.

It’s exceptionally flexible and allows your muscle to breath with the desired freedom. Besides, it’s water-resistant to prevent sweat from creating a problem.

The multi-slot adjust Velcro fits arm sizes up to 14.” The protective screen cover allows you to use your smartphone without any issue. Lastly, ArmTrek Pro comes in multiple colors and is powered by a lifetime warranty.

USP: High-quality neoprene material
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IRUNME Sports Running Armband for iPhone Xs Max

What I like about “IRUNME” is the “Open design” that offers hassle-free access to your iPhone. Another notable thing is the 360-degree rotation. That means you can easily adjust your iPhone to have desired viewing angle for reading messages and checking out the latest alerts a bit more comfortably.

IRUNME comes with an extra fabric layer to keep sweat at bay. Besides, it also offers a bit more comfort so that you won’t feel uneasy while using the band. And yes, there are three nice color options to choose from: black, blue and green. The only downside is, this armband does not offer much protection to your iPhone Xs Max.

USP: 360-degree rotation
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3. Bone

Bone iPhone Xs Max Slim Fit Armband

Sporting an ergonomic design, Bone is what you need to keep your iPhone steady and also use the device more conveniently. Courtesy the open design; you have easy access to all the functions of your smartphone.

The soft silicone bands play a vital role in providing the needed security and also keeps scratches at bay. The high-quality neoprene material makes it extremely flexible, ensuring you have maximum comfort while wearing it. Moreover, it offers two sizes of Velcro straps to fit most arms. Since the armband flaunts open design, your phone is exposed to damage.

USP: High-quality neoprene
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JEMACHE Sweatproof Armband for iPhone Xs Max

“JEMACHE” is designed to be a complete armband. It supports both small and large girth (from 20cm to 40cm) and also offers an additional 16cm extender. An adjustable strap provides the needed convenience to keep the iPhone perfectly in place.

Made of the soft lycra material, it’s pretty lightweight and comfortable to wear. Thanks to the transparent PVC, you have enhanced the viewing experience.

There is also a built-in pocket to let you store keys. With the rear slot always in the readiness, you can carry your cards as well. Plus, the reflective strip makes sure darkness never halts your run.

USP: Reflective strip
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JOTO Running Armband for iPhone XS Max

If you have set your sight on finding a highly affordable yet functional armband, keep JOTO in mind. It’s readied with sweat-resistant neoprene material. It’s fully stretchable and lets the arm flex with the desired freedom.

The key pocket and a slot for cards make it useful for everyday use. With the transparent screen, your iPhone usage remains smooth sailing. Furthermore, the elastic hook and the loop with two extra slots help it fit most arms.

USP: The loop with two extra slots
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PORTHOLIC iPhone Xs Max Sweat Resistant Armband

This one from PORTHOLIC comes with the enhanced sweat-resistant design. The inclusion of foam padding on the back makes it skin-friendly. As a result, your rigorous workout in the gym or long trekking in the wild will remain a pleasing experience.

It’s compatible with most slim cases. Therefore, you may not have to remove the cover before mounting your smartphone. With the reflective strip on offer, your run even in the dimly-lit environments continue to be in high spirit.

USP: Skin-friendly design
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RUNBACH iPhone Xs Max Armband

RUNBACH has come up with a sweatproof armband to protect your iPhone against sweating. At the gym, when you go overboard and workout rigorously, you sweat like anything. To prevent perspiration from entering your phone, wrap your device in the RUNBACH’s armband. This case is big enough to accommodate your iPhone with a case.

Even as your device is in the case, it offers full-screen protection and gives you quick access to your iPhone’s touch screen lightning port. Since the case is made of high-quality lycra, it is skin-friendly.

USP: Skin-friendly material
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LOVPHONE Armband for iPhone Xs Max

No matter what your exercise is, you can always rely on LOVPHONE’s armband for your iPhone. You may be walking, hiking, or biking, this sweatproof and water-resistant armband case can protect your device. The brand has used soft neoprene material to keep this case soft, odor-free, and lightweight.

After a strenuous workout, your body may give off odor; thankfully, your armband case won’t release any nasty smell. The band is adjustable, therefore, it supports a wide range of arm girth from 10 to 15 inches.

USP: Soft Neoprene material
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9. E Tronic Edge

E Tronic Edge iPhone Xs Max Armband

E Tronic Edge presents an armband sleeve for your plus-sized iPhone. This product ensures full protection of your device while you are working out at the gym or outdoors. Although the sleeve is not waterproof, it can certainly prevent dust and dirt from entering your phone. Once you put your device in the sleeve, you may rest assured that your premium smartphone is well guarded.

For music lovers, E Tronic Edge has recently added two slots at the bottom of the sleeve; you can easily insert your earphone cord and enjoy your favorite music.

USP: Quick-drying fabric
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10. MyBand Inc

MyBand iPhone Xs Max Water Resistant Running Armband

MyBand Inc presents a trendy looking armband that ticks off most of the useful boxes to become of the favorite of most folks. Thanks to the knitted fabric, it offers maximum stretchability. Therefore, your arm won’t feel uncomfortable while wearing it.

The responsive screen ensures your touch and tap remain a pleasing experience. And with the reflective strip, darkness never stops you from going full tilt. Features aside, MyBand Inc armband comes in both small and large sizes.

USP: Knitted fabric
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That’s all, folks!

What’s your favorite armband?

It’s time to let us know about the armband that you’ve picked for your smartphone. Besides, tell us about the features that have attracted you to it.

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